Are you in the hair dyeing mood?

Before you decide to dye your hair either at home or in the salon, you should know what you are about to do. Dyeing the locks in the hair can be easy and sometimes it can be incredibly difficult. And also some shades are easily maintained than some others.

That partly depends n your natural hair colour, but mainly it is normal that some colour shades require more maintenance.

To help simplify as possibly your hair change process, we have listed the colours of the hair in terms of difficulty in maintenance- from the least to the most difficult. So you can check where the style you want to achieve falls on.


8). Brown

This is fairly simple to maintain for anybody regardless of the colour of natural locks on the persons hair. But for brunettes keeping that way means less maintenance. But then again transforming to brunette from blonde is not hard. The roots of your hair will be touched-up every other month and also you can get a good shampoo, but it should be simple. Also changing from Dark to something light is slightly difficult. Therefore, I’d you are getting back to a lighter shade, don’t dye your hair too dark now.


7). Auburn

A great mixture of Brown and red will definitely look good on anyone. If you already have a brown or red hair, it will be easy to get the Auburn colour and its maintenance much. But if your hair is lighter in colour in the case of a blonde, transforming to your desired auburn will require major maintenance.


8). Black

For people with relatively Dark hair, the black colour is easy to maintain. But for those with lighter colour shades, getting a hair that is jet black might take sometime as well as patience. It can also be pricey. Even if your hair shade is darker, Black had more intensity and may require more time in the salon than you expected.


7). Blonde

This is a slightly difficult colour to achieve, if you are going from a darker colour to a lighter colour. It is possible but requires a lot of upkeep to preserve its freshness. Luckily, similar to brunette, blonde comes in various shade that can match your current hair colour.


6). Red

Now this is where we start with the most evasive colours in terms of maintenance. We are starting off with red. While the fiery hair colour looks fun and attractive, it isn’t easy to maintain. It might fade out quickly, so you might want to choose a slightly darker shade and shower less often with colder water. And then there is the weekly touch-ups required either at home or in the salon. If you look pretty good with this colour and you have always wanted it, you will learn to maintain its freshness every day.


3). Bleach Blonde

The hair bleaching process will always roughen up your tresses, regardless of their current lightness. If your hair is light then it will be easy to achieve, but if you do have black hair, it will take some hairstyling sessions before it can be achieved. Also the roots of your hair will also grow out, especially if your hair grows very fast. So you have to get used to these sessions or touch up the hair every other week. Once your hair is bleached, you can virtually dye it to any colour especially the attractive ones.


2). Grey

Silver and grey hair have seen a surge in their popularity lately, but they can be difficult to handle. Apart from bleaching your hair you will also mix up colours to achieve the appearance you want. Adding a lot of dye to the hair as well as the gruelling process of bleaching is not always a healthy approach. Since they fade faster, you will have to re-dye your hair most often.


1). Crazy Colour

Whether it is dark purple or rather hot pink, any crazy colour you give to the hair will be quite hard to maintain. To sustain this colour, you should consider washing your hair less often and you should only use cold water. More over, if you change the colour to pastel hue, during the process of fading, it quickly fades to the bleach blonde underneath it. For people who have darker hair, you will first bleach your to remove the natural colour so as to dye it to the intended shade. It will require some commitment, and will disturb the tresses of your hair. However, if you really desire having it, you can go for it after all it is just hair.