How To Remove Great Lengths Hair Extensions At Home?

Do you ever notice women out and walking around sporting gorgeous hair extensions that perfectly mimic natural hair?

So we certainly do! The topic of today’s article is how to remove long hair extensions at home. We will focus on one of the most popular hair extensions which is the Great Lengths hair extensions. Besides discussing the removal of hair extensions at home, you will also be able to read some of the frequently asked questions in the following since we also researched and wrote down some problems that happened to many of our hair extensions clients.

So, how do you remove the Great Lengths hair extensions yourself at home? Three steps are needed to remove the Great Lengths hair extensions. First step is you must use a remover gel at the location of the hair glue. This removal gel is formulated to break down and dissolve the compound that holds the hair strands to your hair together. Second step is to utilize pliers to help to remove gel from hair extensions. You may apply some force on the gel with these pliers until the bonds are broken down with the gel. The last step is to simply and effortlessly slide the hair extensions right off.

How do you take out your own Great Lengths hair extensions?

The method that we just mentioned above is the simplest. Even while everything seems quite simple, it might still be a little challenging and tricky. We’ll repeat the steps listed below with a bit of additional explanation.

Step 1: Dab the bonds of the hair extensions with Great Lengths hair removal gel. This gel will cause the compound bonding your natural hair’s strands and the Great Lengths hair extensions together to break down. Please be advised that the gel is completely safe and will not damage or harm your hair. You may then wait a few minutes for the removal gel to settle in.

Step 2: Begin applying pressure to the bonds with removal pliers from Great Lengths that you are using. Please take note that you will not damage or break any hair strands with these special Great Lengths pliers; instead, you’ll merely break the bonds. You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure. It just takes a little gentle pressure to severe the bonds connecting to your natural hair.

Step 3: Gently slide off the hair extensions at the base. This should need little to no effort at all from you. Now, if you’re attempting to handle all of this on your own, it might be challenging. Therefore, asking someone for assistance may be useful to you.

You are now aware of a safe method for removing your Great Lengths hair extensions! But we can understand that when the Great Lengths hair extensions are installed in your hair, you may also have some other queries regarding these extensions. In order to fully assist you to our best, we have included some of the frequently asked (and our own) questions below.

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How long can Great Lengths hair extensions last?

This is the most common question asked by many of our clients. How long your hair extension lasts is really dependent on a number of factors, but mostly on how well you take care of them, type of hair and type of hair extensions. In general, the majority of human hair extensions can last between three to six months, but synthetic hair extensions typically will only last for between two to three months.

Great Lengths pre-bonded hair extensions will be able to last up to 5 months if they are taken good care of and well maintained as well as it depends on application type. Whether they are used for giving your hair more volume or lengthening your hair.

Great Lengths tapes individual hair extensions can last anywhere from six to eight weeks, but it again really depends on how well you take care of them and how often you wear them. They should be washed and conditioned regularly, and you’ll also need to use a hairdryer and hair straightener occasionally to keep them looking their best.

If you’re not careful, these hair extensions may get tangled and matted, which will make their lifespan shorter. So, they should last for a few months if you don’t wear them every day and take care of them and maintain them well in good condition, it is possible to re-apply or re-use the extensions in your hair three more times. In other words, if you take care of your Great Lengths hair extensions well enough, they’ll last three times longer than the 6 to 8 weeks as mentioned above!

How do you apply for Great Lengths hair extensions?

Typically, these hair extensions are applied using the classic method which is also known as the “OG” application technique. This method, which was created in the 1990s, is the most secure and most popular approach for Great Lengths hair extensions application. But specifically, how do they do this?

A little ¼ inch square sections of your natural hair are first chosen. The pre-bonded hair extensions with identical density are then applied after that (they are performing this strand by strand). Following that, the Great Lengths hair extensions will be rolled about the natural hair right below the root. This helps you to judge if you are comfortable to wear them and ensures that you can safely move them across their whole range of motion, which is obviously what you desire.

Typically, the procedure of an application treatment goes like this: Firstly, your hair will be washed a couple of times with Clean Removal Shampoo formulated by Great Lengths. Then your hair is blow-dried. They then begin the application procedure, which we have already mentioned above. When everything is finished, they will give you the most stunning haircut of your dreams!

In the video below, you can see clearly how they handle it.

How much are Great Lengths hair extensions?

The length and desired volume of the hair extensions affect the price of Great Lengths hair extensions. However, these hair extensions often start at $1,000 and increase from there. You might think about speaking with the salon where you wish to buy your hair extensions if you want an exact price of the hair extensions you are getting. They may assess your natural hair’s condition, and you can discuss the finishing outcome you desire to get from them. You’ll get the most accurate and reliable hair extensions price this way.

Will Great Lengths hair extensions damage your natural hair .

No, not at all. You won’t damage your natural hair in any way if the Great Lengths hair extensions are applied and installed properly and you have taken good care of them. Additionally, the application procedure won’t damage your hair.

Of course, the competence of the hairdresser applying them to your hair is one of the most important factors. The well trained Great Lengths Certified Stylists are the finest and most qualified people to assist you. You may utilize Google to find out where to locate a qualified person in your area!

Where are the origins of Great Lengths extensions?

The hair extensions produced by Great Lengths are of the highest premium quality and they always take pride in it. We have done the necessary researched and visited their website to learn more about the Great Lengths hair extensions and discovered the following information:

Great Lengths extensions only gently processed soft, virgin Remy hair with long-lasting traceability. 100% of the virgin Remy hair is directly sourced from hair donations given to Indian temples and the hair extensions are all hand blended. That refers to the fact that all the Great Lengths hair extensions are blended strand by strand and all individually handmade. All of these extensions are made in Italy and it’s totally about empowering women. They hope for women to dream and envisage integrity, health, beauty and confidence.

Then what more do you wish for if Great Lengths extensions are not the hair extensions you want to install on your hair? This sounds incredible in every way!

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With Great Lengths hair extensions, can you still go swimming?

You may think that this is a strange question, but we wouldn’t have included it here if it was not as important.

It may surprise you to learn that moist conditions tend to make most bonded and tape-in extensions more brittle. So this does not rule out swimming! So, using a swim cap could be a smart option if you still want to go swimming with your hair extensions. Although leaving chlorine on your hair extensions may not be the most pleasing thing to do as it may make the extensions discoloured, dry, brittle and vulnerable to hair breakage. Of course, this is not at all what you desire!

You should be particularly careful during swimming if you don’t want to wear a swimming cap. Simple action may be taken, such as before diving into chlorinated or salt water. It is recommended that you need to add a lot of conditioners to your hair and soak it in freshwater. This provides your hair a chance to absorb and soak up the fresh water and will stop the salt or chlorine from penetrating into your hair. Your hair definitely suffers lesser damage as a consequence!

This is very interesting and you may not know that it’s essential to have your hair tied in a braid or wearing your hair up during swimming. Hair that is free-flowing will tend to get tangled more readily.

Final thoughts

Today, hopefully you have learned a lot more than just how to remove Great Lengths hair extensions at the comfort of your house. This article offers a little glimpse into how our articles work. When we come across something we enjoy, we begin to think about it and seek solutions and answers to maybe even some strange questions. We know it seems strange, but we hope you will appreciate every single advice you have received in this article! By now, we hope you are familiar with how Great Lengths hair extensions are applied and how to remove them as well as how to take great care of them.