Your overgrown roots may be trending if you can’t make it to the salon because of COVID restrictions and curbs. Shadow roots are one of the most trendy hair colors.

Although it looks a bit more sophisticated than months-old hair color, it requires less maintenance than regular hair color. A shadow root (also known as a root smudge) is when your colorist applies a lighter shade to your highlights or new color. This gives your hair a more natural, lived-in look and prolongs the life of your color. It blends into your natural roots instead of leaving a hard line.

This technique is great for extending your hair’s growth and adding dimension. Although shadow roots can be done on any color, it is especially popular with blond haired clients. It is a subtle contrast, brighter ends and a great way to highlight your features with dimension and depth along the mid length as well as lesser blonde through the roots.

The grow-out is the most important thing. No matter how natural or extreme someone is, they want their hair to grow easily and not need the roots to be touched up as often. People want their hair to last longer without needing as much maintenance.

Reverse balayage is also a popular option for those who want to embrace the growth-out. A balayage involves adding highlights of lighter hair color to your hair. However, a reverse balance is where you use low-light or darker shades to add depth. Your keyword when talking to your stylist is depth. This is great for those with lighter hair highlights or pre-existing blondes who want an easy grow-out. You should choose a root color about one shade lighter than your natural. The roots will blend with your natural color and the highlights, creating a lower contrast but still retaining some highlights.

reverse balayage
Important: These balayage techniques should not be attempted at home unless you are very skilled in hair color. You don’t have to go to the salon yet. Your roots will still be fashionable.