Do not ignore the benefits that short haircuts for men can bring. Your hair style is completely a factor in the manner that people address you.

Polonius from Shakespeare might have said that the clothes of a man often make him who he is. However, he ignored the how he was being perceived by those that were with him while he was absorbed in his own speech.

In the guide that follows, we shall deal elaborately the benefits of a good haircut, what to say to your barber to get a fitting haircut and show the hair designs which we shall discussing in the full bespoke unit.


The 5 steps involved in getting the ideal short haircuts for men

1). The significance of getting your hair cut.

2). The uniformity of your hair cut.

3). Hairstyle Personas for men.

4). 5 easy steps of talking to the barber.

5). Conclusion and some of our hairstyles.


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The significance of getting your hair cut

Just think about the example that follows: you are getting ready for a very vital interview for a job or to meet a key client. You have done every basic necessary thing such as a well planned presentation, a perfectly clean white shirt and a diligently selected tie. But, you failed to get a good short haircuts for men.

Whenever you attempt to shake the hand of your potential employer or that of the client, they will stop and stare at you straight in the eyes. Whenever you talk, they would be assessing the expressions that you make with your face. It can never be sufficiently emphasized that it is neither the body expression nor your dress mode that shows people who you really are.

mens haircuts 1


Think about the fact that from a survey by Axe in 2009, that about 74% of the women surveyed agree about the hair being the most prominent feature they first observe about the appearance of a man. When you give it a consideration, the job interview is pretty much similar to an initial date.


The personality of a man as well as the character he exudes is reflected from his haircut choice. The hair is usually the most prominent feature of a man that gives other people first impressions about him.

Additionally, the manner he takes care of the hair on his head is a significant factor. Admittedly, you may allow your hair to naturally grow out. But, if you do not care for the hair, it will become very obvious.

Also, we agree and accentuate that your clothes very much is important in the way you look. But, all elements work collectively as one to paint an absolute picture of your personality. Think about its ensemble as well as the functions of the hair. It can match the clothes you wear or be a source of a wide contrast.


The uniformity of your hair cut

Contrasting is never a bad trait which you should stay away from. You should think about your personal behaviours that you want people to see and assess its weak points. Having a hair design that is distinct with the clothing you put on makes you look a little complex. But, the total collection of your personal style from your hair to your clothes should be done with a level of uniformity and agreement.

mens haircuts 2

You should consider a variety of factors like your office, the activities that you take part in as well as the rate at which you go to formal occasions. Are you always in the midst of people and you feel that you are always being scrutinized? Or maybe you prefer the office over being the focus of a lot of people? Do you find outdoor activities or sport engaging activities in which you take part in?  Do not forget that the hairstyle you choose can either enhance or compromise your characters.


Similarly, the length of your hair adds to the manner that public perception is affected by the way you look. Several researches have proved that men who have short hair, with some length right in front like a Pompadour, Faux Hawk or a Fringe, are usually perceived as been handsome and confident. But, they tend to be rather egotistical. But, men that have a hair moderately long hair that go with the Side part usually are known to be intelligent and properly-qualified. But still, they might appear intolerant. Lastly, men that have long hairs are usually seen as loving but possessing little intelligence.

Admittedly, this bias is common with stereotyping. However, human instincts cannot be avoided based on the perception of the society. The perceptions above show the length that a hair design can influence the people around you. Therefore, it is important to consider all effective factors to develop an organized reflection of who you really are. This means everything from your suit, to the tie and shirt combination, as well as your wrist watch and the shoes you choose to wear.

Subsequently, you should infuse some form of architectural approach to cutting your hair instead of approaching it as you would approach a gardening task. Choose and fine tune a hair design should take off the emphasis on whatever negative traits your clothes might have had on your appearance and so on. you should question yourself about your current character. Look for different methods of adjusting these traits and subsequently accentuate the side of your personality that you want people to see in you.




Hairstyle Personas for men

If it appears overwhelming, you should attempt dividing the hair design into the different simple CARVE classes that sums up the mood.



mens haircuts 3

A minimalist and subdued approach. The classic appearance looks to utilize the properly-balanced as well as unique styles. Typically, they are not conservative wardrobe pieces but they are appropriate in most occasions and situations, most especially the place of work. The most significant thing is showing elegance by being simple. Hostile, short haircuts for men that are angular are avoided and softer finishes which goes pretty well with reserved clothing is employed. Suitable styles are Comb Overs or Side Parts which comes with moderate Fades.



mens haircuts 4


You are the type that likes putting on street wear, which can be comfortable as well as fashionable.  The goal here is to emphasize on your passion for recreational activities and sports. You are comfortable in a suit providing that it comes with a decent pair of shoes.

Short haircuts for men are functional but indicate your energy level as well as your zeal. With that being said, you can experiment with hair designs such as Crew Cuts, Faux Hawks, Buzz Cuts as well as Top Knots.







You are powerful machine with a tender interior. You likely have beautifully grown out beards that have been complimented by your dress style of the typical lumberjack shirt and a Levi’s pair of jeans. You pretty much like staying outdoors whether you are chopping woods or hiking.


You style of hair designs are those that are neatly kept with a strong maintenance routine. These designs can be an Undercut or a Fade which comes with Side Parts, Pompadours, Fringes or the brave Man Bun.



mens haircuts Singapore 6


Whether bespoke or thrifted, you like putting on antique clothes with their corresponding accessories, you are reminiscent of the past and you view it with a nostalgic feeling.

You like hair designs which are brought from the olden days but you tend to modify the design. These hairstyles could be Fades, Undercuts, Side Parts, Pompadours, Long swept Back Hair as well as Loose Comb Overs.




mens haircuts 7

You are passionate about adventures and you seek public attention. In your wardrobe you tend to have bold designs, great fashion pieces and you like creating sophisticated styles with your clothes collection. You need to have a hairstyle that shows off the wild side of your trait but still tends to restrain you and tame this wild side.


Just like the clothes you wear, you could think of a combination of various styles. With the use of ideas from the Fringe, Faux Hawk, Undercut, Pompadour could just be your taste.


5 easy steps of talking to your barber.

Possibly, you might not have made a decision about the hairstyle that you intend to get, but it is vital to effectively communicate with your chosen hair expert. Avoid going through disappointments and get a picture of the design you need by knowing the manner in which you show a short haircuts for men design to the barber of your choice.

If every other method proves futile, try downloading some images from your mobile phone before going to the barbershop. Then again do not use statements like “sides and short back”. Go straight to the point because these phrases one-sided among barbers.


1). Find out from the Barber the possible short haircuts for men that could be good for you.

Though, this point might make it seem that research and preparation are pointless, easily obtaining some information from the barber is important. You might have spent a lot of time browsing through manuals like this to get an idea of the ideal short haircuts for men. But still, find out from the barber, their thoughts on the best haircuts and rely on their expert judgement. They are fully experienced in cutting numerous heads that they can easily make effective suggestions.

Do not be saddened by the fact that they may think that you chosen haircut may not be the best for your hair. It prevents a lack of satisfaction in addition to a bad end result as well as a betrayal of the barber’s trust. Apart from that you will be entrusting yourself to them so you should know how to respect their perspectives.


2). Create the mood of the style with the use of keywords.

Try imitating the advertising industry and refer to your haircut with the use of keywords which captures the mood. Consider it as a sort of search on Google or the setting of the scene of a film to visualize what you want from the barber. You might make use of the CARVE categories listed above or other catch phrases like retro, conservative, romantic, hipster as so on. Waste no time in referring to haircut styles of actors or films as examples. As you continue to read you shall see that we did that on several places.


3). Describe the length

Not everyone can accurately gauge the proper length of their hair by just using the bare eyes. However, the meaning of trim could vary from person to person. You could use the guard numbers for clippers when describing the length of your hair. If you are unsure, tell the barber to check the guards and make a comparison. But, if your hair is long, indicate to the barber by grasping some hair strands with several lengths with your fingers.

If still you are not sure, ask the hair barber if they are comfortable with a progressive cutting the length of your hair until you find the length you are happy with. It is better to err on the side of not cutting enough rather than an excessive cutting.

4). Top Finish

You should know the technique that the barber uses to complete the hair as soon as he attains the suitable length and then choose your preferred technique. These produce several resulting layers and textures. Therefore, it is better to know the facts before you go to the barbershop.

  • Choppy: With this style, the barber takes off the hair while tilting his tool at an angle of 45° while ensuring that the hair is at several lengths. This is used to produce various hair textures.  It makes the hair look voluminous and cause an easy styling of messy hair appearance.
  • Layered:  This method of cutting of the hair brings forward the long hair to stay on the short hair. It is a good technique for hair reduction as it gives out the impression of volume and depth.
  • Thinned:  Thinning scissors is employed by the barber to thin down the hair’s volume. This looks like the relationship between the comb and a scissors. It adequately reduces the length of the hair and thins out the hair. It is ideal for the voluminous hair but know that your hair will certainly grow outwards abnormally in due time with the appearance of stray strands of the hair.
  • Razored:  The razor finishing method barber trims down the volume of the hair and carves it with the use of the razor blade. It is a method that can effectively be done by a professional. But, it is the best method to trim down and make the hair flat for it to naturally grow back.

5). Sides and Back Finish

Be familiar with the simple methods that can be used by the barber to finish out the length of the sides and the back as well as the hairlines. These might look like an added design but know that as much as you won’t be able to see the style from the back, other people will see it.



Naturally, tapering is the manner in which the length of the hair progressively reduces in level along the sides and back of the head. It is frequently called the Fade. It could be designed to be Low, High or Medium.


mens haircuts singapore Fade Levels

Fade Levels


Please check out our special page about Fades so as to know the technique to use depending on the shape of your face.


This refers to the manner in which the neck’s rear part is finished off to give a perfect look. Typically, it comes in three different forms; blocked, tapered as well as rounded.

  • Blocked: This is suitable for slender necks however it can instantly appear unruly when it finally grows outwards. It needs frequent touch-ups from the barber to maintain its appearance.
  • Rounded: This form of the nape is ordinarily a blocked form but comes with none of the edges. It is slightly angular but also needs regular touch ups to maintain its appearance.
  • Tapered: This is the most popular type of finish that is usually paired with the Fade on the sides of the head. As it goes with the natural hairline of the hair, it’s less visible by the time it grows outwards. It’s also a good style for thinning down thick-haired necks.

Nades Finishes mens haircuts singapore

Nades Finishes



The arches indicate the manner in which the hair trim goes with the hairline of the hair across the ears. They can be trimmed with the use of the high arch that is perfect for ears with smaller sizes and have clean finishes. But, pretty much just as the blocked napes, they look bad when they grow. An arch that is natural is the place that the hair simply goes with the hairline. This tends to look better when they grow and may not look bad if it is kept for a long time without going to the barbers.


Hair Arches mens haircut singapore

Hair Arches


Side Burns:

Do not forget to let your barber know that you need the side burns of the haircut to be properly finished in the case of a clean shaven hair. We elaborated on this with a lot of details on our special guide to Sideburns. But, if you rather want to get a beard, check them all out and find out how you can make the beards to perfectly fit out the shape of your face.


Conclusion and families of short haircuts for men

After getting to know the different components of a simple haircut as highlighted above, this may be the moment to make a decision on your preferred hair style! The different styles of hair are differentiated into categories in terms of length, which can be found if you click on the relevant titles that are located below. Or you can rather skip down to your preferred hairstyle which you want to know more about.


Hairstyles with Short Length

Clean Shaven Head

Clean Shaven Head mens haircuts











Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Buzz Cut Hairstyle mens haircuts










Caesar Hairstyle

Caesar Hairstyle mens haircuts










Crew Cut & Fade

Crew Cut & Fade mens haircuts singapore










Side Part Hairstyle

Side Part Hairstyle mens haircuts












Medium Length Hairstyles


Comb Over Hairstyle

Comb Over Hairstyle mens haircuts











Faux Hawk Hairstyle

faux hawk hairstyle mens haircuts











Fringe Hairstyle

Fringe Hairstyle mens haircuts singapore











Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour Hairstyle mens haircuts singapore











Undercut Hairstyle

undercut Hairstyle mens haircuts












Long Length Hairstyles


Man Bun Hairstyle

Man Bun Hairstyle mens haircut











Swept Back Hairstyle

Swept Back Hairstyle mens haircuts singapore












Before you start, it comes highly recommended that you are pretty familiar with the shape of your face as detailed in the 7 shapes of faces. This is vital in analyzing the suitability of a chosen hairstyle and the proportions of your face, which shall be elaborated by us on each guide. If you have not already done this, you should try knowing the shape of your face.

Regardless of the strict guidelines as detailed above as well as the several hair styles, be free and creative when experimenting with them. The most significant discoveries were discovered unintentionally and to cite the prudent words that were said by Sammy Davis Jr, “Losing the one you love is similar to been given a short haircuts for men that is bad. With every passing time, it grows out again”



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