When I was younger, my hair was always longer. I always kept my hair long until I became a teenager. Then, unfortunately, I had an accident while using the DIY hair bangs. The accident then made me to get a pixie cut that I never planned on and which was slightly traumatic.

For those with long hair, it is my prayers that you do not do a DIY haircut and experience a catastrophic event. This is because it is traumatizing to cut off your hair, especially if you do not wish to. If you want your hair to be healthy and strong, it becomes necessary to cut your hair.


We recently discussed this with different hairstylists to know what signs you should keep an eye for to mitigate hair disasters, and this could mean that you have to get your haircut despite if you do not want to do this.


There are split ends on your hair.

split ends

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Are there split ends on your hair? The best way to check for split ends is to do one simple thing. It would help if you watched out for thin, frail, and transparent hair. They could be very different from every other hair strand. You could visibly sight these split ends, which have white bulbs at their edges and it is ideal for getting rid of the ends since hair break up quicker the higher up a hair strand than when growing from its scalp.

If your hair splits around its ends, it is better to trim it just over the location of the split end. If you wait for such a long time, this split could move up the hair shaft and cause the hair to become vulnerable and weak, when you do not do this on time.

The splits could move up the entire length of hair. This will then force you to cut your hair much shorter. Thus, it is best to trim your hair quickly if you notice split ends. This will help you prevent the hair from getting damaged further.


The color of your hair has been damaged.

root stretch

If you have ever applied color to your hair, it is possible for this to damage your hair.

Hand-applied bleach and the high lift hair color are very popular; however, this is the component that damages the hair the most. Please remember that that the hair tip are the most delicate and oldest hairs.

Thus, for those who color their hair, they will have to trim this frequently to prevent the hair tips from getting damaged. A different way to know that your hair is color-damaged is when you or the hairstylist starts noticing that it will not stay on the hair. The person may also have multiple color fading and if the hair gets damaged, primarily due to bleach or color, it will not have its elasticity. This means it could snap off easily if it is pulled on. On the contrary, a normal healthy hair tends to bounce back.


Your hair had been damaged by heat.

Like color damage, one other sign that you need to trim out your hair is heat damage. When your hair has been damaged by heat, it will appear frizzy, or it could look like there are statics on it. This could seem like the rippled hair if it is dry. If people run up their palms in their hair while the hair becomes frizzed up, it possibly indicates that the person has heat damage.


Permanently relaxed, curled, or straightened hair could sometimes appear lifeless and people who treat their hair like this would get it damaged by heat. To prevent this from happening, people should avoid using the hairstyling irons and curlers. This supported by proper trimming, and deep conditioning will minimize the hair damage.

Whereas it could be necessary to get a trim, if you do not want this option, you could contact your hairstylist to see the type of treatments that will be ideal for helping repair the hair. However, treatments may be unable to solve this problem.


Your hairstyle is a pixie haircut.

When your hairstyle is short, you should regularly maintain to sustain the freshness look of the hair. For somebody like me that have once previously had two different pixie haircuts, it is safe to say that the moment the first shock has subsided, the most challenging part is trying to maintain your hair cut.

It is recommended that the best time to do this is every other four, five, or six weeks. This will help a simple trim to freshen your look. The shorter hair does not always mean that it would grow out faster, as contrary to people’s expectations.

But then again, because the hair layers appear shorter, it is possible to notice any hair growth. This will make you frequently cut off the hair. Since regularly trimming your hair short will need several frequent trims, people who do not like visit the salon should consider not committing to a super-short hairstyle.


Your style comes with bangs.

When your hairstyle comes with bangs, this way, it becomes too difficult to maintain. It could be necessary to get these trimmed once every three weeks or four. Then again, for people looking to keep the perfect bangs, visiting the salon, every fortnightly, could be necessary. The foremost thing to remember here is to avoid trimming your hair bangs by yourself.

Like I had previously mentioned, I once tried to cut my bangs. However, I ended up having something like a hybrid of Moe from the Three Stooges, and Audrey Hepburn – does not look flattering. Once more, if you feel that you do not like to visit a salon pretty often, you could get your bangs back. However, confirm with your hairstylist, since some stylist will cut off your bangs free of charge if they were cut in that salon.


Your hair is now flat.

Can you recall the first that you gave your hair a trim, when was that? It probably made you look full of life and bouncy. However, the thing here is if your hair no longer has its bounce, this may be a good reason to cut it off.


Flat hair possibly indicates hair damage. Correspondingly, hair damage always results in a haircut or minimally, a hair trim. However, you should check with your hairstylist to know whether you can fix this damage by hair treatment, or whether you will be cutting your hair.

An honest stylist will let you know when your hair needs a cut. You should ensure that you ask the real truth from your stylist. Some of them may not want to offend you by cutting a few or not cutting your hair.


You tie up your hair all the time.

Sleek Ponytails

If you find yourself tying up your hair to the ponytail style, this could be an indicator that you need to trim your hair. Naturally, it is quite challenging to manage damaged hair, and therefore people will probably opt for a more straightforward hair design, which comes with effortless maintenance.

People who directly prefer to have hair in a ponytail or the untidy bun every day could be due to hair damage. If you visit a stylist, they will likely tell you to get your hair cut.


Your hair bores you


A haircut does not always mean unhealthy hair. At times, you could get bored with your hair. To kick off this boredom, you need a dramatic change. Maybe, you could go from the long hair to the shorter bob or perhaps a “lob.” Then again, if you need a more subtle style, discuss with your hair designer whether they could add layers to the hair design or if they can cut another shape, such as blunt ends.


People who are too nervous about cutting their hair should look for a more experienced senior stylist to cut their hair. This was logical since most senior stylists have more experience. Thus, people who are nervous as their hair is cut; if they get an experienced stylist, this will help keep their nerves calm.


Due to their massive experience, the senior hairstylists have more chances to have done a hair job for somebody who would have wanted the same haircut. Furthermore, it is essential always to consult before looking for the appropriate hairstyle or senior stylist.


Do not forget to note that the hair grows!

If you are looking to change your hairstyle or your stylist suggested it, you should not forget that your chosen hairstyle will not be permanent.


Whether your end game is to regularly care for your preferred style, whether it is a long hair, to keep this chosen hair design strong and healthy, you will need to trim regularly. If your hair is healthy, this means you have beautiful hair. And people who work harder to maintain their hair’s health find it much easier to keep the hair in their preferred style. If you see yourself having a hairstyle that you do not like, you should know that the hair will grow out later. With time, your hair will grow out; this will help get rid of the style that you never liked.