Special Effects Hair Dye

For most of us, coloring our hair with dye is to give it a new color and you a new look. Yet it is done with colors that are very comfortable and complimentary with your skin tone. This way no one will really be able to tell that it isn’t your natural hair color. Some of us have been coloring ours with hair dye for so long that no one would ever think of use in any other color.

Yet there are people out there that want a more dramatic effect when it comes to hair dye. They want special effects that really stand out. It takes a very confident person to be able to do this without feeling uncomfortable though. Many of us are envious of such people that can pull it off. We often look at their special effects hair dye job and love it, but know there is no way in a million years we could walk around like that.

One of the most popular special effects hair dye jobs these days is a very light blonde with bright pink in it. Many people immediately think of the singer Cyndi Lauper from the 1980’s. Yet this trend emerged early last year after Jesse who was picked for Brett Michaels on the VH1 show Rock of Love.

Dark brown hair with chunks of either red or burgundy are very popular as well. This tends to not be as dramatic as the pink though. It is best to have any special effects hair dye done by a professional. They will know exactly how to do it so that you get the look you are after. In many instances the professional color technician will have to bleach your hair. This is to remove many other colors.

This process can leave your hair dry and brittle so they can use great conditioners on it to preserve the quality of it. The brightness of the color is something to discuss with the professional as that will affect how long it is left on your hair. If you are looking for hair dye color that will stand out from the crowd, look into the various types of special effects that are offered.