Springs is soon to be upon us and that means dramatic spring colours will be everywhere, such as hairstyles. If you are trying to find a soft yet alluring new appearance for your tresses, strawberry blond hair is the perfect colour for the Spring. This captivating mix of soft pink shades, warm reddish tones and trendy blondes is guaranteed to turn heads. Strawberry blonde is subtle and lively if you’re interested in finding a vibrant mix of spring hues that isn’t over the top. And you will not be deprived of choice of colours. There are many methods of attaining the stunning strawberry blonde hair ranging from highlights, balayage to ombre. Check out some of the most popular new looks for strawberry blond hair just in time for late-night Spring hayrides and Spring festivals. We are sure that you will one which suits your style!


Dark Ashy and Dusty Rosy Ombre

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Dusty hair colours are so popular nowadays as they’re ideal for Spring with their muted tones. In the event you do not need to all-over blonde, you can begin with dark blossoms like a mild chocolate brown or black ash blonde. Then gradually fade into a strawberry blonde which melts to a dusty pink. This ombre fade seems spectacular on long layered hair since it’s filled with dimension and depth. Add longer flowing waves using a large curling iron to include more body. The light rose created a stunning contrast to the darker foundation to get a captivating contrast which looks magnificent when worn within an updo like a braid or chignon.


Strawberry Blonde using Balayage

If your hair is born with a lighter colour of ash blonde, this gorgeous balayage blending is the ideal method to bring some depth to your blonde hair. Either retain your natural blond as a foundation or tone it down into a milder lighter colour. Then blend in a really light strawberry blonde and a platinum blonde to get a multi-dimensional look that’s full of texture and motion. This combination is gorgeous on almost any hair length or type, however we think it’s particularly stunning on shoulder-length cut with extended layers to add fullness. This look is ideal for spring as it looks like a morning sunrise over the sea with its stunning blend of strawberry blonde shades. Design your hair at a somewhat messy way to get a hot bedhead appearance that reveals you could handle anything life throws your way.


Ombre Fade of Copper Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour | Hera Hair Beauty

Ombre hairstyles have been existing for a long period, and they’re just constantly rising in popularity. Ombre hair does not always need to be daring and vibrant. Ombre may be subtle and soft, such as this coppery blond ombre fade. Start off using a burnt copper in the roots and slowly fade to some light ash blonde finish in the roots to a pale pink platinum blonde. These colours are reminiscent of a spring sunset as they gradually melt out of a warm light auburn to a very bright blonde with pink colours that results in a gorgeous strawberry blonde ombre.

This stunning ombre is attractive on a medium length wavy hairstyle because it provides fullness to thin hairs. At the same time, long layers might help add life into thicker locks. In case you were blessed with curly hair, then just spritz sea salt or apply a curling lotion for your own hair, run your hands through it to hairstyle it to subtle beachy waves and let it to air dry. People that have straight hair may use a flat iron or moderate barrel curl tong to curl a couple of inch segments to beachy waves. Spraying the hair with moderate setting spray to enable movement.


Pumpkin Spice using Balayage

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Spring is about beautiful colours and also, like it or not, you can not deny that even pumpkins and pumpkin spice are always hand-in-hand together with spring. This pumpkin spice balayage mix is the gist of everything. Start off with a rather light copper then blend in a light ash blonde colour to finish up getting a warm strawberry blonde shade which will enable you to consider a pumpkin spice latte to a cool Spring day. This magical combination of sexy Spring colours seems particularly attractive on a short bob and can be great for all those who have fine or thin hair since it adds dimension and body. At the same time, it’s a fantastic style for thicker tresses. Regardless of what texture is your hair, you’ll love this hot strawberry blonde hair. Employ a volumizing mousse for your own hair and blow it dry using a round brush. Thereafter, you can also create subtle and beautiful waves using big curling iron for a playful and sexy look to boast the overwhelming layers of colours in this stunning Spring hairstyle.


Dusty Ginger Strawberry Blonde

Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas | Southern Living

Should you would rather have a more muted colour that’s embraces the attractiveness of Spring grandeur, this dusty strawberry blonde is full of elegance and refine. Start off with a light brown base but move rich on the ginger blonde colours to achieve a look that’s sleek and classy. The last result is a stunning dusty ginger shade of strawberry blonde that’ll catch everybody’s attention as you pass by.

We believe that this multi dimensional strawberry blonde hair appears just stunning in an inverted shoulder-length lob with long fringe. This appearance is so filled with texture and depth. Blow dry your hair using a curled brush after serum application. Run your flat iron on your completely blowdry hair to reach a smooth and glossy finish. Employ a glow serum and use a mild grip spray. This appearance is excellent for both worktime and playtime since it’s tasteful yet sassy using its own eye-catching gingery-blonde colours.

Are you awed by some of our alluring colours of strawberry blonde hair? Because you may see, there are a couple of techniques to showcase your stunning strawberry blonde tresses. Identify the look that is suitable for you and get prepared to adopt a fresh look in time for the Spring!



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