Can a keratin treatment be ruined by sweat?

Do you also mean perspiration when you say, “Don’t allow your hair to become wet”? Some individuals are concerned that sweating may damage the finishing results from keratin treatment, but we believe that it depends on the person.

Sigh… The sad truth is a “YES” and is all that sweaty females need to accept. Although it is a terrible fact, it can be overcome.

Although having keratin treatments on your hair is fantastic, there are also some drawbacks. You should take additional care about the treatment and with what you should do to take care of your hair immediately after leaving the salon if you want it to ensure that the treatment will be effective and lasting.

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Your natural hair is straightened and smoothened to get the desired results and it will not be one and done type of process. You will need to refrain from certain activities for a few days or so for the keratin to be set correctly. At this time, they might be:

  • Avoid touching your hair.
  • Avoid getting your hair wet.
  • Do not tie up or braid your hair.

When you ask your hairstylist what he/she thought about our choice to receive a keratin hair smoothening or straightening treatment, they will respond in the same way. But it still doesn’t alter the fact that you still chose it. The following advice can help you prevent your own perspiration or sweat from ruining your precious keratin treatment:

Inquire with your stylist about the complex formulations of the keratin treatment that you have undergone.

For those bespoke keratin treatments, you will need more enhanced formulas if your hair is thick, coarse or curlier. To enable the layer of keratin coated on the hair to set even more quickly at 24 hours or faster, your hairdresser will combine certain ingredients with your keratin treatment.

So, if you tend to perspire frequently and can’t control it, maintain the process of battling perspiration in the forefront of your mind to prevent any trigger of your frustrations or annoyance.

For the first four days after the keratin treatment, you should keep your hair dry to avoid the possibility of it becoming frizzy once again. Note: Use a wax-free or an oil based product if your hair is fine or brittle. This kind of formulation in the product will ensure that the moisture in your hair is completely sealed in.

You may reduce the waiting period to 24 hours until you feel confident using more complex calculations. The first 24 hours will undoubtedly be stressful, but it will all be worth it in the end.

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During the first few days after your keratin treatment, try to avoid sweating.

To prevent adding more frizz to your normally straightened locks, refrain from handling your hair or touching it with your hands after treatment and tie it back for the next 24 to 48 hours. Additionally, sweating will certainly result in much more unwanted fizziness to an otherwise unposed look.

Hence, it’s crucial to understand that you should only allow your hair to be aired dry for the first couple of days after getting a keratin treatment. After that, you’re free to wet it and engage in activities like running or exercising since your perspiration won’t change its current condition.

So, try to avoid exercising in order for you not to sweat too much. For the first few days after the keratin treatment, try to allow your body to stay as cool as you can, even if you are those who perspire easily. During the summer, stay indoors or take steps to keep your body cool, such as staying chill in a cold area or having a cooling shower gel.

During the Keratin treatment if there is still perspiration or sweat;

  • To the sweat-loving scalp:
  • If you start to sweat, don’t worry.
  • Make sure you just perspire the least.
  • Due to the perspiration, do not tie your hair up.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with kinky hair.

It’s very important to urgently dry off your scalp as soon as possible after your scalp is wet from perspiration. Scalp issues may be lessened by using an electric hair style tool such as flat iron on moist hair.

Avoid the sun

You should be aware of the few things to prevent any sun damage on your hair. Try to avoid the sun since it will disintegrate the layer of keratin coated on your hair. Keep in mind that if you spend too much time in the sun, your scalp will begin to perspire or sweat.

If you have no choice and must stay outdoors, prevent your skin from direct contact with the sun’s rays. Damage of the keratin treated hair may be avoided by staying out of the sun as much as possible.

For the first few days, refrain from attempting to cover your head with a hat while it’s sunny outdoors. If you do so, your scalp may end up with marks on it.

What are the follow-up after care steps?

Keratin treatments certainly will enable your hair to be more glossy, appealing and manageable due to less frizz. But you should refrain from bunning your hair and subjecting it to heat and sun exposure. Depending on how well you take better care of your keratin treated hair, keratin hair treatments can last for many months.

And using a shampoo without sulfates should be the first thing in mind needed for maintaining your keratin treated hair.


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