Keratin treatments are now the best way to maintain frizz-free, manageable hair. If you still have doubts about the magic of keratin treatments, check out this story to see how it can change your life. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you have already decided to try keratin. You now need to decide which keratin treatment you want. There are many keratin treatment options in Singapore. We have broken down each type of keratin treatment in this article.

We always have many clients who come to our salons asking for keratin treatments. We look at the various keratin treatment options that are available. Each type creates a unique result for our clients. Smoothing is used to remove frizz and not alter the curl shape. This treatment can cut down on the drying time for girls, making it easier to blowout. The average treatment lasts three to six months, depending on the type of keratin treatment and whether you’ve had smoothing treatments before. It is more likely that you will get the treatment again if you have had it before. This is because there may be some residual product from the previous treatments. It was always a pleasure to be able to offer a smoothing treatment to clients to make their hair more manageable throughout the year.

Goldwell’s Kerasilk Keratin Treatment
Frizzy hair can be a problem because you do not know the ways to manage it. What if frizzy hair could be a thing of the past? Goldwell’s Kerasilk Keratin treatment provides long and lasting results in soft, shiny hair that lasts for up to three to five months. KeraShape Technology is the key to this higher performance Technology. KeraShape Technology, a high-performing technology, interacts with hair’s structure. During the keratin treatment process, it penetrates the hair and makes new Keratin bonds to reshape the hair structure. The hair’s surface is softened and smoothened for a long time.

There are many steps to the treatment. The first is shampooing your hair with Keratin and Liquid Silk. This will gently cleanse and prepare your hair for the keratin treatment. The Keratin Smooth & Shape formula with Thermal Active KeraShape Technology is applied to transform frizzy, unmanageable hair into silky soft, long-lasting hair. Your hair will be given a blow-dry and then flat ironed. After shampooing your hair, apply a special Finishing Cream serum to seal in Kerasilk Keratin Treatment. This will reduce odour. It provides heat protection. Kerasilk’s keratin treatment has no formaldehyde, so it is gentle on hair and scalp. The process takes 2-3 hours depending on hair length and feels like usual styling.

The treatment won’t make curly hair straight. It is a smoothing treatment. You can make straight hair look easier by using heat (hair dryer, hair straightener). Your hair will be more manageable and you can control your waves. Kerasilk makes it easy to blow dry your hair and reduces the amount of time spent blow drying. Your hair may turn one or two shades lighter with the kerasilk treatment. This is especially true if your hair has been chemically treated (e.g. If your hair is dyed or bleached, it’s best to wait 2 weeks before you start the next treatment). It is best to wait two weeks before you schedule your next colour appointment. It’s alright to go back to your usual hair colour routine from then on.

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Brazilian Blowout Treatment
Brazilian Blowout treatment, which are next to Keratin Treatments in terms of softening and smoothening, is also popular choice made famous by Victoria’s Secret models like Adriana Lima. Brazilian Blowouts, like other keratin treatments are a smoothening treatment. It doesn’t need to be straightening unless you wish it to. Your hair will become straighter if your stylist uses the flat iron to seal the treatment. Anyone with frizzy, damaged, or otherwise processed hair is a good candidate for the Brazilian Blowout. Brazilian Blowouts can be done on all hair types (fine/course/frizzy/curly) as well as hair that’s been permed, Japanese-straightened or extensions. Everyone can benefit from Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment if they communicate well and apply the treatment with care. Brazilian Blowout results in hair that is frizz-free, shiny and manageable. However, most Brazilian Blowout formulas contain formaldehyde.

You can still wear your hair curly or wavy, depending on what hair type you have. The Brazilian Blowout will also allow you to blow dry your hair straight and smooth in half the time it took before the treatment. If you have highlights and/or colour, the Brazilian blowout can actually improve the health and appearance of hair that has been treated or highlighted. It will condition the hair and seal the cuticle to increase colour, reduce frizz, and shine. The Brazilian Blowout can make your hair look straighter and more healthy if it is curly. It will reduce frizz and enhance the natural curl/wave of curly hair. This treatment can be used to remove frizz from straight hair and increase shine. The treatment will be finished in as little as 80mins depending on hair length.

If Acai After Care Maintenance is used, the Brazilian Blowout smooth frizz-free will last between 10-12 weeks. Brazilian Blowout is cumulative and this means that more Brazilian Blowout treatments will make your hair healthier and last longer. The Brazilian Blowout can be used directly over other relaxers or strengtheners. It is best for chemically treated hair. This Brazilian Blowout treatment has the advantage that your hair won’t lose volume. You will have great hair texture and a natural volume. You can’t colour your hair right after a Brazilian Blowout. You will need to wait two weeks if you want to colour your hair after a Brazilian Blowout.

NanoSmooth Keratin Treatment
The NanoSmooth Pure is the latest hair-taming trend. You might have heard of Brazilian blowouts and Keratin hair treatments. Hare & Bone, Nano Keratin and NanoSmooth Pure created the NanoSmooth Pure, a chemical-free smoothing product. This treatment targets the hair’s DNA and smoothes the hair’s internal structure instead of coating it. According to its creators, the treatment makes hair easier to manage by 80%. The treatment will take approximately two to four hours depending on how thick, long and curled your hair is.

All hair types can benefit from the nanoSmooth treatment, but it is especially beneficial for chemically treated hair that has been damaged or coarsely processed. For those with frizzy, virgin hair, it will eliminate the frizz. The treatment can also be used on hair that has been subject to chemical treatments such as hair straightening. NanoSmooth Treatment results may vary depending on how your curls are formed and the after-care. The treatment will usually last for about 100 days if clients use the Nanokeratin System aftercare shampoo/conditioner. This will depend on the type of hair. To lock in the colour and enhance your hair’s shine, it is best to apply the treatment on the same day as the colour. Or else, it is best to wait ten days after the treatment then you colour your hair.

NanoSmooth Pure does not provide a straightening solution. The NanoSmooth Pure is more of a smoothing product that reduces frizz and relaxes curls. You will still need to style your hair if you have thick curls. However, the results will be stronger, more manageable, and easier to maintain. To stop bacteria, the nanoSmooth treatment has a trace amount of formaldehyde at 0.18%. Although 0.2% is the legal limit for the EU, the manufacturer claims that the treatment is safe.

K-Gloss Treatment
This revolutionary Keratin smoothing treatment is designed to restore dull, dry, and damaged hair. It makes it more manageable and healthier. This treatment can be used to fill in the gaps in hair with proteins, amino acids, and hydrolysed collagen. This treatment provides long-lasting results for natural, coloured or chemically treated hair. All hair types are welcome to try this treatment whether they are natural or coloured. If your concerns include frizzy, dry, or unmanageable hair, this treatment can help. This K-Gloss anti-frizz treatment is compatible with pre-lightened hair and chemically processed hair, unlike other products on the market. This formula is water-based, unlike silicon-based treatments and most importantly free of formaldehyde. The formula can penetrate your hair better and be absorbed by it for a lasting result. It is capable of rebuilding the internal bonds and not just a superficial coating that wears after a few washes.

Also, it is recommended that all colour services be completed prior to applying K-Gloss. K-Gloss can be applied after any colour, highlight, or gloss service. This will lock in the new colour and prevent it from fading. K-Gloss won’t alter any natural or artificial colour pigments in hair. K-Gloss can be applied to hair for as long as 3 months. K-Gloss does not relax hair and does not break any internal connections. It’s designed to remove unwanted frizz and make hair easier to manage. It can soften fine hair by up to 20%. K-Gloss takes approximately 1 – 1.5 hours depending on how long and thick the hair is in salon. K-Gloss Derizz At-Home Treatment can be applied to clean hair. It can be dried in 10 minutes. Your hair will feel stiff after the treatment because the protein and hydrolyzed collab have been left in your hair. To achieve the best results, avoid washing your hair for 24hrs and avoid contact with salt-based or water-based products. For a longer-lasting result, you can use low PH hair products that are salt free.

Keratherapy Keratin Smoothing
Keratherapy Keratin Silky Smoothing transforms any hair type into silky, soft and shiny hair. The product or formula will vary. This 100% formaldehyde-free smoothing process with KERABOND(tm technology will transform your hair. It will leave it frizz-free, shiny, manageable, and give you medium to high curl reduction for up to 12 weeks. The service takes approximately 1 1/2 hours, depending on how long and thick your hair is.
Keratherapy Keratin Smoothing does not permanently treat hair. It doesn’t break the hair’s bonds. The treatment will eventually leave the hair with its natural texture.

Keratherapy can be applied to any hair type. Anyone with curly hair or dull, lifeless hair. Any client who has had their hair chemically treated. This gives hair a radiant shine that will dramatically improve its manageability and eliminate frizz. Keratherapy treatment should be completed at least two weeks before applying any colour. It is highly recommended to wait one week before or one week after any hair colouring process before going for the Keratherapy Treatment. With the Keratherapy after care collection, the treatment can last for up to 12 weeks.

HAIR BOTOX Treatment
Hair Botox, a deep conditioning treatment for hair fibers, coats them with a filler such as keratin. One of the popular product is Majestic Hair Botox. To make your hair look fuller and more lustrous, the treatment fills in any damaged or thin areas. Your hair will become smoother, straighter, shinier and softer. Hair becomes fuller and thicker because frizz is gone. The new hair grows stronger and is healthier. The Hair Botox treatment lasts for between 3 and 6 months if you shampoo and condition your hair every other day. Hair BOTOX treatment takes approximately 1 – 1.5 hours depending on how long and thick the hair.

Everybody is a candidate, even those with frizzy, damaged or weekend-coloured hair. Majestic hair BOTOX is a hair re-constructor that works to repair hair from root to tip. It would be beneficial for all hair types (permed, coarse, curly and colour treated, extensions and Japanese treatments). Majestic Hair Botox treatments have absolutely zero formaldehyde. The treatment will not cause irritation to the skin or eyes, and there will be no unpleasant odor.

After any other treatment, such as colouring or de colouring, it is recommended to wait at least a week. Keep in mind that dyed hair may fade if it is light (dyed hair of a light colour), or if the Botanical main ingredient is PH. If you plan to get the Hair BOTOX done, it is recommended that your hair be dyed one shade darker.  Since the hair BOTOX can be washed away, you can colour your hair anytime after you have received the hair BOTOX treatment. Apply the colour by allowing the colour to stay in the hair for 10 minutes more than normal. If you just have your hair colouring service, it is recommended to wait at least one week before going for this Hair BOTOX treatment or else, your coloured hair maybe lighten.