Tape-in extensions are semi-permanent hair extensions meant for professional usage only. The application should only be performed in a salon with a trained experienced professional! Many people believe that you can “tape on” or stick the “tape-in extensions” on your hair one by one. This is not the case! They require tape-in, not tape on! Tape-in extensions cannot be simply put on with tape. You’ll be amazed at the number of people who simply adhere them on their heads and then go on with their day! If you stick the tape-in extensions to your hair, it won’t work and will fall off within a couple of hours. Tape-in hair extensions are tape-in and secured with BONDS between hair strands, and they are then bonded by “sandwich” in between your hair. They are made to last for 8-12 weeks and are able to reuse for 3-4 times. They are constructed with a good medically grade and durable adhesive. They normally will not slip off easily for at least 8 weeks with correct maintenance and application, they. Tape-in extensions applications can’t be performed by your friend or yourself. They will not be long lasting because the tape’s bonds must be precisely applied to be bonded to each other correctly.

If you’ve have had your tape-in extensions professionally installed by a professional who is certified and they’re not adhering well, here are the most frequently cited reasons:

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The top reasons why your tape-in extensions are slipping out:

Unskilful Application: one reason why tape-in extensions fall off is because they’re not applied in the salon or you have applied it yourself. This is the most common reason for why tape-in extensions fall off. If you let a friend apply for them, and you’re hoping that they’ll last just as though you were going to a professional, you’re making yourself vulnerable to disappointment as there’s a high chance that they’ll slip. Additionally, going to a hair salon where the stylist isn’t professionally trained can result in them slipping. The stylist may not know how to apply the hair extensions. Ask your hairstylist if they have the certification to tape-in the hair extensions? If they put too much or little hair between the bonds, this could result in hair slipping out. Clarifying is required to be performed three times. Additionally when it comes to applying the tape again, the wefts need to be cleaned properly and then reapplied. This, too, can be learned by completing the appropriate tape-in-hair extension certification.

Chemical Treatments on the Same Day: Chemical treatments or hair colour that are done on within the same day as tape-in extensions application could result in slippage. Chemical treatment of your own hair (all colours, keratin and so on) must be completed at least a week prior to tape-in application.

Product Buildup: Excessive buildup can break down the tape. It is not recommended to apply products that contain alcohol or oil-based when wearing tape-in extensions as they will break down the tape adhesive more rapidly. Use specific hair extensions hair care products to ensure the longevity of tape-in extensions.

Super Fine or Thin Hair: If you have super fine or thin hair, you’ll require tape-in extensions installed in a different way. For women who have hair that is fine or thin, it is essential to have tape-in extensions fitted with the single sided tape-in method!

Naturally oily hair or scalp: There are people with natural oily hair or excessive oily scalp. Tape-in extensions won’t last for long, so you’ll have to replace your extensions more often – every 6 weeks, or more.


Salons and stylists are taking advantage of this trend because it is highly requested by customers! What we don’t wish to hear is when the tape application is not working. What’s wrong? The extensions begin to fall out and you’re unsure what’s wrong? Here are a few reasons that tape on extensions may slide out. It’s not the product itself that’s defective.

Reason 1 : Incorrect application: It’s true the primary reason for tape-in extensions to slip is due to the application. Employing a trained and experienced extension specialist is essential. The application must be done correctly to guarantee a proper hold. There are countless times that we’ve been told that the hair stylists have looked up in Youtube “how to apply tape-in extensions” and believed they are able to apply tape-in hair extensions correctly. In the absence of proper training, the stylists “apply” the hair and then hair extensions slipped off shortly after applying. Tape-in hair extensions don’t just slip easily. They do not just fall out with proper application. The only reason for this to occur to someone is that their hair stylist isn’t trained appropriately. Unskillful placement or application can result in the hair extensions slipping out and adding too much or not enough hair can result in the extensions tape slipping. Even as little as rubbing the tabs of tape using their fingers while applying could cause the problem. It’s crucial to apply the tape correctly and is the only way that the product will perform properly! This is why we provide on-line education and train stylists to properly apply tape-in extensions. We recommend using a certified and licensed professional with experience and trained in seamless tape-in hair extensions. It’s not difficult to simply tape them in and then leave, but if improperly applied, the hair can fall out.

Reason 2: Hair Products: Natural products work well using tape-in extensions. Conditioner and shampoo that are sulphate-free are recommended. Conditioners and shampoo containing sulphates cause the tape to break down over time, which allows the tape-in hair extensions to fall off when the tape begins to break down. Also, any hair-care products that contain alcohol shouldn’t be used on tape bonds since this can cause the adhesive to break down over time. Making sure you use the correct products and also keeping all of them away from the bond will ensure an adhesive that is strong and lasts for at least three months. conditioners, sprays and hair oils shouldn’t be used directly to the bonds, or it could break them down quicker.

Reason 3: DIY: If you look up on Youtube about tape-in hair extensions, you’ll see people who mentioned that they have applied the tape-in hair extensions on their own and that you could do the same! It is not true! Never apply tape-in hair extensions by yourself! Tape-in hair extensions cannot be DIY at all! They must be correctly placed and installed so that hair extensions will last as well as lie flat. Make sure to consult a hair extensions expert who is trained so that you can get beautiful hair extensions for a long time. Tape-in hair extensions are less expensive since they are applied and installed within an hour and must be done in a hair salon. If you get your spouse or friends to apply the tape-in extensions, it can cause them to slide!

The abovementioned are the most frequent reasons why tape-in extensions made could fall off! The good thing is that, unlike Fusion extensions, tape-in extensions are able to be removed and reapplied easily! If you plan to reapply tape-in extensions, be sure you take off the tape and any oil prior to applying the new tape.

The most significant aspect about tape-in extensions is the application and the tape itself. Certain extensions make use of gel-based tapes that are very difficult to remove and can cause hair damage! We don’t recommend that kind of tape. We prefer a medical-grade adhesive that is safe, non-damaging and is easily removed and can be expected to last between 8 and 10 weeks with the correct application. But, not all hair extensions made of tape-in are created equally, so be aware of that. Every company uses different types of tape adhesive or quality and tape for hair extensions. Your experience with tape-in hair extensions will differ with every company. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons tape-in hair extensions may fall out and what you can do to stop the tape on extensions from falling out. Hair extensions that slip out are uncommon, however they are completely repairable immediately if this occurs. Take note of these guidelines to prevent the hair extensions from slipping and falling out. We’ll look at the additional reasons that tape-in extensions can slip out.

1. Different Treatments on Same Day

You received a chemical service (colour or another) on the same day that you applied the tape-in extensions, and they’re now falling out? That’s right. Hair extensions that are taped in, should be applied to well-maintained and very clean hair! This is why we need no conditioner and three clarifying shampoos and applied to the hair roots prior to installation. You should not chemically alter or colour your hair at the time of hair extensions application. Also, it is not correct to colour tape-in extensions while they are being applied! Some dye their hair just a few hours prior to applying tape-in extensions. Some even use a chemical procedure like keratin on the day of their application of tape-in extensions. This causes hair extensions to fall out in a matter of days within the same week. Make sure you get any chemical treatment at least a week prior to hair extensions application. The situation of having all your hair’s requirements completed on the same day (chemical/colour process as well as the application of tape) is the definite idea to ensure that your tape-in extensions certainly will slip.

2. Build up of Products

Tape-in extensions were designed to be an effective and safe semi-permanent hair extensions method. That means that this method isn’t damaging and chemical-free! There aren’t any harmful glues or chemicals that could harm your hair. You get the extensions taped in and you’re all set, isn’t it? For fuller, bigger hair, throw in your hairstyling products such as glitter spray (football season), dry shampoo, thermal spray hair spray and maybe even a toner to achieve the perfect shade? If tape-in extensions are subject to excessively build up and clogged with product, the adhesive can break down much faster than expected. The tape-in hair extensions you get may be able to last six to eight weeks, instead of the typical 10-12. Additionally with regards to products, beware of products that contain ethanol, alcohol or even oil! Stay as clear as you can if you want your tape-in extensions to be longer lasting! Buildup of products is a typical reason why tape-in extensions slip or even get tangled! When using tape-in extensions, be sure to stay clear of too many products, and also adhere to the guidelines.

3. Minimal Maintenance

You’re very busy at work one day…it’s been six to eight weeks since you last received your tape-in extensions. They’re light and thin that they feel and behave as if they were your own hair and you begin treating them as your own hair! They make you comfortable and relaxed. “Wow, you have great and beautiful hair extensions, do they really last long!” One day, dry shampoo is sprayed onto the bonds…Hair mask is dousing all over…Oops. Repeat the process a few days later…Oops. Minimal maintenance and product building up could make the hair extensions begin to slip. Tape-in extensions must be kept in good condition in order to last. Keeping the hair clean, making use of products free of sulphate and refraining from brushing your hair during showering or wet are the most important points to keep in mind. Maintaining the tape-in extensions can be simple, but they do take some work and effort. Avoid heating the bonds between the tapes, don’t use chemical treatments on them; and all of which will cause tape-in extensions to fall out. Making sure you protect your tape-in extensions is crucial to ensure a long-lasting hair extensions experience! A little maintenance to detail can make a big difference and will allow for another few more weeks of wearing the hair extensions.

Tape-in hair extensions that slip out of tape aren’t fun but they are completely repairable. The good thing is the fact that tape-in extensions will not fall out when you’re out and about! They typically fall out during the shower or while styling hair. Just take off the old tape, wash the weft then apply new tape. apply! Voila! You’ll have a solid hold within a matter of minutes.