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How long does Keratin treatment take?2023-03-10T05:33:17+08:00

At Hera Hair Beauty, we believe in personalized care for our clients. That’s why when you come in for your first keratin treatment, our experts will provide a thorough consultation including a hair and scalp analysis. We’ll use this information to tailor your treatment to your unique hair goals, scalp and hair type, and lifestyle needs.

The duration of your treatment will depend on your hair volume and level of frizz. Typically, the treatment can take anywhere from one to three hours to complete. However, keep in mind that the duration may vary based on how much hair you have. Don’t worry though, our keratin specialists will work efficiently to ensure you get the best results in the most timely manner.

Can I use Keratin treatment on my coloured hair?2023-03-10T05:33:17+08:00

Yes, you can use keratin treatments on coloured hair. In fact, keratin treatments can be beneficial for coloured hair as they can help to repair and strengthen the hair strands, which can become damaged due to the colouring process.

If you have coloured hair, you may notice that it can appear dull or damaged. The good news is that keratin treatments can be a great solution to restore the health and shine of your coloured hair. Not only can a keratin treatment improve the overall appearance of your hair, but it can also make it more manageable. So, if you’re looking to revitalize your coloured hair and achieve a healthy, lustrous look, a keratin treatment may be just what you need.

It is advisable to wait for at least two weeks after your colouring treatment before having a keratin treatment.

Consult with one of our keratin specialists to see if a keratin treatment is suitable for your hair type and colour, and get ready to show off your vibrant locks with confidence!

Should I get a haircut before or after a keratin treatment?2023-03-10T05:33:17+08:00

Haircut should be performed after the completion of any treatment. This is because any over processed hair ends or hair length imperfections will be most visible after a keratin smoothing treatment is completed.

Can a keratin treatment be done on virgin hair?2023-03-10T05:33:17+08:00

Yes.  However finishing results on virgin hair will not be as long lasting compared to the keratin treatment done on previously chemically treated or coloured hair.

Is a keratin treatment works the same as a relaxer?2023-03-10T05:33:17+08:00

No.  A keratin treatment is totally different from a relaxer although both have similar results.  Our keratin formulas are extremely gentle and do not swell and soften the shaft of hair or disintegrate the natural disulfide bonds of the hair, like the straighteners or high pH (alkaline) relaxers will do. A keratin treatment will gently smoothen the hair for a few months and then the hair will go back to its pre treatment condition, unlike rebonding or relaxers which are considered as permanent.

Can I have a keratin treatment if I have rebonded hair (Japanese straightening) or relaxed hair2023-03-10T05:33:17+08:00

Yes, keratin treatment will still be effective on hair that has previously undergone other chemical process such as rebonding (Japanese straightening) or relaxer treatments and as long as the condition of your hair and scalp are healthy enough to have professional salon treatments.



What’s the difference between Keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts?2020-07-28T20:23:39+08:00

The objectives of both treatments are similar: to eliminate frizz, smoothen your locks, enhance shine and reduce blow dry time. The fact is other than the brand and the ingredients they use to meet the similar objectives, the difference between the two is not much just like Coke and Pepsi. Both treatments may or may not contain formaldehyde and other chemicals. It is well acknowledged that you will get more of a smoothing and deep-conditioning effect with a keratin treatment. In Hera salons, we use Goldwell Kerasilk, which is the latest generation of hair smoothing systems that replaced harmful formaldehyde with safe glyoxcylic acid derivatives to create new keratin bonds. These fresh bonds will help to stabilise your hair shape whilst also forming straighter bonds on your hair shaft.

What does short, medium, long hair means?2021-02-11T13:57:38+08:00

If your hair is not longer than your chin, it means they are short length category. If your hair is between your chin and collarbone, then it means that you are in medium length hairstyle category. If your hair length is longer than collarbone, then you fall into long hair category.

Can the keratin smoothing treatment be performed on clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding?2019-12-12T14:12:32+08:00

There have been no clinical tests performed on the safety of performing the keratin smoothing treatment on pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding. As a result, we do advise against pregnant or breastfeeding women receiving the keratin smoothing treatment.

Is the keratin smoothing treatment permanent or will it grow out?2019-12-12T14:07:57+08:00

No the treatment is not permanent nor will it “grow out”. The treatment gradually and evenly washes out so there is no “line of demarcation”. This treatment does not change the inner structure of the hair, but rather creates a protein layer overlay on the cuticle which protects the hair. As the hair is protected for an extended time, the condition of the hair is improved. 

Can the keratin smoothing treatment be administered on hair extensions?2023-06-28T03:14:04+08:00

Yes. Actually this treatment is a great solution to the common issue of hair extensions becoming excessively dry due to the lack of natural oils from the scalp. Ideally, it is easiest to perform the treatment before the extensions are put in the hair. However, if they are in the hair, it is not a problem.

Am I still a candidate for the keratin smoothing treatment if I am platinum blonde?2019-12-12T14:06:23+08:00

Yes. Our keratin specialists have been trained on how to perform a keratin smoothing treatment and has learned to turn the heat of the flat iron down to 380-400 degrees depending on the condition of your hair.

How long do I need to wait to wash my hair after the keratin smoothing treatment?2019-12-12T14:05:16+08:00

There is no waiting period for our Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin treatment and a three day waiting period for other types. 

Will swimming in the ocean or pool compromise my keratin smoothing treatment?2019-12-12T14:04:28+08:00

Swimming in the ocean or pool is fine, but the life of your treatment may be compromised if you swim regularly. A leave in serum or conditioner is a great product to apply before swimming to protect the hair from the elements such as chlorine and salt in the water. 

What steps can I take to prolong the life of my keratin smoothing treatment?2019-12-12T14:03:40+08:00

The most important thing you can do is use the appropriate aftercare product line that our salon or stylist offers. The more often you wash your hair, the less time your treatment will last so you may want to try to wash your hair around 3 times per week if possible. One of the important after care pointers is to avoid sulfate-free and sodium chloride shampoos and conditioners as keratin is actually broken down by sulphates in shampoo quite quickly.

Will I be able to have my color done on the same day as my keratin smoothing treatment?2023-11-07T15:30:34+08:00

Yes, ideally you will want to do the color service the same day because the cuticle is already open. If you do have the keratin smoothing treatment and then decide to do color, you will want to wait 2 weeks before having a color service.

Can you apply the keratin smoothing treatment directly on top of other relaxers or perms?2019-12-12T14:01:25+08:00

Absolutely. The keratin smoothing treatment works great on chemically treated and damaged hair. The proteins and nutrients help to seal the cuticle and leave the hair looking healthy.

How long will the keratin smoothing treatment last?2023-02-24T18:38:31+08:00

Our keratin treatment can last between three to five months but this can vary depending on several factors. Below are a few tips to help your keratin treatment last longer:-

  • Wash your hair less often
  • Avoid hair products containing sulfates and parabens. We recommend using premium quality, sulfate, and paraben-free shampoo.
  • Use fewer hair products to avoid a build-up of products in your hair
  • Avoid heat styling as much as possible. In theory, you won’t need your curling or straightening irons. Always blow dry your hair on low heat.
  • Use a high-quality hair serum
  • Avoid heavy hair oils
  • Swap your regular towels for soft, microfiber ones and gently stroke hair rather than vigorously rubbing it dry.

Our keratin specialist will advise you at your appointment on all aspects of aftercare and the best products to ensure your keratin treatment lasts as long as possible.

Is the keratin smoothing treatment going to make my hair straight?2019-12-12T13:59:28+08:00

It depends on what the natural texture of your hair is. For example, if your hair is wavy, the treatment will most likely allow your hair to dry straight. If your hair is curly, then it will eliminate the frizz as it enhances the definition of the natural curl. If your hair is straight, the treatment will eliminate frizz and give your hair a shiny, healthy look. Finally, the treatment will cut down drying time on all hair to 1/3 of the usual time.

Will the keratin smoothing treatment reduce my hair’s volume?2019-12-12T13:58:15+08:00

No, your hair will still have volume after your keratin smoothing treatment. You will still be able to use a curling iron and/or round brush to create body and volume.

Can I still receive a keratin smoothing treatment if my hair is highlighted or colored?2019-12-12T13:57:16+08:00

Yes, the keratin smoothing treatment works great with highlighted and colored hair. It will enhance the color, eliminate frizz and make the hair look healthier overall.

What results should I expect if I get the treatment?2020-03-25T16:27:58+08:00

The Keratin Smoothing Treatment does not make the hair completely straight and flat. It significantly reduces curl, eliminates frizz, and gives the hair extra shine. It drastically reduces blow drying and styling time. It repels humidity, so the hair should not frizz in humid weather. Your hair will still be full of body so it can be styled and curled with rollers, a round brush, a curling iron, or a flat iron.

Who is the best candidate for keratin smoothing treatment?2019-12-12T13:47:26+08:00

Mostly anyone is a good candidate for the keratin smoothing treatment. It is effective on all hair types including : thick, thin, dry, chemically damaged, straight, wavy and curly. This professional service will make the hair healthier as it smoothen the cuticle and eliminates frizz and creates shine.

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