The Best Colour Technique for Curly Hair : Pintura Highlights

You’ve got natural curly hair also desire a colour switch, but nothing overly extreme and absolutely nothing more damaging to your curls. Does it seem familiar to you? Pintura hair high-lights can be among the best hair colour technique for those curly hair. We are going to look at this fashion adds dimension into a those bouncy curly hair in a manner that conventional foiled high-lights will never be able to achieve the same effect. In addition, we will present some super sexy pintura photographs for your upcoming curly hair salon appointment.

What’s Pintura High-lights?

This novice technique is invented by Dennis Silva, a Brazilian Hair-stylist. Pintura high-lights work perfectly on curled hair and also coily-haired girls. That is because curls that are tightly wound do not shine as much lights as the common wavy curls, and so require the much brighter highlights as a way to showing off that vibrant shine.

Will Pintura high-lights cause damage to your hair? Whenever you apply permanent colour onto your own hair, damage will be there no matter how much. But no extreme heat and foils are used and since the roots and most of the natural hair will be left unaffected, it’s a far better healthy choice for your own tresses.


The Way to Have the Style?

Pintura Highlights Technique

Pintura high-lights is actually a comparable technique to other well-sought wafer technique like the hair-painting technique: such as balayage, as an instance. The big difference is in the quantity of colour employed from mid-hair right down into the roots. Pintura high lights not merely employ a heavy hand in the tips of the hair and in fact it is actually start working along with the colour by the tips of the hair and gradually upwards. Essentially, it’s exactly a manner of handpainting natural looking high-lights for beautiful pop of allover colour that truly shines through on those curly hair.

As opposed to the traditional foil technique, your colourist should place tactically along with where the light shine on, which will probably stretch the curls as a way to put along the colour and mix it in the foil for processing. When hand-painted with the Pintura procedure, the colourist could render your natural curls intact so the colour will hit the ideal region for bursts of colour. The colourist will go as heavyhanded with the colours, if you’d like summer bronze, tons of blond or perhaps a pop of pink.

Ten Pintura High-light Inspirations

Maybe not everybody is able to afford a vacation to locate a curly hair specialist, however you can ensure that your stylist features a crystal clear idea about what you would like by having a photo inspiration in the upcoming appointment. We are going to get things started with one of these 10 breath-taking photos of pictureperfect pintura hair. Have a Peek!


No 1: Sun Kissed and Subtle

The attractiveness of Pintura high-lights is based on exactly the results that it can appear natural. Only a few streaks of high lights here and there’s where the natural lighting will fall on leaving this sun kissed appearance. Embrace these the curls to eventually become ribbons of lighting with some extra volume from the allover layers.

Natural Curls With Warm Brown Streaks


No 2: Nearly Full Blonde

You don’t have to be fearful of accomplishing a complete head of blond. With Pintura high-lights, getting that enviable balayage rooty dark endings along with blonde hints is actually possible. This soft sandy beige colour is effortless and natural.

Curly Blonde Pixie With Subtle Highlights


No 3: Soft and gradual Appearance

Certainly one of the greatest benefits of Pintura high-lights is that they are not too harmful. The colourist can touch-up the entire hair by colouring only the parts that are dyed, leaving the roots . This soft, gradual, slow appearance of pintura high lights on natural hair isn’t hard to upkeep and flattering.

Honey Blonde Ribbons On Natural Coils

No 4: Caramel Medium-Length

Get some summer pleasure by moving three shades lighter with the high-lights. Your colourist may hand-paint along with onto each curl therefore the high lights do not seem streaky. The end result ought to be bright pops of colour to jazz a beautiful, medium-length cut.

Medium Curls With Caramel Highs


No 5: Peek a Boo Red Pieces

Just like your own hair was blessed with auburn stripes, no body has to learn that it had been ideally curated. Simply take any brunette a top notch with some arbitrary reddish pieces which peak throughout the curls. Insert a side part and on occasion some hair bangs for additional feminine design.

Curls With Burgundi And Copper Red Accents


No 6: Allover Blonde

Grab the benefit from this particular technique to really go blond. Using highlights and lowlights, the effect can nevertheless look supernatural. Even though Pintura is not as harmful compared to normal highlights, but you still need to take care of your hair using deep-conditioning masks to continue to keep it strong and soft.

Long Blonde Curls With Highs And Lows


No 7: Bold Colours on Curls

The high-lights will boast a blend of grow-out colour that look so natural with pops of colour that is fresh. Couple it with a lot of form and volume towards the very top showing off the curls and you have a fun appearance. This perfect blonde-brunette mixture complements her eyes along with skin-tone .

Layered Curla With Sun Kissed Effect


No 8: Subtle Brown Colours

Occasionally, a lady’s need is just a bit of intrigue. Adding a hint of “Is it she has spen a couple of hours at South Beach?” is sufficient to rock any natural brunette. To soften the facial complexion, keeping the pieces near the face is very important as seen here.

Short Curly Hair With Bareley There Streaks


No. 9: Bronzed Brunette

All these bronzy high-lights are applied intensively all over her own hair, emphasizing front pieces. The metallic colours are eyepopping and complement totally with her accessories (and did you say, eye colour?) . The combination of browns having side-part are reason to-die-for.

Chocolate Brown Ringlets With Caramel Highlights


No. 10: Blue colour on Short hair

Can we state Pintura high lights were just for brunettes as well as blondes? Of course not! This technique is an funloving method to introduce any colour you really would like into your hair. May it be blue, yellow or red, it helps to combine the colours in a manner that goes together with your curls.

Short Multi Colored Curls