As a result of its ability to make hair healthier, keratin treatments have grown immensely popular in recent years. People still work hard to take care of their hair since it remains and will always be an important part of their bodies. There are many factors to take into account and a significant financial commitment is needed to keep a head full of gorgeous and healthy hair.

Women, in particular, take extra care to ensure that their appearance is attractive since hair will be speaking volumes about them. Because of the importance of hair appearance, keratin treatments have grown to be a key component of the cosmetics market. Studies on this topic have gained popularity among academic researchers since hair health is so vital.

The idea that underpins the importance and relevance of keratin treatments is that having healthy hair will contribute to a person’s overall well-being. Similar to any other treatments, there is always a science behind the mechanism of the keratin treatment that is able to make your hair healthier. Enhancing your physical appearance and personality indeed starts with knowing hair health and how to maintain it.

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What You Need to Know About Hair

It is necessary to have a basic understanding of hair before delving directly into the science underlying keratin treatments. One of the key components in hair is called keratin. Three layers, the medulla, cortex, and cuticle, are present in the protein we call keratin.

The cortex and medulla are in charge of producing the pigments that give your hair color, while the cuticle serves as a protector. Your hair’s healthy and proper growth depends on keratin, which is a very important role. Your hair becomes dull and damaged as a result of exposure to chemicals, sunlight, and pollution, which also deplete the layer of keratin in your hair. The condition of the cuticle is crucial from an aesthetic standpoint since it determines how beautiful and healthy the hair is. The majority of hair treatments and cosmetic products first alter the hair’s cuticle, which alters the texture, softness, and even look of the hair.


Keratin is the fundamental building component of the intricate morphological structure of all feathers and hair. The keratins utilized, however, come mostly from non-human sources at the industrial level, such as chicken feathers, wool, etc. Keratin has a high cysteine concentration that ranges from 7 to 20 percent of all the residues of amino acid. For the most part, the toughness and mechanical strength of hair may be attributed to the formation of inter and intramolecular disulfide bonds.

The hair shaft’s strength is influenced by keratin K31, a significant hair cortex component. Chemical processes such as hair bleaching can cause damage to the hair by cleaving the hair’s keratin K31, which lowers the tensile strength of the fiber. This damage is caused by the chemical reaching deep inside the hair strand.

There has been an increase in interest in the process of keratin application to restore or enhance the hair’s natural qualities and youthfulness. Commercial cosmetic products have employed keratin from chicken feathers or other animal sources that have been chemically extracted and are either present in their intact form or their hydrolyzed state. Nevertheless, the intact protein has significant effects on restoring or enhancing the mechanical strength of the hair fibers that have been damaged.

The human hair keratin K31, which is normally the main protein impacted by hair damage, has the most similarity with the other type I hair keratins, hence, allowing it to bond effectively with the partner protein in damaged hair with the greatest degree of efficiency.

Keratin Treatments Overview

When you hear of the term “keratin treatments,” what you are hearing is the science behind the addition of the keratin to your hair so that it will join with the keratin that is already present in your hair naturally. Both on the inside and the outside, the keratin treatment helps to strengthen your hair. As a consequence of keratin molecules passing through the hair cortex during a keratin treatment and this will aid to improve and restore damaged hair.

The bigger keratin molecules cover the hair cuticle and function as a protective barrier against environmental damage like sunlight and pollution while the smaller keratin molecules will pass through the cortex. The length and thickness of one’s hair will determine the duration of these keratin treatments, so it is crucial to keep that in mind. You should also be informed that these treatment methods only work temporarily; they typically last 2-5 months.

The fact that you may style your hair in a variety of ways thanks to keratin treatment is interesting. You aren’t bound to a certain fixed hairstyle.

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Keratin Treatment’s Scientific Basis

Why keratin-treated hair seems healthier and there are scientific reasons behind it. Because keratin treatments have been well proven by science of their capability to enhance the health and quality of hair, thus they have gained huge popularity. You will learn how hair transforms from being dull, dry, and damaged to being healthy, strong, lustrous and moisturized and strongly correlates to the science behind the keratin treatment.

A team from the University of Punjab also investigated keratin’s ability to straighten curly hair and restore or repair hair that was chemically damaged. The K31 treatment successfully straightened the curly hair efficiently which had been alkali-treated. However, the alkali-treated hair sample that had been washed with just plain water instead, still had its curls. Previously, it was also reported that a formulation of keratin peptides of thirteen amino acids in an organic solvent could straighten curls while also increasing its diameter and tensile strength.

After receiving keratin treatment, both naturally damaged hair and hair that had been partially damaged by bleach treatment exhibited an increase in the hair diameter. The imaging of these hair samples before and after K31 treatments revealed a considerable improvement in the smoothness of the hair surface after the keratin treatment. The increased hair surface smoothness should significantly improve both the hair appearance and will ease any hair tangles.

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What Should Healthy Hair Look Like?

The majority of people want thick, healthy hair. How hair appears when it is healthy is an important question in this respect. You’ll know what to anticipate from keratin treatments if you are familiar with what healthy hair looks like. Your hair’s health may be determined by a variety of qualities and characteristics.

Glossy or soft hair

Touching healthy hair reveals that it is smooth and shining. Frequently, well-moisturized hair with little damage produces healthier hair. Your hair looks smooth and shining when you regularly treat it.

Stronger hair

About your hair, this is an important consideration. Most people will aim for strong, healthy hair. While hair loss or shedding is normal for its growth and development cycle, excessive shedding indicates that your hair is not strong enough.

Minimal Hair Breakage

It is important to monitor the extent of your hair breakage regularly. Your hair is healthy if the amount of damage is minimal. Only when you notice that your floor becomes covered in hair after every hair-combing session should you start to worry.

Hair damage is prevented with keratin treatments.

Nowadays, most of us will utilize a lot of heat tools on their hair most of the time. The benefit of this keratin treatment is that it lessens the needs of applying using these heat tools. As a consequence, hair damage resulting from such exposure to high heat will no longer be an issue.

Smoother hair results from keratin therapy.

Hair becomes smoother thanks to keratin. Smoothness is a sign of healthy hair, as you are probably aware. It’s simple to manage such hair, according to hair industry experts, if you ask them.

According to the scientific explanations, keratin works by smoothening the cells that makeup hair strands and enabling it to be more supple. The keratin is absorbed by the hair cuticle, resulting in the creation of silky, lustrous hair. This procedure makes hair seem less frizzy and is simpler to manage.

Hair is strengthened with keratin treatments.

Nobody likes to have their hair break or fall out sometimes and many of us make tremendous effort to resolve this issue if possible. This important problem may be overcome by just having the hair to undergo the keratin treatment.

Your hair gains a lot of strength and suppleness after treatment, enabling it to withstand both very low and extremely high temperatures. There is a good probability that you might degrade the strength of your hair or damage it if you use hair styling methods or tools that need a lot of heat to work. For this reason, you want to think about getting a keratin treatment to make your hair stronger and more elastic.

Your hair is replenished and protected from damage by keratin.

Keratin treatments are essential for both replenishing and halting future hair damage. In general, hair has to be shielded from external factors that could damage it. When your hair’s keratin layer wears off, it will lose its layer of defense.

However, keratin treatment offers a layer of defense that enables one to prevent damage from outside forces. Keratin provides a mechanism via which you may repair damaged hair and restore its appearance. Your hair will sometimes be vulnerable to excessive dryness.

This treatment method enables you to replenish your hair throughout different seasons. Many individuals struggle greatly with hair damage, but keratin may help by offering a quick fix.

Hair is protected by keratin.

Excessive exposure to environmental factors may have an impact on the health of hair. Keratin is a crucial enhancer of hair health since it helps to provide much-needed protection for hair.

Every time you give your hair keratin treatment, the strength of the hair strands is boosted. As a result, your hair is better equipped to withstand environmental influences. Your hair will, for instance, continue to be healthy and shiny even in a windy atmosphere.

Again, keratin prevents your hair from looking lifeless if you reside in an area with frequent air pollution. This makes it clear that this treatment method gives you the healthy enhancement of your hair which you need.

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Conclusion on Better Hair Health and Keratin

Knowing all the factors that you should do to keep healthy hair is essential and now that you are aware of how valuable keratin treatments are for having healthier hair. Since you shouldn’t wash your hair for at least two days following treatment, thus, having a high-quality dry shampoo is one of the things you should take into account. If you want to take good care of your hair for a longer time, this is essential.

Additionally, you should get advice from a hair professional on specific details about the additional home care and how to maintain your hair after a keratin treatment. Depending on your hair type, there are often precautions you should take to make sure you don’t subject your hair to certain factors that might degrade its general health. It is a great idea for you to speak to your hairdresser about the hair products you should keep utilizing to experience healthier hair for a longer time.

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