Hair styles and hair colours change with the seasons. Moreover, although some may claim that one’s hair should not be defined by the weather, hairdressers believe that this is not the case, due to a variety of haircuts and hair colours that are interchangeable from one season to the next. And now that the summer season has arrived in full force in the Northern Hemisphere, there is one summer hair colour which you can be sure to notice everywhere. Brunette always seek innovative ways to brighten up their tresses and blonde tends to prefer to maintain their sun kissed hues.

Throw off the notion of ‘Chocolate Cake Hair’ and make way for the ‘Biscuit Brunette’. Even though it is yet one more brown hair colour trend which is named after a delicious treat, it also signify a new type of hair highlighting that people with darker hair are likely to appreciate. So, precisely, what is this thing? Biscuit brunette is just a brunette with faint biscuit tones that are “made by applying a simple gloss over your highlights.” This results in a more neutral, darker colour that is appropriate for the colder months. Luxurious biscuit bases will undoubtedly be popular in the next season, with beautiful, soft biscuit, ash brown or caramel tones taking centre stage in the palette.

The shade is basically a variation on the ‘blonde’ trend—a combination of blonde and brunette—but emphasizes the colder tones seen in brunette hair. It’s not uncommon for brown-haired women to suffer from excessive warmth and brassiness. However, due to biscuit brunette, this is no longer an issue.

To neutralize the unwelcome warm tones, slices of cooler tones are applied to bring the temperature down without diminishing the depth of colour and aiding in tone evenness. Dread not, people who fear losing their vibrant colour. The biscuit brunette trend is all about toning down colour via the use of a cooler foundation; no severe colouring is needed. And what about the upkeep? It is entirely up to you if you enhance your colour or allow it to naturally occur in your hair.

Obviously, if the prospect of adding colour to your hair causes your heart to race, speaking with a trustworthy colourist may be the best course of action. Scroll down for the finest inspiration pictures for ‘biscuit brunette’ hairstyles to bring to your colourist.