Tired of what you feel has become a plain Jane hairstyle? Have you ever thought about showing off a vivid and wild hair color fashion and thereafter just gave up? We know for sure that this is very common. This is because you are unsure on how the color will appear on your hair, or whether or not your friends or colleagues will be able to accept you well enough. Showing off different vivid hues like blue, orange, purple, pink is quite a daring move and it is definitely not suitable for those faint-hearted ladies. Not to mention the aftercare it is needed. Moreover if you have concerns on the hair damage that can be done to your hair due to the chemical processing, choosing the vivid hues should only be commended and not attempted, are we right?

We have two words for you: peekaboo highlights! There are also known as the “under-highlights” or “under-dye” hair color. This peekaboo highlights trend is right here to influence your thinking as well as spur your excitement to dive into whatever color you have the desire to try it out while continuing your present natural hair color and reducing the hair damage. Moreover, these peekaboo highlights can add some serious sass that will great shimmer with your every movement.

The peekaboo highlights or “under-highlights” hair color trend is totally about the application of vivid hair dye to the lengthiest layers that hang near to the nape or under the topmost layers of the haircut so that when the hair is let loose, you will have a peep at the color from underneath your natural hair color. Just visualize how beautiful you will appear when the breeze gust through your hair. What is the most wonderful part is when the hair color has faded and you wish to rejuvenate your appearance without going for another hair color. You can just cut your hair a little or treat and conceal the bleached strands successfully until it out-grow and recovers.


So if you are thinking to take on a bold vivid hair color, blonde shades, or a combination of colors like the rainbow hair color trend, these peekaboo highlights or “under-highlights” are the hair color techniques you can consider. For your inspirations, we have gather some stunning examples by our talented colorist. Check the inspirations below!

blonde peekaboo highlights



under highlights