Curls are not created for perfection. There are a myriad of curls patterns that develop out of their heads which can go in different directions. When we realized about our hair, it allowed us to take on the chaos of our life. It made us appreciate the diversity and differences of all things. So when we think about curly hair, it’s more than just about the hair but a profound experience of accepting every aspect of your identity.

In this article, we dived into the joy of curls and dealing with curls damage, etc. There will also be an impressive number of hair care tips, including the underrated steps to take to maintain your healthy, beautiful, and lush curls:

1. Avoid Heat Damage

heat damaged hair

The first and most important step is to say is if the hair is damaged by heat, there’s nothing you can do. Realistically, there’s no treatment that is going to help the curls.. If your curly hair is burnt and it’s going to be necessary cut or trim off the damaged area. Yes it’s true that heat damage is very damaging to the sensitive curls, especially if the hair are fragile in the first place (like the curls and coils are certainly known to be).

We will never offer any hard-hitting advice about how much heat is actually enough. It’s is critical to understand and be aware of your hair’s tolerance to the amount of heat. Please make sure that your heat tools are at the lowest settings instead of focusing on a single section excessively. Lastly, always make sure that you have applied the heat protection cream or serum on your curls if you really need to have the heat.

2. Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Well

The 10 best foods to eat for thicker hair

We hear this often in our curly hair community that the health of our hair and skin that are always began from inside. Healthy eating and drinking lots of water are our number one tip for growing your curly hair. If you’re not eating healthily and actually not drinking enough water and for sure, our body and your curls will display the signs and symptoms.

Are you unsure of where to begin? Here are a few of our top healthy foods: Firstly, eggs are rich in biotin and protein, berries are the best antioxidants that can help to limit free radical damage. Also you may consider intake of fish as it provides healthy omega fatty acids and also avocados provide vitamins E and lipids.

3. Cleanse Buildup

product buildup on hair

The most common advice that comes to people’s mind when their curls are damaged is to load the curls with hydration. We are not saying that It’s a good idea and in fact this is CORRECT and you should do it! Hair hydration is one of the most important factors in curls looking parched or healthy. Curls can be affected also by our environment (think humidity and dew point!) finding the correct balance for your particular hair type can make your curls go from bad to beautiful! However, you must also be aware of the importance of removing and cleansing of any buildup accumulated in the curls.

Most people are not aware of the common fact that buildup in the curls can cause the curls pattern to become looser. If you’ve got a lot of sweat, oils, dirt, and other products or debris on your curls, they will make your curls heavier and weigh the hair down, causing the curl pattern to be stretched out. Thus, if you find that hair doesn’t appear bouncy and full anymore, it’s a sign of curl pattern stretched out and you’re in need of a clarifying treatment for the curly hair.

Clarifying shampoos are more powerful cleansers which can help open the curls cuticle and remove any buildup. Since they’re extremely powerful they’re important to be aware of the frequency you use them. Some experts have recommended once per month, which is a good starting point.