Blunt bangs are attractive, but they require a small bit of maintenance. Chances are if you have blunt bangs, you battle to maintain them looking nice every day without seeming unkempt. If you want to know how to style blunt bangs easily and keep them looking great, whether you currently have them or hoping to have them, continue reading.

One of the finest methods to make your haircut more dynamic is with blunt bangs. It is both classy and bold. It may either give you a warm, young, beachy feel, or it can make you appear sophisticated and sharp like a model right out of certain fashion magazines. It frames the face to soften it while yet providing the dynamic to best highlight the facial features.

People with oval features look best with these blunt bangs. It balances everything else while enhancing your facial features. However, various face shapes may also wear this blunt bang style with a few little tweaks to better suit their facial features and give the face a more balanced appearance. Learn how to style these blunt bangs so they appear perfect by reading on.

1st Tip: Dry The Blunt Bangs As Soon As Possible 

In contrast to your hair, your fringes will look terrible if you let your fringe air dry after taking a shower. If you don’t want them to resemble some unimportant strands of dried-up hairs ahead of your forehead, please DO NOT let them dry on their own. Letting your bangs air dry will cause them to set in their natural shape or frizz up which won’t look good at all taking into account they are considerably shorter and have less volume and body than the rest of your hair.

Instead, grab a blow dryer. To protect the remainder of your hair from the blow dryer’s heat, you may wrap it in a terry towel or an old T-shirt. Apply a little amount of heat protectant product before blow-drying your fringe. Grab a round brush, and while blow-drying your bangs, shape them to perfection for an even extra neat appearance.

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2nd Tip: Apply Forehead Makeup

If you have blunt bangs, you’ve likely dealt with the issue of greasy bangs more than once. Blunt bangs become greasy more quickly than any other type of bangs. They may more easily absorb the oil from your skin since they are thicker and will be spreading out to cover the whole of your forehead. Once they are greasy, they will appear to be a hot mess.

You should thus just apply a little quantity of makeup powder on your forehead. Your bangs can appear oily and the strands will clump together in odd places if you use skincare products, particularly oil-based ones. Only when your skin has absorbed all the moisture and oil or else please keep the product away from your fringes by keeping the bangs away from your forehead. If you pin them aside for only ten minutes while getting dressed, they will be mainly OK all day. To be extra cautious, wipe your forehead with oil-blotting paper before letting your bangs contact your forehead.

3rd Tip: Using Dry Shampoo

The bangs that become greasy and oily easily are blunt bangs, as we already said. Although you can have the best wet hair appearance, the bang will still look unsightly when it becomes greasy quickly. You can’t pin it away from your hair without appearing a little silly, unlike other types of bangs. However, washing your hair every day is not an option since your fringe might get greasy before the rest of your hair does. Dry shampoo will save you in this situation because of this. When your fringe starts to get overly greasy inside in the middle of the day between washes, use a tiny bit of this product. Dry shampoo will assist in removing more oils and maintaining their fresh appearance.

4th  Tip: Trim the Blunt Bangs

Because of their sharp and neat look, blunt bangs are gorgeously dynamic and classy. They must thus be regularly trimmed to maintain their neat and awesome appearance. Trim your bangs every six weeks to maintain the ideal length, or just when they begin to cover your eyes a little as they grow longer.

Pay attention to the length of the blunt bangs since it’s one of the crucial elements. For the protection of both your hair and yourself, go to a hair salon and get the hairstylist to cut your bangs if you have no scissors and prior experience. How many females have sobbed after an unsuccessful bangs attempt?

5th  Tip: Combing Your Blunt Bangs

Last but just not least, you should always have a comb standby for last-minute touch-ups if you want your blunt bangs to behave well all day. Bangs have the propensity to split into few sections, particularly in humid conditions or when you begin to perspire. They may also appear constrained after donning a cap or a helmet. Keep a little comb in your pocket or bag to maintain their impeccable appearance. Comb the strands of your blunt bangs back into place when you notice that they are starting to separate into sections.

Our guide on the five finest and easiest ways to style short bangs is now complete. When done correctly, blunt bangs may be really attractive; all you need to do to make them fashionable is by taking a little more attention.