If you have already decided that you wish to have a balayage. But, which hair salon are you going to get it done?  Are you unsure which salon is best for a balayage in the area nearby your house? If you want your hair to look healthy and not get any hair damage, it is important that the salon has a well trained balayage professional. Most of us are aware that balayage is a popular hair highlighting technique by freehand painting that has been trending around for these few years, but it’s still a complex highlighting technique that requires a lot of skills, experience and some artistic flair.

You can get the balayage that you have always dreamt of if you have chosen the hair salon that will deliver your balayage hair goals with the best finishing. If it doesn’t go well, you will most likely need to have your hair cut or spend another large sum of money to go for a hair colour correction. We seriously do not think this is what you would wish for. Hence, it is important that you have your balayage hair performed professionally and not just by a hairdresser who is a newbie and with limited experience.

Let’s not pretend otherwise and it is important that we accept the matter of fact that the freehand painting balayage technique is not easy. Eventually, the results and finishing of balayage is highly dependent on the salon and the colourist that you have chosen. If you have been searching and nothing has seemed to convince yet or you do not even know where to begin searching, then you are in the right place.

As you already know, we cannot be the judges here to tell you which are the best hair salons in Singapore for your balayage. However, we are here to provide five tips to help you pick the right hair salon that can help you achieve your balayage hair goal so that you can avoid those unnecessary nightmarish experiences. These are just a few of the things you need to know so that you can keep away from some substandard hair salons.

No matter where you are in Singapore, we will make sure you have all the proper tools and tactics you need to distinguish the highest quality balayage hair salon from those ones that are a bit sketchy. If you are ready to go, let’s not waste any time. Let’s move on to the first tip.

  1. Look at The Hashtag #BALAYAGESINGAPORE on the Instagram

Instagram is more than just a free, online photo-sharing application and social network platform to upload photos or follow your favorite celebrities. You can also make use of Instagram to locate places such as a hair salon that offers highest quality balayage highlighting services.

First, you have log in to search for “balayagesingapore” in the hashtag section. You will discover beautiful pictures of women who have had their balayage done are shown along with the names of the professional colourists or salons that assisted them to achieve the hair goals. Unfortunately, some posting did not indicate any location tag on photos.

If you don’t find the important information such as the name of hair salons or colourists and Instagram ID of the hair salon and colourists you are looking for, try to expand each post and then read the comments. You may be able to find out the response of another girl who may have inquired about the salon and the colourist who did the beautiful balayage work.

You can also gather information related to the popularity of the balayage posting based on how much engagement the post has received. Naturally, when an Instagram posting receives numerous comments and likes, this tends to indicate that the posting has engaging content and of higher quality that is able to attract more people who are interested to see. These Instagram parameters often resulted in an overview score of the balayage quality performance for us to judge reasonably and fairly.

Nowadays, women often talk about whether it was a positive or negative experience and if the colourist had achieved the balayage hair goal they had desired. We also recommend you to message women who have left comments. If possible, ask them about their salon experience. Do they get good results? Were they treated well? While many people might not respond to your request, you will have a better understanding of the salon if they do. You can also benefit from the comment information, as well as information about the hair salon. If you find negative comments, for example, try another post. You don’t want your hair to be damaged by someone else.

Other than receiving the feedback of the experience from other clients in the Instagram, you should also be able to judge the balayage works of the colourist from different hair salons. Beauty is always in the eye of beholder and thus one person finds a balayage looks stunning but it may not appeal to another person. However, a well acknowledged higher quality balayage finishing standard should result in “pronounced balayage look with blended light ribbons and the harmonious gradient as the balayage’s roots tend to be dimmer and towards the hair ends will get brighter, creating the beautiful classic grown-out summer sun-kissed highlights look.

  1. Go to Facebook to Search for Keyword “Balayage” 

Facebook can be used to help you find a hair salon that offers balayage services in Singapore. Firstly, you need to activate the location services. Once you have activated this location services option, then search “balayage” on the facebook platform that will show you some of the nearby hair salons that are providing balayage service. If the salon has a Facebook page, you can log in and view reviews left by clients. Normally, the hair salon will also be posting images of colourists’ balayage works.

Similar to Instagram, you can throw out a salon that has many negative reviews and comments. This is a sign that the salon is not well-versed in balayage, and you shouldn’t risk it. Similarly, we recommend you to message women who have left reviews and comments as abovementioned for Instagram as well. While many people might not respond to your request, you will have a better understanding of the salon if they do. Also you should be able to judge the balayage works of the colourists as posted by the hair salon as similar to abovementioned for Instagram posting.

  1. Go to Google to search for keywords “Balayage salon in Singapore” or “Balayage Singapore“.

You might be wrong if you thought that we were not going to make use of Google. Google is like a reliable, old car and it will never leave you. Particularly when it comes down to searching for the perfect place to have your balayage hair done. Google allows you to search for “balayage Singapore” or “balayage salon in Singapore” using your computer or phone.

Google will show you the relevant listing of hair salons that provide balayage services you can view with the most relevant websites on the top ranking. You may also use this search term, “balayage salon near me” with your precise location activated. Thereafter, google map search results will automatically show you all the hair salons providing balayage services that are nearby to your location.Google map listing will display information on the closest salons, their hours, where they are located, and the reviews of customers and what have to say about them. It doesn’t matter which Google tool you use, the most important thing is to read and consider reviews. If it doesn’t have enough reviews, you can just let it go.

From our experience, you should pay more attention to the negative reviews of a hair salon. A high quality top notch balayage hair salon with great exemplary customer service should have limited negative reviews as compared to other hair salons.

Lastly, you may also make use of google search to research more based on the name of the hair salons and colourists. You should be able to gather important information like the number of years of experience of the colourists and how many years of establishment the hair salon has.

  1. Look at Local and Online Newspapers as well as Magazines

Okay, so if your skills with social media and the internet are limited or you do not know how to use a computer properly, you can check out local newspapers or magazines. We know it is an old school way but most important is it will work for you.

Look for popular hair and beauty magazines as well as newspapers at a bookstore or newsstand. You’ll likely find nearby hair salons. You can do the same thing with popular online hair and beauty magazines and newspapers.

If there is contact number of the hair salon, call the number to find out all about their balayage services. If you are convinced by their answers, make an appointment. You should ask about the number of years of experience of the colourists and how many years of establishment the hair salon has.

Keep looking if you feel they aren’t giving you enough attention or information you need to know.

  1. Talk to Your Family, Friends or Relatives

Let’s say you don’t believe everything you have seen on social media and the internet. You also do not have reliable results from reading magazines or newspapers. It might seem a bit strange, but it is still possible.

If this is you, next is to try asking your family, friends or relatives who have had balayages done. You should at least like their balayage results. You can find out which salons they went to and who the professionals were. Also, what techniques they used. You can then make your own decision and go to the salons that appeal to you.


At the very least, you should already have at least one or more options from what we have proposed. It takes time to find a hair salon that provides the perfect balayage look that you desire. You shouldn’t panic if it takes weeks or months.