No matter if your fringe or bang is either long, short, or rolled, it’s usually the centrepiece of any hairstyle. For it to look the best, it has to be tidy and clean! The issue is that it has a tendency to become greasy faster than other parts of your hair. Learn the root of this issue to determine the most effective solutions!

The primary reason is certainly due to greasy hair type. “If your overall hair is prone to becoming oily fairly quickly, then your fringe will be the section that will be the most greasy. To prevent this from happening, you can use products or treatments specifically designed to treat this problem like shampoo that is formulated for oily roots and dry ends, which is usually the issue.

The greasy fringe issue can cause by the hair being touched more often than is necessary. This is a common problem as we tend to keep our fringe in its place using our fingers more often than we should. Thus, touching it will make it more greasy and it is always a good idea to avoid touching it. There’s nothing to be provided here, it’s common sense! “Stop playing around with it. A greasy fringe isn’t an attractive appearance.”

Moreover, it could also be caused by your forehead skin or from the products you apply on your face. Rich cream products or oily skin can frequently be the cause of a greasy fringe because the fringe is directly in contact with the skin. Also try to use powder foundation or mixed creams instead of liquid foundation. Keep the shape of your fringe rounded slightly so that it does not adhere to your forehead!

If your fringe isn’t able to keep its shape and style because it’s too oily, you can try to wash this particular part of your hair. However, please do not apply water to it. This only makes the situation get worse.

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Our professional suggestion:

Dry shampoo is an excellent solution! Apply a small amount of dry shampoo to your greasy hair or fringe and let it soak for a couple of minutes before styling it. Try it out first to be sure that it doesn’t strip the shine off of your hair.