Women who are confidently sporting their grey hair as an emblem of their status and we’re all for it. If you’re looking to show off the grey hair but are seeking to shed your frosty locks dullness and get a more healthy shine, read on. Grey transition is a process. It doesn’t matter if you blend the new hue with highlights, or opt for an entirely new haircut to give some depth and dimensions, the method you decide to take on the silver shade is completely your choice. After you’ve become fairly grey, your colourists offer a variety of suggestions to take care of the new texture and pigment. For example, if your greys become dull, we are here to give you professional tips to embrace the greying hair, and to improve its appearance. stop the unwelcome “granny grey,” and to “brighten the hair returning to their cool icy platinum shades.

grey hair reversible

Debunking the Grey Myth

It is interesting to note that actually natural grey hair does not exist. If we take out an individual grey hair, and then examine it, it is in fact pure white colour. It is devoid of any pigment. When the hair follicles that make up our hair start producing less pigment we get what we call grey hair. Grey hair is generally an optical illusion caused due to the white (unpigmented) hairs that are positioned close to hairs that contain pigment. This is the reason people appear more grey-haired early in life and later appear white-haired. The less hair that is pigmented that we’ve left the more white hair we will appear. It is common to describe grey or white hair as a white, crisp shirt that doesn’t stay clean and white at all. Usual washing with water, air pollution, everything appears on the shirt and causes it to become discoloured and yellowed as time passes. Grey hair can look just like this.

How do purple shampoos achieve brightening in silver strands?

Anyone who has yellow undertones may benefit from the purple shampoo. And, just as platinum and blondes, those with silver strands may commonly experience yellowing. Grey hair absorbs what’s in the air, and so will turn yellow quickly. The protective layers are lost on your hair strands when hair follicles are producing less melanin and sebum.

Just as those who lighten their hair may reach out for violet shampoo in order to colour correct those yellow and brassy undertones, you can apply similar techniques to boost the gorgeous, bright greys. It truly gives it that glowing feel, it feels positive.

If you’re a newbie to the purple shampooing game, be aware that you shouldn’t expect to use it in the same way as your typical cleanser. For example you should allow the product to soak into your hair strands for a little longer than you would normally.

How frequently should we use purple shampoo? We’re sorry to say that there’s not a specific timetable that you must follow. Each hair type is different but it is recommended using the shampoo once a week or two and then gradually building from there until you’ve found your personal cadence. It is possible to go overboard, particularly in the case of high porosity hair, which can result in the appearance of a (temporary!) purple tinge. If you’re beginning to use purple shampoos, you’ll be able to tell when it’s getting too much very quickly. Don’t worry too much when you’ve dyed your hair with lilac. It is suggested that after a couple of washes, the excess pigment will start to fade and leave you with a gorgeous cool shade.

Add a Serum 

Shiny hair is caused by light reflecting and bounces off from it. Light is able to reflect off darker hair more easily than it can off of light. If the hair is becoming white or grey it is possible to use styling products and tools in sealing the cuticle of the hair, allowing the eye-catching light to reflect off the hair.

Taming Textured Greys

Since hair is softened by pigmentation so when the hair turns grey, it may feel wiry or more coarse than the hair texture we’re used to having. It is often suggested to use mild keratin treatments for the silver-haired clients struggling with the difficult and rebellious hair texture. These keratin treatments can last for 3 to 4 months and reduce the coarseness considerably while giving a gorgeous shine to the grey. Most importantly, the time spent in smoothing and softening hair in the home can be drastically reduced.

Best Hairsprays, If You Must

Many hairsprays are very dry and can create a matte finishing to the hair. If you like the styling function of your hairspray, but would like an appearance that is healthier, we would recommend lifting your hair in sections, and spraying it on hair close to the scalp. The spray should be applied underneath the most visible top part of hair while still giving holding and support for your style , without dulling its shine.

Avoid Granny Grey

One of the ways we prefer to avoid what we call “granny grey” on someone who is embracing their greys is to mix some pieces of platinum-coloured in their grey hair. The addition of these white pieces on purpose will brighten the look of the silver hair and give it a granny grey look more of an chic vibe of Miranda Priestly.

The main takeaway.

Yes, grey hair can become dull and brassy. However, a purple shampoo and a few other tips can quickly brighten the silver hair strands. If you’re looking for ways to brighten your grey locks, try out some of our tips here.