2019 will surely differ with its diversity of hair colors. This rich palette of shades is now updated with creative approaches and styles. The new pixel, somber, ombre and pastel hair colors are provided with more creative solutions that make your hair look unique. Today we’ll speak about trendy hair color ideas for 2019. Due to this post, you’ll learn what is new in the world of hair colors and what is refreshed with an innovative touch.

Pastel Ombre Hair Colorspastel hair color 2019If the first steps of pastel shades were by the means of highlights then as monotone hair colors for light hair today they are used in ombre style as well. Combining two subtle shades of pastel in one hairstyle you get a dolly look that screams attention. This is a beautiful hair coloring idea for already blonde or bleached hair.

Silver Hair Colorsilver hair color 2019If you think there is less attractiveness in silver hair color then have a look at this image. Doesn’t it look ravishing? Today many young ladies reasonably go for the silver shade even without having a single grey hair on in their locks. There is something very eye-catching and tender in that granny hair.

Purple Hair Colorpurple hair color 2019For brunettes who want to change their hair color into another dark shade I offer the stylish deep purple hair color. It’s a great choice especially for long hair and looks delightful if you straighten it.

Red Hair Colorred hair color 2019This bright shade of red works both with pale and dark skin tones. It is a fresh shade to warm up your light complexion and to make dark complexion look more sophisticated.

Burgundy Hair Colorburgundy hair color 2019Have the seductive shade of vine on your hair. This stunning and rich hair color is perfect for dark to medium skin tones and goes with dark eyes. If you have such you should try it once in your life and let it be in 2019.

Ombre Hair Colorombre hair color 2019Ombre is the best technique to use when you want to combine dark and light shades. This is classic especially for blonde and brown hair color. They look very adorable in one hairstyle.

Golden Blonde Hair Colorgolden blonde hair color 2019Blondes who want to liven up their dull locks are welcome to go for the glossy golden blonde shade. It’s a very shiny, sun-kissed and rich hue to draw as much attention as you wanted so far. It will immediately make your locks look healthy and very attractive.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colorstrawberry blonde hair colorPerhaps this is the trendy shade of blonde that has been experimented by so many celebrities. It is already loved and continues to be on the lists of the most required hair colors for 2019. It goes with medium to light complexions and both with dark and light eye colors.