What is the total duration of the Keratin hair treatment?

The average time that the Keratin treatment lasts is roughly 12-14 weeks. Sure enough, this changes depending on the maintenance of the hair as well as your hair type.

People who do not alter any part of their usual hair care regimen may see that the Keratin is removed from their hair strands in just about 2 weeks. Furthermore, this people will also see that the hair is brought back to its normal state with the increased amount of time that the hair is washed.

Alternatively, if you want to follow the steps and tricks that I have outlined below, you could end up with a healthy, straight hair that can last between 6 and 8 months.


What time is good to wash the hair after you get the hair treatment?

One of the key things you have to note after you get the keratin hair treatment procedure is to avoid washing the hair for the first three days after you get the treatment.

Besides avoiding to wash your hair, you should never let the hair get wet.

If the hair is becoming dirty or oily within these three days, a dry shampoo can be used to slightly clean it up. However, you need to note that you will not wet it up with any form of hair product and you should not wash it for the first following three days.

Then immediately after the third day, you will wash your hair by using some of the best shampoos good for hair that has been treated with Keratin. Try to use a shampoo that is completely devoid of harsh chemicals that will help wipe off keratin from the hair.

You will need to sure that any conditioner or shampoo which you use should be free from sodium chloride and sulphate.

Furthermore, you will need to wash off the hair with lukewarm or cool water. Make the water too hot and you risk stripping keratin off your hair strands and getting them damaged. Even people without straightened hair should not wash the hair with hot water.

Caring for the hair the first three days after undergoing keratin treatment

The way that you care for the hair in the first 3 and 4 days after you underwent treatment will hugely impact the estimated amount of time that the hair retains its silky-smooth texture. People who do not properly follow the guidelines will end up with poor end results.

Just the way we mentioned above that you will never wash the hair up until the final three days after the treatment. Don’t ever let it get wet, ensure that you protect it with your umbrella, water resistant caps, and avoid pools, beaches, or the rain.

The different things to consider in the following 3-4 days after the procedure includes:

  • Avoid the use of hair clips, ponytails, or bands for the hair.
  • Avoid tucking the hair behind the ears.
  • Try to avoid touching the hair excessively.
  • If you think that you really need to clean up your hair, try using just the dry shampoo.
  • Avoid the use of styling instruments or heating element( like curling iron or straightener) close to the hair.
  • Do not engage in workouts that will require much sitting.

You need to religiously follow through with all of these guidelines for the first three days to help you ensure that the treatment really works with your hair to give you the most possible straightest hair without any bumps or waves.

Essential tips for sleeping to help you extend the effectiveness of the Keratin hair treatment.

You can easily know now whether you could easily elongate your Keratin straightening procedure through the making of several changes to your sleeping patterns.

The foremost tip to use here is to make use of only the silk or satin pillowcase. Using these materials will minimise the friction created between the hair and the pillowcase cotton on the other hand creates lots of friction. Less friction leads to fewer frizz for the hair which leads to a lesser amount of breakage.

Secondly, avoid buns or ponytails for your hair while you sleep. Besides damaging the hair, this will shorten the effects of the hair straightening treatment.

If you do not like having your hair down when you sleep, try covering it up with the silk scarf at night and keep it away from your face.

Lastly, try not to dampen or wet the hair before going to bed.

Though, while it is ideal to air dry the hair after you wash it, avoid sleeping on the hair while it is wet. Having wet hair in the night may not take off Keratin from the hair, however, it will minimise the smoothness and the straightness of the hair compared to sleeping with your hair dry.

Important tips on the use of styling products for then hair after undergoing a Keratin procedure.

As we have previously mentioned, you should prevent using any form of styling products for hair that contain chemicals. These chemicals tend to breakdown the keratins in the hair. Chemicals to avoid at this stage includes Sodium Chloride, sulphate as well as other Parabens.

It is recommended that you apply the leave-in conditioner once you wash out the hair. An excellent leave-in conditioner is useful in prevent hair drying and help you maintain the hair efficiently. It is also essential in getting a shinier and softer hair. Ensure to only use the conditioner that does not have any of the above listed ingredients.

People with really dry hair or those that feel like their hair do not look the way it should could apply the conditioning masque or the deep conditioner anywhere like either just once or two times monthly. The deep conditioners are useful in adding an increased amount of moisture to the hair. This is used to provide essential vitamins and nutrients for a healthy hair.

However, you should not over do things here since they are not designed for an everyday use. You could begin by using these between every two and three weeks to see the way that the hair reacts.

People that often blow-dry their hair can also make use of the heat protectorant hair spray to help prevent the hair from getting damaged by the blow dryer. Then only time that you can blow dry the hair is to use a much cooler setting since the keratin routine makes the process of drying the hair a lot faster.

Try to avoid excess heat after the keratin process and try to avoid it to strip away proteins from the hair.

People often discover that after haven undergone the straightening procedure, getting your desired styling will not need too many products. You may probably ignore the hair sprays, mouses, and gels that you were using previously. Your keratin hair procedure will stay for a longer time period if you out less stuff on your hair.

Try to limit your hair washing routine since every hair wash breaks the keratin down. Due to this, you might want to choose a dry shampoo that is free from sulfate rather than washing the hair on a daily basis. This dry shampoo will ensure that the hair stays looking healthy and clean despite when these have not been washed out for about 3 or 2 days.

Can I apply color to my hair after treating with Keratin?

Soon after you apply the keratin hair procedure, it is not really recommended to color the hair.

If the hair needs to be coloured, this should be done before the procedure is applied (this could be done prior to the treatment in the same salon or you could wait a minimum of between 2 and 3 weeks after you complete the keratin hair process.

Colouring the hair immediately after the treatment, you might discover an uneven hair color because of the protein layer which is added during the blowout stage of the treatment. This behaves like a barrier whereby the hair is not properly accept the colour or could make the hair spotty in some areas.

It is best to color the hair after the keratin treatment as this helps to sealed the color into the hair.

The best hairstyles to use with the Keratin Straightened type of hair – Is hair curling allowed?

One of the most frequently asked questions concerning straightening treatments, is whether you are able to curl the hair soon as you have applied the keratin process?

As we have previously mentioned, you should never try to style or curl the hair the first initial three days after you treat the hair. However, the moment all those 72 hours become complete, there is more freedom in styling the hair that has been treated by the keratin process.

Sure enough, you are able to completely curl up the hair after a process with Keratin.

This service type does not mean having a stick-straight type of hair, rather it helps to minimise the hair volume and bring it back to a healthier condition. With this, a lot of people find out that their hair are now with a less amount of frizz and look straighter.

With this, you might still have the need to use the straightening iron on the hair or it can be curled or use a curling wand or iron to just add waves to it.

With the hair that is treated with Keratin, you are able to use any hairstyle type just only when you have waited out for the first 72 hours to elapse.

It’s possible that you will likely find out that any chosen hairstyle will not take such a long time to achieve from the straightening choice to the curling choice as was done previously. Among the best benefits of keratin procedures is the fact you will not spend this much time in trying to style up the hair as was done previously.


The most essential after hair care routines are done within the following three days of applying this treatment to the hair. Within the first 3 days, you need to ensure that you stick to the advice of your stylist, while avoid getting the hair wet or putting any products on the hair.

The moment that you first apply the shampoo you are now able to have some fun with the new, smooth, and shiny hair and try applying some precautions to help sustain the keratin process.