There aren’t many feelings more satisfying than a great hair day. It’s the one you know when you awake in a state of happiness, go to the bathroom to complete your routine of skincare. You are awestruck that your hair was not snagged by your bed or workout of the day prior and has remained in style perfectly. Just a quick brush or zizh is all it takes to give you the benefit of an extra 20 minutes in your routine for the day. If this sounds like a fever dream to you, don’t worry–these positive sensations are possible thanks to our recommended haircuts and colours that require little maintenance.

The stylists are always looking for clients to get the perfect hair you’ve ever had in your lifetime. This generally means a hairstyle that you are able to manage. If you’re a person who wakes up from the bed and never picks up hairbrushes, then having a sleek, sleek bob that requires frequent trimming isn’t for you. Whatever place you are in the spectrum of hating using a hot tool for more than ten second, there’s a way to cut your hair and get the shade that is actually suited to your style.

1. Long Layers

This hairstyle is very simple however, the layers add the body and movement that works with any hair texture.


2. Curly Lob With Bangs

Majority of hair bangs can be difficult for styling (especially when they get longer) however this isn’t so when it comes to curls. Curly bangs need little or no style if they are cut to be placed perfectly on the forehead. They appear as great when grown out as the way to appear the moment they’re cut.

3. Mid-Length

The in-between length doesn’t need an enormous amount of effort to style or maintain and will keep looking great as your hair has grown out.

4. Bob With Bangs

The curly, short bob hairstyle has plenty of body and texture. It can cut your wash time in half, especially if your hair falls on the fine and thin side. This curly side bang hairstyle will blend well and harmoniously with your hair, meaning you will not have to tinker the hairstyle other than adding just a tiny amount of curl gel.

5. Angular Pixie

If you’re looking to put very little effort into your hair regimen, a haircut like this is perfect. For hair that is medium to fine and straight in texture, this hairstyle will be perfect and requires only a little roughing with pomade to create a texture.

The long bang hairstyles are designed to be undone and swoopy which means you don’t have to spend all of your time looking in the mirror to get them to look great. When they grow out they’ll leave you with face-framing layers.

7. Buzzed Haircut

There is no hairstyle that is simpler than a buzz cut. It’s necessary to perform little maintenance to keep your back trimmed and off from your neck. But that quick visit to the salon is worth the time and effort considering the negligible hairstyling you’ll have to do each day.

8. Classic Bob

This style is great with any hair type of texture, so it’s possible to roll out of bed or decide to style it, and it’ll always look perfect.

Short and Rounded

The rounded style is great for thick to medium-sized hair as it keeps it off your back and neck as well as it still gives plenty of volume. With just a touch of texture cream to keep the shape the way you prefer. This hairstyle will require just 2 minutes to create.

10. Long Shag

A long shag, particularly with coily or curly hair does not require the use of a hairbrush for styling. This messy, roughed-up layered hairstyle is especially appealing when paired with a bedhead-inspired look so use your hands to gently zhuzh it up and voila.

Hair Colours

1. Golden Blonde

Golden blonde is known to appear so sun-kissed and natural. But the most appealing aspect is the fact that it doesn’t need the routine toning process that a neutral or cool tone hair might need and is perfect for those whose hair are prone to brassiness.

2. Money Pieces

The well sought-after trend for 2021 of rocking two light pieces (or according to Charli D’Amelio’s style, two bright hues) on both sides of the face is much less maintenance-intensive than you thought. These “money pieces” add texture, depth and an extra dimension to your hair and you don’t have to add anything other than it. It also entails a face framing effect that tends to make your face appear sharper.

3. Classic Balayage

Balayage is a trend that has taken precedence over hair salons in a couple of years. It’s a lazy woman’s dream hair. Balayage is even more appealing when your hair begins to grow out, meaning you’ll be in the salon in a minimum amount of time (making it an excellent savings on money as well).

4. One-Tone Chocolate Brown

All-over colour is set as one of the most popular hair trends of the last year, mostly due to its low-maintenance qualities as everyone was unable to go to the salon due to covid situation. The deep chocolate brown coupled with a bit of volume and body thanks to a great blow-dryer and shampoo, is classic and crisp.

5. Dark Blonde

The natural dark blonde of Gigi is the perfect hair colour dream for anyone who is looking to lighten their hair, without the need to apply hair toners or root touch-ups every couple of weeks.

6. Bold Ends

This is a way to create bold colours without all the hassle of maintenance. Concentrate the colour near the edges of your hair with the greatest intensity near the tips. Keep the hair’s roots up to mid-lengths to the hair colour that will grow out in harmony with your hair’s natural colour.

7. Caramel Balayage

Balayage isn’t only for natural blonde hair. It’s an excellent option to add depth, dimension and lightness on dark-to-medium hair, without a lot of damage to all of your hair. The caramel hue blends perfectly with dark hair and with a stunning root smudge, you’ll stay for a couple of months without having to visit the salon.

8. Classic Highlights

You can skip going to the salon for up to 4 months by simply applying the classic highlights that give brightness, dimension and shine for your locks.

9. Dipped Tips

If you’re looking for some light colour in your hair with not much effort and maintenance at all, this is the style that will add some dimension and depth to your natural hair colour. The greatest part? There isn’t much hair damage.

10. Jet Black

If your hair’s natural colour is dark-medium brown then jet black is a logical choice. And surprisingly, this colour does not need any effort to maintain. Contrary to brunettes and blondes who suffer from brassiness, black hair is likely to look gorgeous regardless whether you have auburn or blue undertones. They are easily managed and controlled with the use of a hair gloss to maintain the shine.