Summer is here and it’s time to think about how you will style your hair in the summer. It should be a priority for your hair to be healthy and well-nourished, no matter what season!

The summer months are hotter and longer due to global warming and they also bring more sun and humidity, which can cause more severe hair damage, especially for those with natural curl. As tempting as it may be to go outside, the needs of your hair must not be ignored. Once you have found your favourite sunscreen, the subsequent procedures on your summer to do list is to lock down your natural haircare routine.

You don’t want to let your hair go open to more damage under the sun after all the fun-in the-sun plans. Here are all the tricks and tips to maintain your natural hair this summer, no matter how loose or tight or with braids, you prefer to put on your curls.

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Type 3 or 4 Hair: The Top Summer Concerns

Summer’s increased humidity means frizzy hair is almost a certainty. Humidity causes hydrogen bonds in hair to prevent water molecules from forming. This makes it more dry and frizzy. Frizzy ends, while not something anyone wants, are a sign of natural hair problems this season.
Type 3 or 4 curls are not well-suited for the summer months. The sun drying your hair and humidity that promote frizz make it necessary to use products that moisturize your hair as well as protect your curls. The main concern for type 3 or 4 curls is sun exposure. The UV rays can damage hair’s molecular bond, just like humidity. This can cause the cuticles (aka outer hair shaft) of your hair to crack, making your hair thirsty and dry.

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Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate!

If you want your curls to thrive by September, adding moisture is the best solution for the dry out curls. How do you achieve this? It’s not realistic to expect you to wash your hair every day. It’s important to use products daily to hydrate your hair so that it doesn’t dry out between washes. You should keep your hair hydrated with water and moisturizing products. You also need to oil your scalp regularly so it doesn’t dehydrate completely when summer ends.

There are many ways to increase the moisture level of your curls, regardless of your lifestyle or time constraints. A hair steamer is one way to increase moisture and revive curls. It has been well recommended that you use it before adding your favourite curl styler or leave-in conditioner to soften curls as well as enhance the bounciness. She suggests that you use your steamer and if you don’t yet have one, you can also turn on the shower to let the steam fill the bathroom that will do the same thing for your hair. If that is going to overkill your precious time, you can consider using a spray bottle with warm water to revive curls between washes.

Your hair’s health can be improved by your night time haircare routine. It is recommended to try pre-bed moisturizing. Apply a hair mask to your ends before you go to bed. Then, twist your hair up and go to sleep. In the morning, your hair will be rehydrated. Any frizz will be reduced.

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Switch up your wash-day routine

Did you ever feel that your hair looks more beautiful and shinier, the more dirty it seem? If so, you’re probably not wrong. You can damage your scalp by washing your hair too often or using products that strip it (which can be the case with sulfates) and removing its natural oils.

Another professional tip is to switch out your shampoo for a co-wash every other shampoo day depending on your shampooing schedule. This will help to preserve some natural oils. This will not only be gentler for your hair and scalp, but it will also leave you feeling clean.

No matter what you do, make sure to finish your wash day by using a deep conditioner that is ultra-nourishing. This is an essential step. This is a must-have for all hair types. A great deep conditioner will make a huge difference in your curl health and total definition of your luscious curls. It is important to try out different types of deep conditioners to identify the one that suits your curly hair the most. Don’t forget to give your hair the moisture it deserves, especially during the summer. You can get the summer curls you desire by carefully reviewing these top-selling products for healthy and hydrated natural hair.