Various Kinds of Curly or Wavy Hair Styles For Women

Having wavy hair in addition to being curly is really something to be treasured. Normally, men as well as women who have straight hairs dream about having hair locks that are curly or wavy. For your hair to have such a great appearance, special care should be given to it. No doubt, hair that has curls and waves are a beauty to look at. But it comes with a major disadvantage. It is difficult to manage if you have a soft or rough hair, creating the appropriate shape will be difficult. Due to this, this kind hair needs lots of products for styling so as to keep them in place. Hairs that have waves and curls are never said to be weak or damaged. The fact that they are difficult to maintain affects the appearance but not the strength. For you to be able to adequately maintain curly and wavy hair, it is pertinent that you get hair masks. They are meant to make the hair soft and silky as well as relatively simple to maintain. Proper maintenance of curly and wavy hair is a must. If you decide to dye it or make it straight or you decide to perm it, then you might damage it seriously. If you are going to be trying lots of dyeing, it may not be good for the hair that ha curls. If you must dye the hair, you must ensure that you regularly include special shampoo, masks and a conditioner.

wavy hair

Tips to ensure that your curly or wavy hair look gorgeous

The following are some little known facts, which are needed in order to make your wavy and curly look gorgeous.

Length – To get a very suitable length for such a hair, this length starts from approximately 30cm (12 Inches).

Washing – During washing of the long hair, take it backwards, so as not to tangle it or break it . Avoid the use of lots of shampoo. The shampoo can undergo some dilution, if you add water to it.

Hair Masks – These ensures that the scales of the hair are glued together, which creates a great protection for the hair. Application for the mask should be approximately 10cm (4 Inches) from the distance of the roots. Conditioner should be used just after every washing procedure.

Drying – Opt for a drying method that is a natural one. The blow drying method can dehydrate the hair and cause damage to it.

Dyeing – Try minimizing the amount of colour. Natural dyes like Henna can make your hair dry and as well, make the hair more manageable. Stick to the natural colour you have for as long as possible.

Trimming – Your hair should be trimmed for a minimum of once per month. Curly and wavy hair can be fragile which can cause split ends. Opt for the proper hair design for the curly and wavy hair you have and you will be free from worries. Go through different options so as to determine which is the most appropriate for your style.

Different Types of Curly Hair for Women

There are several curly hair types, that is the chief reason a number of people had the need to categorize the various hair types. With these categorization people will know the best hairstyle that they ought to go for and as well as the proper products to use on their hair. The main system of classification categorizes the hair into a number of four major types of curls. A number of the classification can also be divided into sub-types under the main types considering the dependability of the typicality of the hair of that specific classification mode. According to the most common system of classification for curls, here are the four major types of hair.


HAIR TYPE ONE: THE STRAIGHT HAIRImage result for straight hair

It is expected that straight hair is not a curl itself but it is a crucial system of classification for curls. The straight type of hair is usually used as a basis for reference in comparison with the degree of curliness to other types of hair. Due to this level of regularity, achieving a sheen that is reflective with the straight type of hair is fairly easy.

People with the straight type of hair can easily get the type of hair Style that is described as the “glossy as well as healthy” look. Due to the s straightness, natural oils can easily move from the origin which is the sebaceous glands located around the scalp, down towards the tip. This implies that the straight type of hair can often appear greasy immediately after washing. Lots of people with the perfect type of straight hair discover that they may keep washing the hair to prevent it from going greasy or having a look that is lanky. Some other people  who have the straight type of hair are bothered whenever they think that it is looking frail and dead. The straight type of hair can be easily styled, but it  hold the style for a long period of time and usually needs hair products to hold it firmly in its place.



The hair type that is wavy is not clearly categorized as a typical curl. Waves can be categorized further into different classes of A, B and C, due to the degree of waviness. Though, a sheen that is glossy can be obtained by the wavy hair, it typically has more of a matt appearance than the straight type of hair due to its light-reflecting properties.


People with this type of hair will  discover that their hair has a more tendency to frizz over people with the type 1 kind of hair. There are numerous products for anti-frizz that are  available for those who have the wavy hair type. These products  of major importance if a person is visiting a place that has a high level of humidity. Also, there are other products that are available which are numerous and are meant for people who look to intensify or rather control the wave they have. Using these products on the hair immediately after washing, will give you waves that are frizz free, manageable as well as amazing.


HAIR TYPE THREE: CURLY HAIRImage result for curly hair

Hairs that are curly have a sort of helix-like structure to their appearance. Most of the strands of hair in this hair type have as S type of shape or the Z type of shape which is depends solely on the curls’ degree of tightness. This type of hair can as well be categorized mainly as type A, B as well as type C, which depends on the curls’ tightness. Sustaining thee fresh appearance of the curls can be difficult this is due to the fact that they are easily damaged as well as tangled.  For people with hair that is curly, it comes highly recommended that they use specially formulated shampoo for the caring of hair that is curly as well as a conditioner. This should be done as part of their hair care regimen.  A lot of people with hair that is curly will use also a certain curl definer so as to get good looking curls that have distinct features. Due to the reflective properties of light, it is difficult to make a hair that is curly to shine and more over if it is not maintained properly will make the hair appear dreary and unattractive. Though, there is the temptation to apply lots of these products until your starts reflecting light in the manner that you expect it to, the temptation of putting too much product on your hair should be resisted.  If you don’t do this, too much product on your curls will weigh down the curls and they begin losing their shape. Too much application of the hair products will make the hair look greasy. During cutting of the hair at the salon, you must keep in mind that your hair will become relatively shorter after completely drying up and also the re-tightening of the curls. If care is not taken, you might end up with a much shorter hair than you had previously anticipated.



A hair is said to be kinky if it has curls or coils that are very tight. Individual strands of this hair type come with a zigzag pattern that is sharp. It is wiry to the touch and if it not properly maintained can become quite brittle. This is due to the fact that of all the hair types, it is the driest. Combing a hair that is kinky will most probably cause the hair to have too many split ends as well as breakages. The presence of split ends as well as breakages might possibly make the hair appear frizzier and also uncontrollable. Also, there is this popular belief that hair type that is kinky grows very slow when compared to the hair types of other categories, but this is wrong.

The hair that is kinky has the same growth rate as other hair types of the other categories, but due to the nature of the kinkiness, this means that it can take a long time for the hair to grow longer. The fact that it breaks often slows its growth rate.  Breakages can be reduced if a set of shampoos as well as conditioners are used. These have been designed to give the hair some form of moisture. Moisturizing on a daily basis will add some more degree of elasticity to the hair and will make it supple.  For the best products to keep the hair richly moisturized you should opt for hair butters, creams as well as natural oils. Prevent the use of chemicals as well as oils that are non-naturals as they can erode the hair of nutrients that are vital. If you are finding it hard to handle with a hair that is kinky in nature, you can decide to straighten it, but better yet, the best option is usually to speak with different other people  who have done theirs with the help of a salon. This is usually done before you decide to visit the salon.

Some salons utilize straightening methods which can cause an irreversible damage to the hair.

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