Blonde-haired Ladies have a vast selection of colors to pick from such as classic black, white, red, pink and blue which are a few of the most common and top colors which suit blondes. Besides, some jewel and pastel tones flatter blonde-haired ladies too. So blondies, continue reading to determine which colors you ought to select.


blonde in black

As we all know, the classic black color is well accepted by all of us, and notably the ladies with platinum blondes hair. The black dress or even a black suit-and-pants combination is likely to earn an ideal every day appearance.



The pure white color, the ivory tone, and also the champagne color that will make a gorgeous balance with the lighter tones of blond hair. Blondes shouldn’t just forget about adding a few more colors for building contrast. The clear white color is perfect for the fair and honey blondes, where as beige tones are all unfailing for those light blondes.



Blondies putting on red are just one of the most appropriate possibilities for accentuating the naturally gold and luxury undertones of blond hair. The absolute most essential need is to decide on the appropriate shade of redness. Shades such as alizarin and cardinal is few of the most recommended and popular choices among blondies.

To refresh your appearance and brighten them up, scarlet and pomegranate red will be the perfect choice. In general, the reddish shade can be an perfect alternative for blondes, particularly when it regards date nighttime looks. Bear in mind that you may need to steer clear of colors such as purplish claret and burgundy.



blonde in blue

If You Would like to be the Heart of all Attention and are prepared for experiments, deciding on a combo of blue and pink colors is that which you could do to bettering your glowing or natural cosmetics with your blond hair. You’re able to select red, fuchsia and soft pink shades.

In case you do not enjoy the blue color, You’re able to choose the denim alternatives. Matching jeans with a pink blouse or a a pink skirt with chambray shirt will build the most adorable appearance !


In general, choosing pastel colors is known to be universally recommended for blondies. They are talented with the natural capability to be compatible with pastels colors such as yellow, soft green, baby blue, pale pink. Blondies will achieve the perfect looks with these colors.

But it’s very important to not forget that colors such as sage green are not suitable for blondes at all. However, this does not include the pear, bright kelly green, grassy and leafy greens and perhaps even black olive.

THE LUXURY OF Jewel-tones

Who stated jewel tones do not flatter blondes? Emerald green, Turquoise blue, purple and cornflower tones are a few of the ideal clothing colors women wearing a honey blond hair color. All these Luxury colors are specifically excellent for particular occasions.