What is the Price of Hair Extensions in Singapore?

The price of hair extensions in a certified hair salon in Singapore varies widely from $400 to $2000 based on the kind of extensions. Tape-in and Clipped-in hair extensions generally cost approximately $400 to $800, whilst sew in, glued-in, fusion, and micro bead extensions can vary between $900 to $1600.

Typical Hair Extensions Cost

In Singapore, the average price of extensions cost between $400 and $2000. On the lowend side, tape-in hair extensions and clip-in extensions price range between $400 and $800. Professional glued-in extensions prices can range from between $1000 around $5000 to get a full-head of permanent, extra-long, cold-fusion extensions together with the highest quality virgin hair.

Hair extensions would be the perfect Hollywood-style short cut to have yourself a star appearance by obtaining the complete, head of voluminous hair within a single day. It’s advised to choose 100% human hair and also spend money on the best quality of hair you are able to afford as opposed to choosing for synthetic type of hair. The prices of extensions vary in a wide range based on the style that you desired as well as the condition of your normal hair’s as we shall discuss in the following.


Hair Extensions Prices based on the Type

Hair expansion prices vary between $300 to $4,500 purely based on the type of hair extensions from the clipped-in hair extensions or you purchased the highest quality semi permanent hair extensions expertly glued-in in a salon setting. Hair extensionists will advise fitting the quantity of hair inserted with respect to the present density of one’s hair. When you have thin or lesser hair, you will have lesser hair extensions attached than those having a thicker and huge voluminous long hair.


Type Average Cost
Clip-in $300 to $1000+
Tape-in $400+
Sew-in $600+
Weave $300 to $1200+
Fusion $600 to $2,000
Glued-in $800 to $1000+
Bonded $2000 to $5,000
Micro-bead $400+


Clip-in extensions: $300 to $1000. Most suitable for medium and thick hair. Last for a single year for those not worn continuously. Pros: Easiest to wear and remove. Can put on temporarily without harming your own normal hair. Cons: May possibly come out when putting on especially you get those clips that are relatively cheap.

clip in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions: $400+. Most suitable for medium and thick hair. Last for 6 weeks to 2 months. Pros: Shorter time to attach to the head. Lays totally flat on your head to get good conceal. Cons: Eliminating them is able to make a sticky residue behind. They are able to entangle readily.taped in hair extensions

taped in hair extensions

Sew in extensions: $600+. Most suitable for those with thicker hair. It can last for 2 to 6 weeks. Pros: Cheaper and affordable. Do not require heating or whatever may harm your hair tips. Cons: Do cause additional strain in the own scalp which could result in hair breakage as time passes.

sew in hair extensions sew in hair extensions

Real hair weave: $300 to $1200. Most suitable for thick hair. Last for up to 2 Months. Pros: Appear very natural. Strong extensions which remain in well also. Cons: Once attached with braids, they are able to feel debilitating and irritate scalp. Might also result in hair breakage as time passes.


Fusion hair extensions: $600 to $2000 . Suits all types of hair. Last for approximately 3 months or even longer. Pros: The bonds are not easily to be seen in the entire hair. Cons: Improper or poor removal may cause great harm and weakening to the hair or scalp.

fusion hair extensions

Bonded extensions: $2,00 to $5,000 for De Luxe Cold fusion bonds. Suitable for all kind of hair. Last for 4 to more than half a year. Pros: Exceptionally lasting and durable and less-damaging for hair as they don’t really need heat to employ. Cons: Require haircare appointments on a monthly basis or two so for up keep.

bonded hair extension

Micro-bead extensions: $400+. Most useful for those who has thin and fine hair. Last for two to six months. Pros: Longlasting and there is no damage to the hair. Light Weight. Cons: Require extra attention and care during hairstyling and upkeep appointments for every one or two months to get alterations.

How much Does Clip-in Hair Extensions Cost?

Clip-in extensions cost approximately $300 for twenty inches of hair as much as approximately $1000 to get a bunch of 9 sections of hair thirty inches in length. The price of temporary hair extensions is cheaper since you can readily place on clip bottoms yourself. Clip-in hairpieces are an excellent hair thinning solution for hair thinning. But be careful of those cheap clip in hair extensions as those are apt to possess poor-quality clips having a poorer clasp.

Tape-In Hair Extensions Cost

Frequently produced of real human hair, you are going to observe that the tape in extensions budget vary start at approximately $400 for partial extensions in a salon. If you have thinner hair, the overall extensions will cost more because they require more hours for you to add than tape-ins.

They’re sections of hair attached with double-sided keratin tape. They have pieces around two inches wide, and also the extensionist uses them very near your own roots while slightly overlapping them that they can blend into the natural hair. You hair will be sandwich in between your hair extensions  by adhering the extensions together to enhance strength. They’re simple and quick to install as the stylist just must peel the coat and then stick them on the hair. Hence this is why such tap-in extensions is so cost effective. When correctly worn, they are completely undetectable and flat underneath your normal hair.


How much Are Sew in Extensions?

sew in hair extensions

Sew in hair extensions prices start at $600 with an add on cost for every different track of hair sewn in. The permanent sew-in hair extensions is relatively cheaper than fusion extensions but significantly more than clip-ins as there are more     involved.

With this method, hair extensionists sew about strands of one’s normal hair in order to attached the long track of fresh hair with a fine needle and thread. Braid in extensions costs wont necessarily be exactly the exact same price as sew ins because not all of sew-in extensions require braids. When you’ve got those extra thick hair, then you never have to upkeep segments of one’s own hair into cornrows first to maintain the hair extensions. Now’s hair extensionists have methods of pinning hair back amd then sewing in the hair extensions and releasing the remaining part of the hair after procuring the hair extensions evenly through the entire head.


Just how Much Can a Weave Cost?

People employing the word of “hair-weave” generally make reference to permanent extensions stitched onto braids. The prices for weaved in hair extensions may vary from $300 to $1200 based on the kind of weave you purchase, the length and volume of your hair and the quality of one’s extensions.

You required roughly 6 to 10 tracks to get a full-head weave, which might last a couple of weeks or as much as eight weeks. Bear in mind your overall hair weaving price will incorporate the extensions in addition to the time period that the extensionist requires to install them professionally. Please be informed that people who have hair thinning issue should not have a conventional weave extension. This work best for those with thick natural hair.

Fusion Hair Extensions Cost

You’ll discover several sorts of fusion extensions available as this term includes glue-ins, bonded extensions, in addition to all kinds of nano and micro-bead, loop or link hair extension systems. This is the reason why such fusion extensions cost anywhere from $600 to $2000

Many extensionists utilize the definition of cold fusion to make reference to hair extensions which do not require heating any glue, even I-Tip micro-link hair extensions. Moreover, in the market, there is novel hair extensions installation systems like the Coldfusion system by Great Lengths which utilizes an equipment using an ultra sonic iron to bond the extensions into your own hair without needing any heating. It’s not as harmful, however it is certainly more expensive.

Extensions Glued In Cost

fusion hair extensions

People who have naturally thick hair might desire hair extensions to be glued in, which supplies an extremely strong grip. The price of Glued-in extensions ranged from $800 to $1000. But they truly are not typically suited for thin or fine hair because of the very thick bond generated by the heated adhesive.

Inside this procedure, the hair dresser takes sections of Keratin pre-bonded extensions (i-tip along with U Tip ) and also uses a low-heat iron to melt down the keratin bond on and about your natural strands of hair.

Bonded Extensions

bonded hair extensionCold fusion bonded extensions prices will be somewhat higher for those adhesive-based because these particular hair extensions tend to last for half a year. The price of keratin bonded extensions ranged from $2000 to $4500. During this process, a extensionist attentively uses a keratin-based substance to fix the hair extension firmly to cleverly chosen strands of the hair. Without needing any heating, it is less damaging for your normal hair.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions Cost

Micro-bead extensions cost approximately $400 in addition to the price of salon-installation. Additionally it has been named by a few hair extensionists as micro-weave or beaded-weft extensions. This micro-beaded hair extensions installation uses a metal crimp bead having a silicone liner that has the exact color as the hair roots colour. During the installation, your hair extensionist  threads a little segment of their customer’s natural hair throughout the bead. Then they slip a little part of the extensions through the bead as a results it will be placed above the natural hair. Eventually, pliers will be used to compressed it closely. The finishing bead will rest completely flat on the head, which makes it a lot easier to combine with your fine hair.

Micro Link Hair Extensions Cost

Micro links and micro beads are basically the exact same sorts of hair extension techniques, therefore the price is exactly the same range of above $400 as previously mentioned. The only real differences would be the sizes, colours, and design of these links or beads. Nanobeads or links will be the smallest-size bonds it’s possible to purchase in the market.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Micro loop extensions cost only a little less than micro-ring extensions as, with the loops, so there isn’t any requirement to obtain additional micro-rings which fit your customer’s natural hair color. Micro-loops is hair extensions fixed to the vinyl loop. You simply pull on the hair through the vinyl loop, then slide it up and compressed the bond using pliers. For dismantling, the bond is loosened with the help of pliers and then gradually slip the extensions down from your normal hair.

Cost of Hair Extensions In A Salon

A partial head of hair extensions may vary between $600 to $1200 and will even cost more than $2200 for hair extensions across the complete head. The hair extensions in salon are somewhat more expensive compared if you purchased directly from the wholesale supplier. But, if you are planning for big events like weddings, you will have better satisfaction assurance if you get the expertise of a seasoned and certified hair extensionist to provide you information, advice and offering a larger assortment of alternatives that you should never perform all on your own. Moreover, you should never take unwarranted risk to engage hair extensions service from those uncertified hair extensionist. Plus, the overall price of hair extensions in a salon comprises of a haircut and styling that will boost the extensions resemble a natural section of one’s hair.

The hair extensionist in the salon will calculate and ascertain the price of your overall hair extensions after the professional hair consultation based on the determined hair extensions that you have decided on, the quantity of hair required, the length of the hair extensions and also the time of the whole process that it takes to install them. Fusion-bonded extensions are more expensive simply because they create take more than 3 hours to attach, whereas tape-ins process is much faster and therefore is cheaper.

Permanent Hair Extensions Cost

Permanent hair extensions basically make reference to those stronger fusion-style techniques. The greater durable permanent hair extensions is more expensive because salon hair extensionist might utilize state of art equipment such as hair extension laser applicator to loosen the bonds of their hair pieces. They then roll onto strands of one’s hair for them to blend almost effortlessly and harmoniously, abandoning a very small bond that is just as small as a grain of rice. Plus, the bond compliment well with the natural haircolor, therefore it is totally not noticeable.

Normal Price of Human Hair Extensions

Perhaps some ladies may appreciate the higher price of real human hair extensions because these extensions look far more natural and also these extensions are much easier to style. Pure 100% remy human hair extensions range from $150 to $400 when you purchase straight from the supplier or wholesaler. The average price tag of these remy human hair extensions is dependent on the original source and grade of the hair in addition to the techniques employ by your extensionists. But unless you are using clip-ins hair extensions, professional always recommend that you engage a certified hair extensionist to put on for your professionally.

Virgin hair refers to hair that has never undergo any forms of treatment before and they belong to the highest quality hair extensions. The superior advantage of Virgin extensions is that they can have all the freedom to colour and cut them in order to achieve the harmonious and seamless blending with the rest of the natural hair.


Full Hair Extensions Cost

Full long extensions usually refer to those longer hair extensions that are attached to either sides of the head in addition to the back of the head from beneath the crown into the nape of their neck. Synthetic hair extensions tend to be less expensive and weather-resistant, which range from $10 for $100 each package. But, you can never use heat on them.

It might cost more than $3000 having virgin hair extensions and using a skilled certified hair extensionist to install for you personally, that will be important specially for fusion-style technique.

How Long Does Hair Extensions Last?

This is certainly one of the most critical questions that you need to enquire about hair extensions which is just how long can your hair extensions last? As stated by the certified hair extensionists, the lifespan strongly depends on the type of hair extensions and the aftercare or maintenance efforts that have been made. Glue-ins last typically from 1 to 2 months. The two tape-ins along with protein-bonded hair extensions may last approximately 2 months. Clip-ins will last up to a year because you usually will not put them on consistently.

Type Lasts
Glue-ins 4 to 8 weeks
Tape-ins 6 to 8 weeks
Protein-bonded 6 to 8 weeks
Clip-ins One year


Just how long can extensions survive should you are using a great deal of styling tools or products on them?

Extensions will become dry or frizzy if you keep using curling irons and blowdryers on them every day. For those who often have to style with heat, utilize frizz-reducing thermal-protecting sprays onto your own hair and deep-condition per week.


Frequent Asked Questions

Can Hair Extensions Cause Damage to your Natural Hair?

Some kinds of hair extensions may harm your own natural hair over time. It’s ideal to get a qualified hair extensionist to install your extensions for you in order to keep from getting tangles that’ll not slip out or alternative cluttered complications.

Temporary clip-ins would be the easiest, affordable and natural hair extensions to put on which has the least harm to your own natural hair. You are able to take them off as and when your wish and so your own natural hair has more time to expose to the natural air.

Other hair extensions may cause only a meagre harm to your own natural hair when the extensionist is doing the installation. You are very likely to get a few segments that eventually become more dried-out as compared to the remainder of one’s hair. The most critical source of damage happens if you never remove hair extensions properly. Without the ideal tools and methods, you’re likely going to break your own natural hair or badly fray it.


How Much Do Strand By Strand Hair Extensions Cost?

The definition of “strand by strand hair extensions” is referring to all of different types of bonded hair extensions such as: glue-ins, keratin hotglue bonded extensions, including ultrasonic bonds, micro or nano-beads or microlinks in addition to micro loops. The price of strand by stand hair extensions range between $800 to $5000 which will take more than 8 hours of installation.