For the prices of balayage, why are some salons charging a fortune when others are just charging such a small amount? Are you interested in knowing what is the most reasonable and fairest price for the balayage? Hmmm…. welcome to the world of demand and supply! Since hair is certainly one of the most important aspects of beauty, you will find a range of prices. For instance if your neighbor had a balayage done for 150 dollars and your cousin also had a balayage which cost her 50 dollars.

Did you get that right? One was charged 150 dollars and another 50 apparently for a similar job. We are sure you’re asking yourself why there’s such a significant difference between one and the other. We promise to give you the information later, but for now we’ll talk about the actual and fair prices. The fair and average price for a recently completed balayage can range from 150 to 250 dollars. Why do some salons charge such a high price for this colour treatment for your hair while other salons seem to offer it for free? What is the reason it is so expensive? 

Many variables come into play. For example, the geographical area of the salon. Also, take into consideration the professional training, skill and experience of the colourist who is performing the balayage treatment. Quality of materials and products that are used for it and there are many other factors. 

So, before you attempt the balayage, we suggest to read this article thoroughly, as we’ll explain: 

  • What are balayage highlights and what are the reasons they are so expensive?
  • What are the main factors that influence the price?
  • What are the benefits of balayage highlights that are well-executed?
  • With this knowledge you’ll be able to decide on the budget you’ll need to spend on your balayage streaks and ribbons.


The reality lies in the fact that Hollywood celebrities believe they come up with the latest trends. Nothing could be further from the truth about the case of the balayage. When Jennifer Aniston walked the red carpet with her amazing balayage, women from all over the world rushed to mimic Jennifer Aniston, the “Friends” star. However, balayage has a much longer history. 

A long-running balayage history that began in France but not until the time of Marie Antoinette. Balayage actually came into fashion in the 60s, and was introduced to New York during the 70s and 80s. It is apparent that at that time, not much attention was paid to this balayage technique, till Hollywood Divas made the decision to create a new look for their hairstyles at the beginning of the millennium.

The technique of balayage is fundamentally an art. It’s the most recent in personalization of colours as it’s not just about lightening or colouring the hair. It’s a more complex and sophisticated technique, where a colourist or stylist needs to learn and understand all the subtleties from products employed during application, processing and saturation. While it may seem untrue, the colourists connect with their inner artist because the colourists actually “paint” the hair by using their hands. It’s as if the hair is transformed into a blank piece of cloth, and gradually it shines in a very individual way. There is no way to colour two persons’ hair that have the same balayage as even the colourist must determine the right thickness of brush to be used in order to colour each hair piece.

In balayage highlights, you can’t use aluminium foil like traditional highlights. All that you need is a thorough understanding of how you can apply it to achieve a completely natural effect which is what people are looking for in Balayage. Everything we are sharing will take our attention to the second stage that is something to do with the price of Balayage.

Do you require professional training to perform a Balayage?

To be clear, if you’re looking to have your balayage to appear perfect, we  would suggest that you go to a real professional and it is usually costly. However, if you don’t care about the finishing outcome or if you do not care whether the finishing of your balayage is successful or not, you could try to do it on your own. You can also seek assistance from a friend who is with you on every crazy idea :).

Do you know why balayage costs so much?

It’s costly because the balayage technique and application itself is an art. However, it is important to take note of the various factors that determine why salons charge different rates for these services.


One of the most important factor is the brand and quality of the product. While we are not the most glamorous woman, we would love to be Julio Verne and travel around the globe in just 80 days. However, we are grateful for having been able to have the opportunity to experience many cities that are different from Madrid, Buenos Aires, Asuncion and New York. The cost of living in each is totally different, apart from the differences in traditions, cultures, customs and geography of these cities and towns. We all know that hotels aren’t the same price in New York as compared to Buenos Aires or Asuncion. It’s the same with our daily necessities or food that are as basic as sunscreen or the weight of a kilo of potatoes. Thus beauty is not also an exception. The price of balayage in Madrid is not the same as in Buenos Aires. Each of these cities is a different place with its own expenses, including tax, products, lease, supplies, individual payment mode, and even the kind of training for all their employees. This is why, it’s true that in New York a balayage could cost $300 but in Asuncion it’s only 100 dollars.

Since the products may have different costs as well as the different leasing rate of the salon. In salons where the balayage is more expensive, it is usually the case that the colourist is a specialist in this technique that allows her to achieve a shine that mimics the reflection of sun’s rays. There are even extraordinary personalized effects on redheads and brunettes. Since balayage isn’t only for blondes. A skilled colourist can create stunning balayage effects even with the most staunchest brunettes.

Balayage specialists employ the highest quality and finest products and the proper proportion of developers as well as knowing the scientific basis behind the removal of pigments that are underlying in hair. 

Another factor to bear in mind when calculating the cost of balayage is the time of the professional. In terms of the technique, a well-done professionally executed balayage in the salon could take between three to four hours. So if you’re contemplating getting a balayage for your hair, you’ll need to consider spending between 150 to 200 dollars.

There are certainly some salons that cost less but you could be taking an uncalculated risk for the balayage nightmares that might unfortunately happen to you. First of all, the balayage might not appear natural as it may look like the hydrogen peroxide has been applied directly on each hair piece. They were absolutely horrible and also very orange. It was evident that the person who performed the balayage wasn’t aware of the proper way to do the job. Furthermore, the hair may become extremely dry and frizzy which could have something to do with the quality of the product that has been used to perform the balayage as well as the amount of time spent in exposure. Are you interested in knowing the moral of the story? You may end up spending three times more in the following month having to fix the balayage mess.


It’s not for nothing but we are those who believe that things that are cheap will often end up being more costly. Also, a well-done balayage will mean that you don’t need to return to the salon for at least two to three months. That’s the real benefit of this balayage technique.

When the balayage is performed professionally, the lightening effect becomes nearly invisible which means that you don’t need to touch up every month. If the balayage colourist is a specialist, they will be competent to understand and apply the right tone on your hair so that it blends naturally with the natural hair tone.

We are not sure what you’re thinking. It’s certainly worth it to pay $200 instead of $50 when you know for sure that you will receive what you desire for your hair goals. You now know what you’ll pay for a great balayage and what amount you want to spend.