Platinum, icy or silver hair are shades that many clients desire but it’s a challenging task to achieve. We consulted our team of professionals to come up with five important points that clients should know before going ahead with a platinum or silver colour.

Icy, silver and platinum are high-maintenance colours. It’s important for all clients to understand the high maintenance required before they agree to the transformation. If the client tried to do it at home without knowing anything about colour theory, and there will be high chance that it is going to a failure. It is obvious that hair professionals are the ones to call when clients need any icy, silver or platinum blonde hair.


It is common for people to mistakenly believe that icy (or silver) and platinum blonde look the same but they are not. Both are variations of blonde. However, platinum has hint of color within while ice appears whiter and more silvery as well as on the cooler side than platinum. Fundamentally, ice blonde has blue underlying pigments while platinum blonde has grayish-colored underlying pigments.

Dissimilar to platinum blonde which appears brighter, ice blonde is paler in color, and this icy blonde shade features some hint of violet or blue tones that give the hair those icy shimmery. Both hues are extremely sexy so your final decision is up to you. Girls who want their hair to have the signature blonde look normally are still likely to opt for platinum blonde.

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1) Is the client hair has the right colour for the transformation process to silver to platinum?

It is always important to remember that hair cannot be dyed platinum or silver in one go if the client’s hair has been previously coloured with black dye regardless of how strong the developer or how much lightener is used. There is a high chance of not able to achieve the desired silver or platinum shade as well as there could be serious risk of damage or breakage to the hair. 

It is important to know that the colourist will need to lift multiple levels of colour to achieve the platinum-toned or silver look that many women and men desired to wear today. Sometimes this delicate process may take several appointments depending on the client’s hair health and its natural colour or any artificial colours on it.

2) What happens if your client has red hair?

The clients will need to get prepare to change their hair goals. If they have previously dyed their hair red, it will be extremely difficult to remove the undertones from each hair strand cortex. This will cause both colourist and the client to lose time and money. The resulting colour will very likely NOT be the desired platinum tone or silver tone. Hence, red hair will suffer even more than with artificial black colours as abovementioned. This could be a major headache.

3) Mixing colour brands

If the client is already blonde or has had a previous lift service to achieve this tone, then the client is in the right situation. However, it is recommended to be more cautious when mixing different colours brands. Before making decision on the colour formula mixture to achieve the desired platinum or silver tones, it is important to make sure to examine the hair’s undertones, eye colour, skin colour as well as the client’s hairstyle. It is recommended that to use the same product brands to tone the hair. This is a major hair transformation and it is important to ensure that there will not be any hidden tones discovered after washing the hair. Professional brands that are sulfate free are recommended.

4) Maintenance is the key to having a lasting colours

Most clients think they don’t have to do anything after leaving the salon. However this is a misconception and wrong understanding. It is important for the client to know that they will need to continue maintaining a beautiful colour like platinum or silver blonde. The client should not wait more than five to six months to have a touchup. The reason is because it is very challenging to lighten roots that have grown out too long, especially if the client is a Level 5 or even darker. It can also cause the hair to have severe damage. Besides, toners should last a maximum period of 4 to 6 weeks. Make sure that the client knows how important it is for them to return in between lightening to refresh the colour.

5) The Best Products

Dry shampoo is strongly recommended to clients in order to reduce the number of hair washings and shampooing needed in order to preserve their tone and shine of the silver or platinum look. As lightener has a tendency to dry out hair so it is recommended to use hair conditioners or products to prevent the platinum or silver hair from looking too dull. It is also important to avoid yellowing of hair by using purple shampoo. However, most shampoos can dry hair so it is important to inform the clients to use the shampoo only once per week.We hope that you found the abovementioned tips useful. 

If you are considering investing and joining the ranks of celebrities and superstars with beautiful and healthy icy or platinum hair colours, then you have go to the right place.

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