The Big Difference Between the French and the Dutch Braid

You will find two kinds of all-gathered hair braiding. First will be the french-braid and second is the dutch braid. These are the only two braids that are definitely the most popular and well known braids in the hair industry. We shall share with you  the detailed tutorials for every steps of both dutch and french braid. As soon as you have familiarized with the techniques, you will be able to decide on your favourite braid that you would like to put on. Let us begin with the French braid. Please take a look at all the steps:


Easy DIY cheat french braid by lisa dawson - Musely

  • To begin with, you must comb your hair thoroughly. Our recommendation is always to employ smoothing mousse at first that then it will be relatively easier to divide the strands. Gently comb the entire hair to the back and divide three group of thin strands out of the middle back of your hair.
  • Then cross the strand in the left over the the strand at the middle. And thereafter, cross the strand in the right side over the first hair strand.
  • To upkeep with this hairstyle’s routine by the addition of hair from both the left and right sides as a way to tuck in the entire hair in to the braid.

From here, you will able to realize that the french-braid is flatter, whilst the dutch braid is much similar but with a multi dimensional effect. You will be enlightened by the following steps by steps tutorial again. You’ll observe the different between the french-braid and also the Dutch braid. Here we share with you the steps of a Dutch braid:

How To Style A Simple Dutch Braid - Vlechten voor lang haar ...

  • Now you may again take the left strand , yet this time around pull it to the other side under the center segment, not on top of it.
  • Do exactly the same for the right strand — cross it on UNDER the strand and not ontop of it.
  • Hence by these simple ways, a Dutch braid is established.

In the final image, you may observe the different between both types of all-gathered hair braids — the french one is flat and also the dutch braid is more bunchy. So which french or dutch braid would you choose to put on? If you enjoyed this guide, then you ought to keep coming back more frequently because we are going to reveal to you lots of different techniques and hairstyles. Enjoy!