The cost of colouring your hair is expensive. Knowing what hair colour lasts the longest can help you get the most use out of your money and make the most of your new appearance. Learn all you need to know by reading on.

Which hair colour is the longest lasting and durable?

Whether you have coloured your hair previously or are a complete novice, you should know what hair colour lasts the longest so you will not have to worry about the maintenance. The trend of colouring your hair will never go out of style. However, selecting a new hair colour is more complicated than just choosing one from the dye carton’s images and hoping your hair would stay that shade forever. Not all hair colours are the same, and certain hues are infamous for fading too quickly, as any seasoned professional in hair colouring will tell you. You would not want to colour your hair just to have it go natural colour in two weeks, would you?

After all, dyeing your hair is an expensive and time-consuming procedure, and you would not want to squander all of that. Due to its long-lasting qualities, brown hair dye is the most popular hue and is used by millions of people worldwide. This natural hair colour ought to be your first option if you want to expect to have a longer lasting hair colour. You will not need to colour your hair often and run the danger of harming your locks if you do it in this manner.


What are the different hair colours that are longer lasting?

The list of colours that are long lasting is not long. Only blonde and brown hair is included. However, there are several shades available in each colour. You will find it simpler to choose the colour that best complements your look as a result.

Several of the warm brown colours are:

  • Honey
  • Golden brown
  • Amber
  • Mahogany
  • Cinnamon

The most typical cool brown colours are:

  • Chestnut
  • Dark auburn
  • Dark chocolate
  • Mocha

Hair colours that are warm brown for skin tones that are cool are mahogany, chestnut as well as butterscotch brown.

The most typical ash-blonde colours are:

  • Ice
  • Platinum
  • Champagne
  • Silver

icy blonde vs platinum blonde (2)

You may choose from the following warm blonde colours:

  • Amber
  • Honey
  • Butterscotch
  • Caramel
  • Gold

Warm colours for blonde hair for people with skin tones that are cool are honey blonde, golden blonde as well as caramel.

What Kinds of Hair Colours Are Available?

You have two choices when selecting what colour your hair should be. Natural hair colours are usually the first option. While funky and vivid colours are normally the second choice. Regardless of the option you have chosen, your colour ought to last until you see fresh hair growth at the roots. It can take four to six weeks to complete. However, if you dye your hair brown and take good care of the colour, you may enjoy the finished results for a few months. You should do some research on the brand before choosing a hair colour. In this manner, you may be certain that you are obtaining the strongest hair colour and avoiding mistakes.

  • Two Tone Hair
  • Black and Purple Hair
  • Galaxy Hair
  • Skunk Stripe Hair

Factors That Affect the Durability of Colour

Before you decide to colour your hair, bear the following in mind:

Your Natural Hair Colour

You may find it tedious to make the connection between science and hair dyes, but you must do so if you want to have a better understanding of how to colour your hair. The colour of your eyes, skin and even hair is determined by melanin. It is a pigment that is located in the cortex, or inner, part of your hair structure. Brown or black hair is a sign of high eumelanin levels.

Blondes have very little eumelanin, whereas persons with red hair have a lot of pheomelanin. The protective layer that surrounds the hair cortex, known as the hair cuticle, must allow the dye to penetrate deeply if it is to reach the cortex of your hair. So you cannot just purchase a box of blonde hair dye if you have naturally dark hair and desire blonde hair colour. The natural colour in your hair must first be removed. If you want to go with a colour that is much lighter than your natural hair colour, bleaching it will be necessary. If your hair is naturally dark and you want to colour it lavender, for instance, you must bleach your hair first.

To prevent breakage and damage during this period, you must nourish your hair. It is also crucial to keep in mind that regular bleaching might lead to hair loss. On the other hand, because you will not need to strip your hair of its original colour, you may expect it to last longer if you have lighter hair and wish to dye it a deeper colour. For example, if you are blonde and desire brown hair, it will last for sure.

Body Type

Your hair type, in addition to your original hair colour, has a significant role in determining what hair colour lasts the longest. Hair colours are more quickly absorbed by those with fine hair compared to individuals with thick, coarse hair.

Hair Care

The health of your hair should always come first when determining what hair colour lasts the longest. You can maintain the colour for a longer time when your hair is in good condition. Hair that is damaged and coarse is porous. It may fast absorb the hair colour, but it will only ooze out. What hair colour lasts the longest? The answer is not necessarily colour. It often also relies on the condition of your hair.

How to Maintain Your Hair Colour

You must step up your hair care routine if you want to get the best effects from your hair colour. Contrary to popular belief, caring for your hair colour is more than simply choosing the proper conditioner to hydrate it.

Eliminating the use of heat-damaging styling equipment is the greatest advice for maintaining healthy hair.Additionally, environmental elements like sunlight exposure and the water you use to wash your hair might shorten the life of your hair colour. Additionally, avoid daily hair washing and use colour-safe hair treatments.

Things to Keep in Mind

These are the things to keep in mind to make sure your hair colour lasts longer and you do not harm it in the process. Women choose the longest-lasting hair colour from a chart at a salon.

  • Make an appointment for a consultation if you want to get it done at a salon.
  • Inquire about the brands of hair colour they sell.
  • When it comes to the majority of hair colours, fading is unavoidable. Make sure you are dedicated to care and maintenance, including touching up your roots.
  • If you desire red hair, visit a hair salon since it is the most difficult colour to attain.
  • Always request a pricing estimate based on the length of your hair.
  • Bring photographs of the hair colour you like.
  • Examine and ask if the colour will complement your skin tone.
  • Be aware that you may not obtain the precise colour you want at your first hair session.
  • Keep in mind that drastic colour changes may harm your hair.
  • If you decide to DIY your hair colour, take precautions to prevent harm before dying your hair.
  • Avoid making permanent dyes at home, particularly if it is your first time. Try out semi-permanent hair colour first.
  • Use your hair colour as a reference rather than excessively relying on the pictures on the hair dye box.
  • Try to keep your hair’s natural colour within two tones.
  • Never fail to have a patch test.
  • Get the appropriate tools. This consists of a bowl, latex gloves, and a dye brush.
  • As messy hair colouring is a possibility, get out some old clothing. You do not want to ruin your beloved shirt.
  • Always remember to take extra precaution when performing hair colour yourself. Always put aftercare first. To keep your hair colour looking vibrant, choose a shampoo and conditioner that are colour-safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hair colour lasts the longest? The most commonly requested questions are shown below.

Which hair colour is most durable and best?

The most durable hair colours are brown permanent colours.

What Hair Colour Fades Most Rapidly?

Red hair colours, particularly intense and brilliant red tints, fade the quickest. Choose auburn or red-brown tones of red if you want a longer-lasting red hair colour. Additionally, reddish-hued colours like copper, rust, and strawberry blonde are other options that you can consider.

Which Hair Colour Is Best for People Over 60?

For those over 60, the most common hair colours are silver, blonde, platinum, ash, and brown.

Which hair colour gives you a younger appearance?

You may appear younger if you have light hair colours. But be careful to use the appropriate tone. Avoid ashy tones and use warm tones instead.

What Hair Colour Is Most Popular?

Black and brown hair colours are the most popular and common. The least common hair colour is red.

What Hair Colour Has the Longest Durability?

What hair colour thus endures the longest? The answer is obvious: brown, as we have already explained. Visit your preferred hairdresser or DIY this hair colour if you want a long-lasting colour change. Use our hair maintenance advice to maximise the effects of your new hair colour.