Which hair colour is the rarest?

Have you ever wondered what the rarest colour is? We’ve all wondered what our natural hair colour is.

When it comes to hair, there are many tints and colours to choose from, but some are more uncommon than others.

Continue reading if you want to change up your appearance or just want to see what the rarest hair colour is.

We have all the information you need, from what makes your natural hair distinctive to what colour would look best on you.

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Why are some hair colour uncommon?

Because they are less prevalent in the general population, certain hair hues are uncommon.

For instance, the rarest hair colour in the world is naturally red. It’s not extremely common to have red hair since just 2% of people do.

While certain hair colours are inherited from our parents due to genetics, other variables like culture, fashion, and even environment may also account for why some hues are more popular than others.

When it comes to producing a certain tint or colour of hair, various climates can provide diverse outcomes.

In addition to all of that, we now have access to a number of options to personalize our appearance, including dyes and bleaches for quick fixes.

Therefore, if there is a haircut or colour you prefer, there is nothing preventing you from having it, regardless of where you reside or what genes you have!


Red, Blonde, Gray, Brown or Black

Which shade of hair is the rarest?

There are several variations in hair colour, however, some are more uncommon than others.

The top 5 natural colours that can be found today on the earth (and in people’s brains) are listed below.

1. Red hair

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  • The most uncommon hair colour in the world is natural red. Only 1% to 2% of people in the population naturally have red hair.
  • There are so many distinct colours of red hair, including light auburn, dark copper, deep red, strawberry blonde, and ginger.
  • You’re in excellent company if you have naturally red hair, as Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Emma Stone all have.
  • The most popular hair colour for individuals to colour their hair is red. Approximately 6% of people colour their hair red.
  • It’s a striking hue that’s excellent for folks who want to stand out since it’s so bright and attention-grabbing.
  • If you choose this hue, be prepared for a lot of maintenance as it’s one of the hardest to keep clean.

red brown hair

2.Blonde hair

The second-rarest hair colour in the world is blonde. Only 2% to 3% of people have blonde hair.

Although naturally blonde hair may be quite attractive, it often needs more upkeep than other hues.

Avoid letting it get excessively brassy or yellow at any cost. Blonde hair, though, maybe eye-catching and distinctive when done effectively.

The second most popular synthetic hair colour worldwide is blonde. 5% of people in the population have blonde hair dyed.

Highlights are often used to do it. A sun-kissed appearance might be heavy maintenance, but the benefits are priceless!

beige blonde hair

  1. Grey hair

Given that individuals are living longer, grey hair is becoming increasingly prevalent. Grey hair is seen in 2-8% of the population.

Age is a common cause of grey hair, which may be either salt-and-pepper or all-white.

While some individuals like their natural appearance, others decide to colour their grey hair.

Additionally, silver breathes new vitality and brightness into grey hair. It may prevent hair from appearing too brassy and yellow.

  1. Brown hair

The fourth-rarest natural hair colour in the world is brown. Brown hair is seen in around 11–13% of the population.

From light caramel and ash brown to golden brown and dark chocolate, brown hair comes in a wide range of tones. It always looks beautiful and is a very natural and classic hue.

The fourth most popular synthetic hair colour in the world is brunette. Only 3% of people colour their hair brown.

There are many various hues of brown hair colour to pick from, just like real brown hair.

Just be careful to choose a cool or warm hue that complements your undertones.

  1. Black Hair

The most typical hair colour in the world is black. Between 75 and 85 per cent of people have black hair or a variant of it.

Even while we refer to it as black hair, it’s really a very dark brown colour!

Black hair may be fashioned in a wide variety of ways, making it incredibly flexible. Black hair also always seems polished and stylish due to its inherent sheen.

The third most popular man-made hair colour worldwide is black hair colour. A little under 4% of people colour their hair black.

Make sure to choose a black hair dye that will go well with your skin tone and eye colour if you’re considering doing so. Getting black hair colour out may be challenging!


What influences the colour of your hair?

The genes you inherited from your parents affect the colour of your hair. Your chances of having black hair increase if both of your parents do.

Additionally, you are most likely to have blonde hair if both of your parents do.

But more than just genetics affects how long your hair grows. Your lifestyle and surroundings might have an impact on how your hair appears.

Your hair may become lighter or darker than its original hue as a result of sun exposure, smoking, and alcohol use.


So it’s crucial to consider these aspects as well if you want to modify things.

What shade of hair is most popular?

The most popular hair hues in the world are black and brown.

Incredibly, 11–13% of people have brown hair, while 75–85% of people have black hair.


Why are they so widespread?

The most common hair hues are brown and black.

This indicates that there is a strong probability that you will have dark or black hair if one of your parents has one.


Which hair colour is most popular?

  • The most popular hair colour worldwide right now is blonde.
  • There are many factors that contribute to the popularity of blonde hair.
  • First off, the colour is really adaptable. It may be natural-looking and light, or it can be dramatic and dark.
  • Second, compared to other colours like black and brown, it often demands more care and attention. That indicates that individuals persist. Blonde hair may appear incredibly gorgeous when done correctly.
  • Thirdly, blonde hair is now a popular hair colour. People of all ages are choosing to tint their hair blonde since many celebrities have done so.
  • Another red hair colour that is surging in popularity this year is auburn.
  • It has many distinct shades of darkness and depths and is a mixture of red and brown. Everyone looks great with this warm and appealing hair colour.


Which hair colour is best for me?

Given that each person is unique, this is a challenging topic to answer.

But in general, those with light eyes and blonde hair look excellent together, as do those with medium complexion tones and auburn hair, and those with dark skin tones and black hair.

However, it’s important to try several things and determine which you enjoy the most. You’re likely to discover something that fits you since there are so many options available.

Thankfully, we have a short test that may be helpful!

To determine which hair colour will look best on you, just click on the picture below and quickly respond to the questions.


Leaving remarks.

Thus, they are the five hair colours that are most popular worldwide.

Whatever option you choose, make sure the hair colouring matches your skin tone and eye colour.