People pay attention to each other’s hair first and then judge them on the first meeting. Long silky hair, well-styled hair and curly hair are often what we find most impressive. We often think of curly hair girls when we see them. We will be discussing more details in this article. Let’s also see how fascinating it is to discuss amazing facts about curly hair. Are you ready? Let’s get started right now!

Why do some people have straight hair and others have curly hair?

This question may have been asked a thousand times. Why do some people have straight hair while others have curly hair? You may not believe that curly hair comes from the genes and it also depend on hair structure and composition.

Curly hair is your inheritance from your parents, there is no doubt. Curly hair is a trait that runs in your family. If your family has curly hair, you should also have curly hair. Research in 2009 found that the genesis is directly related to the next generation, with a rate of 85% to 95%. Your parents’ genetic heritage is a major factor in how you look. Hair colour and texture are not an exception. Your hair’s texture and colour are determined by genetic information implanted in the body. Other contributing factors like hormones, conditions of health and nutrition have a smaller impact on your hair as compared to the DNA you were born with. Thus, curly hair is an autosomal dominant characteristic in biological matter. Your father may have straight hair while your mother might have curly. You inherit both your parents’ genes. However, curly hair genes are more common than straight hair and will pass to your descendants.

Chances are you will have curly hair if your parents also have curly hair at birth. However, there are some cases when your parents with curly hair can also have children with curly hair or straight hair. Straight hair is regards as “recessive.” Curly hair is regards as a dominant gene trait. For simpler understanding, if one parent provides you two curl hair genes as well as the other parent provides you with a pair of straight hair genes, you will have curly hair.

Hence, the genes are the most common explanation for curly hair. The physical mechanism that causes curly hair is determined by the shape of your hair follicle, also known as the root of your hair. Hair follicles also play a role in the growth of your hair. The hair follicle is a major contributor to the hair’s texture and shape. The gene also gives birth to the hair follicles.

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Follicles are the primary reason curly hair is naturally formed. The hair follicles will shape how the hair looks and develop. This is why an asymmetrical, or flat, hair follicle forms the end of the hair. It creates an oval-shaped oval, instead of straight up.

Protein structure

Protein structure is another consideration. Protein structure is an important factor in shaping hair. An electron microscope study has shown that curly hair contains unequal portions of the keratin protein structure. Keratin protein focuses on the curvature. Curly hair is a result of protein structure.

Other factors

Other elements include moisture, hormone effects, and slight changes in hair proteins due to heat or cold. They can all affect hair’s condition.

Curly hair does not grow in a normal manner

Curly hair girls are often obsessed with their hair length. Day in and day out, she wonders why her hair grows so slow compared to her friends’ or how does she has such a shoulder hair. Every type of hair grows at a different rate. It can range from 0,5mm to 1cm per month. This growth rate may vary depending on what diet you choose. A straight-haired girl will be able to see the process better than a curly one.

It is not a good idea to wash curly hair every week.

In general, curly girls do not wash their hair as often as straight hair girls. Curly hair is less hydrated and moisturize than straight hair. Hair problems can also be caused by excessive hair styling products. This is where we have the solution. To avoid causing hair damage, you should only wash your hair with only water and not use any hair care products or shampoos.

Curly hair is more resilient than other types of hair

Curly hair can be so strong, but you may not know it. You might believe that curly hair can withstand pressure or force because of its thick appearance, but you are wrong. It may not be the strong hair as you believe, as it can easily be damaged, split, or even broken. You must take good care of your hair, treat it like a treasure and give it the best possible treatment.

Straightening curly hair is not a good idea.

You will have to deal with hair problems like split ends, breakage, and damage if you style your curly hair. This is because you don’t know much about curly hair structure and how heat affects the hair. It is possible to make your hair look great, even when it is stretched or squeezed. The key is that you must definitely moisturize your curly hair. To protect your hair from heat stress, apply a thin coating of anti-heat before styling. To have your hair styled by a skilled curly hair specialist, you should visit a salon.

Curly hair can become straighter later in life.

Hormonal changes

Your hair follicle structure can be affected by hormones at different times in your life. Researchers are still not able to fully understand the causes of this phenomenon.

During pregnancy, your curly hair may become thicker, heavier or less curly. If your hair thins after birth, you may notice a decrease in curliness. Hair texture may change due to hormone fluctuations during menopause.


Your immediate environment is also important. Perhaps you’ve been living in a humid environment all your life and now want to move to dry, cool mountains. The change in humidity, altitude and water used to wash your hair can make your hair texture a little bit different.

Conditions of health

Some health conditions can affect the texture of your hair, either permanently or temporarily. Alopecia can reduce the hair’s thickness, making it look less wavy. Your hair can also be affected by chemotherapy and other medications.


The food you eat, and the nutritional supplements you take are the final factors. There is no one food or vitamin that will magically make your hair look great. Your hair can look different if you prioritize your health and eat a balanced diet. Your hair will look healthier and may appear fuller and healthier when you are at your best.


The genes that you inherit from both your parents determine how curly your hair appears. Your hair’s appearance is determined by many factors. If you have children, the way your hair appears at birth is a clue to what genetic information they will receive. The texture of your hair can change through your lifetime. However, this doesn’t mean your DNA has changed. Environment, nutrition and hormones can all affect how your hair texture looks throughout your life.

Sometimes naturally curly hair is enviable. If you are a naturally curly-haired girl, take pride in your hair and feel confident. You can now understand why some people have curly hair. Curly hair is more beautiful than you may think. Let’s embrace our curls, in all their wildness. Your natural textures can be amazing and it is important to love yourself. Girls, have fun with your curly hair!