This is a scene we’ve seen many times on the movie screens: Fresh from an emotional breakup the protagonist looks into her mirror and grabs a pair of scissors to cut her hair. Her new haircut not only changes her appearance but also marks a turning point in her personality. A swishy blowout is optional, but highly recommended. However, dramatic hair changes were once possible because of major life events. Nowadays similar hair transformation are more common as well due to the recent pandemic.

You will find the proof in the social medias as celebrities have used the time to update their appearances, even though they are self-isolating. You can see the extent of the changes from Alia Bhatt’s mid-length cut, courtesy of Ranbir Kapoor to more dramatic ones at the opposite end of the spectrum, as well as Dua Lipa’s transformation from beachy blondes into cotton candy pinks. Why have we felt the need to make a big change? And how can we ensure that we don’t regret it after the adrenalin has subsided.

We all have been wishing for a hair-makeover since the pandemic. It is clear to see why celebrities and everyday people would be able to transform their hair with the quarantine. The lockdown brought about a wave in restrictions, monotony, and lack of control. People have always felt the need to make changes in something they can control, which is their appearance. This phenomenon can also be attributed to the long periods we spend looking at ourselves on Zoom. This has increased awareness about our image. This can also be attributed to the fact that people have taken time to get to know themselves better and worked on their own image. It has prompted them to want to rebrand and represent a new them.

A pair of newly cut bangs is not just a transformation in your face as it looks in the mirror. It is also a symbol of change in energy. We leave behind the bad and welcome new beginnings. A hair change can be a transformation for many. Transforming our appearance can be a way to reflect our inner world.

You can use it to express your personality in a creative way and how you want to be seen by others. Going for a hair transformation that feels natural and authentic for yourself can help boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Some hair salons have dedicated many hours to fixing at-home hair mistakes tend to cause by client’s DIY transformation. People are more comfortable experimenting with hairstyles and colours, regardless of whether they’re opting for bangs or even experimenting with unusual colours. The post-lockdown period focuses on trimming overgrown hair and correcting self-tried cuts at-home. Also, hair salons have noticed a higher demand for balayage refreshes and taking care of faded colours tresses after the lockdown.

It is important to remember that a transformation doesn’t have to be very extreme. The choice to embrace your natural self in a pandemic world now that is constantly seeking newness can be just considered as drastic. Some people choose to embrace their natural hair and let it grow naturally. This is a drastic decision in many ways. This pandemic has helped us to see the bigger picture. The choice to go natural can also be cathartic. Kylie Jenner, a beauty chameleon and entrepreneur, shared the same on Instagram, stating that she was on a hair-health journey during her year-long stay-at-home quarantine, with no hair, nail, or lash extensions, while also being self-isolated.

Here are some things to consider before you decide on a hair-transformation

While it is clear that everyone has a different definition of transformation, most experts agree that it is important to do your mental homework before you make major transformation to your hair. This will ensure that you love and embrace your new look the next day. Before you make drastic transformation to your hair, there are two things that are important: Why are these drastic changes being made and how committed will you be to maintaining them. It is not the finale after having a hair transformation as you also need to maintain it. Each look requires a level of commitment to keep it looking great, whether you are styling your hair or taking care of your colour. Because it is very challenging to reverse a transformation in a short time, we try to make sure that clients never regret their hairstyles.

You can stop making impulsive decisions by asking yourself why you would like to transform your appearance. Also, what are your intentions for making this transformation? How would this transformation make you feel? Do you do it for yourself? It’s important to be able to sit down with your “why” and make sure you are doing it for you and for positive reasons.