Today’s most popular hairstyle is the Pompadour. This hairstyle is trendy among hipsters, but it has been around since the beginning.

The pompadour hairstyle is named after Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), a mistress under King Louis XV. The basic idea is to have a lot of hair pulled up from the forehead and worn high above the forehead. Sometimes, it can be swept back around the sides or back. This hairstyle is not the same as Madame de Pompadour’s. She wore her hair back, rather than up, and with minimal volume. This name was first used in the 20th century.


Vertical volume is added to the top of the head by combing the hair back and above the forehead. This trend originated in France’s royal court women’s hairstyles in 1680s and again in the second half the 18th century. King Louis XIV was a fan of the way the Duchess de Fontanges arranged his hair after he fell from his horse in 1680. To please King Louis XIV, she started to wear it this way every day and developed a new hairstyle called the “Fontange”. It adds vertical volume to the hair. This hairstyle lasted 20 years.

Madame de Pompadour, Louis XV’s reign, wore hair low and back-swept with a simple aura. It was not called a pompadour. Louis XVI introduced a new hairstyle that added height and volume to the hair, which was popular in the 1770s and 1780s. This hairstyle culminated before the Revolution, when it was endorsed by Marie-Antoinette’s contemporaries. Stylists were bold in their ideas to add more height.

This hairstyle was revived in the 1890s, as part of Gibson Girl’s look. It remained in fashion until World War I. Jay Gatsby’s pompadour was a reference to his youth in The Great Gatsby (1925). This hairstyle was popular again for women in the 1940s. In the 1950s and 1960s, the men’s version was popularized by rock and roll, early country and movie stars like Johnny Cash, James Dean, Elvis Presley and Tony Curtis. It enjoyed a revival in the 2000s. In the 21st Century, both men and women rock the popular haircut name as pompadour.

Styles for women

The hairstyle is marginally more popular among women in the early years of the 21st Century. You can achieve it by backcombing the roots of your hair from the sides of the pompadour to the top of your head. Next, hair should be combed and rattled. The front of the hair should be curled straight back. The sides must be pulled towards the center.

This hairstyle, which was still not known as the pompadour in the 1950s, was worn by James Dean and Elvis Presley. The hairstyle was also known as the “Elvis cut”, Quiff, ducktail and jelly roll. It could even be said that Elvis liked the pompadour because it was so popular for women. It is believed that Presley was attracted to the pompadour’s exaggerated shape. However, it could also be argued that the King’s cooption of the hairstyle was an intentional two-finger salute to conservative social norms. Bowie, put that in your shiny pipe and start smoking it.

The pompadour’s rigid form was losing popularity among men in the 1970s who wanted to let their hair grow naturally and wash it occasionally. The hairstyle made a comeback with the rise of psychobilly in the 1980s.

The 1980s saw the popularity of hairstyles associated with rockabilly culture. This was adopted by people who were enamored with the vintage culture of the late 1950s to early 1960s. These included greasers and Teddy Boys, rockabilly bands, Elvis Presley impersonators, and antique cars.

Famous celebrities who wore pompadours in the 1950s and 60s include Little Richard, Ahmad Zahir from Afghanistan, as well as actors like James Dean, Marlon brando, and Desi Arnaz.

Latin hair hairstyles are often associated with Argentine tango fashion and late 20th-century musical genres like rockabilly or country. The pompadour was popular among Mexican zoot suitors in the 1930s and 1940s.

This hairstyle is very popular with Mexican American Chicanos, Italian Americans, and the “goombah”, or “Guido”, subculture. [citation needed] The hairstyle is often parodied in shows like The Sopranos or Jersey Shore, which portray negatively stereotyped characters–especially Silvio Dante. John Gotti and other notable gangsters have worn the hairstyle.

The pompadour, which is popular in Japanese culture, is a stereotypical haircut worn by gang members, thugs and members of the yakuza, bosozoku and other similar groups like the yankii (high school hoodlums). The “Regent” hairstyle is popular in Japan and is often depicted on television, music videos, and manga. It is also known for its unusual length and volume. Punch perm is a combination of traditional pompadour and afro hairstyles. This hairstyle is also worn stereotypically by street thugs, yakuza, bosozoku and chinpira. The hairstyle was a signature feature for Josuke Higashikata (main character of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the fourth part of the manga series).

The quiff is a variation of the pompadour in the psychobilly subculture. Psychobilly musicians and fans wear the quiff, which is also a hairstyle. Psychobilly wedge is a mix of a mohawk and a pompadour. The hair is cut along the sides of the head and the middle is left slicked down and snipped.

The pompadour haircut was popularized by celebrities in the 2000s and 2010. These include Conan O’Brien and Bruno Mars, Morrissey and David Beckham.

Today, although rarely seen in its classic form, the pompadour remains one of the hands-down best hairstyles for men, a look proudly sported by hairstyle icons including model Jon Kortajarena, Zayn Malik and Zac Efron.

Consider These Things for the Perfect Pompadour

It’s important to understand the basics of this trend before you can find the perfect pomp for yourself.

Hair Length

It is difficult to determine how long your hair should grow to achieve a pompadour. It’s important to have the right amount hair in the right places. A conservative rule of thumb is to have a hair length of at least 2.4 inches on your top, and a shorter one on your sides.

This will allow you to have enough hair length to comb or sweep back for some volume. Ask your barber for advice on the best length hair to achieve your desired pompadour height.

Face shape

Your face shape is important in determining the style that suits you best. The pompadour style suits those with high cheekbones, wide jawlines and broad shoulders. There are many styles that can be used to flatter the shape of your face, even if you don’t have a traditional shape.

To avoid extra broadening your face if you have a round shape, keep your sides and back low. To alter your face’s roundness and make you appear older, your stylist may add an angled fringe. To create the illusion of more width, add a little more hair to your sides if you have a long oval-shaped face.

Hair Type

A pompadour that suits your hair type is also appropriate. Your pompadour can be shaped and textured if you have curly hair. A smoother and more natural pomp is achieved with straight hair.

Thicker hair will add volume and fullness to your hair. You can achieve a shorter pomp while still maintaining some height. While finer hair is easier to style and manage, you should grow your hair out more to bulk it up. Your barber will be able to help you decide what type of hair you have.

A pompadour is not the right choice for you if you have thin hair. Even if your hair is long enough to comb, a pompadour exposes your forehead and emphasizes your receding hairline.

Beard or no Beard?

While it is more common for men not to wear a pompadour with a clean-shaven facial, this style can be worn with a mustache or beard. A pompadour can be made more striking by facial hair.

To complement your facial shape, balance your hair length and shape evenly. You can choose to style your pompadour or beard in a masculine, rugged look or one that is more sophisticated.

Maintaining Pompadour Haircut

The pompadour hairstyle is not as elegant as it appears. To keep your pompadour cut looking neat and clean, you will need to visit the barber on a regular basis. You also need to style it daily. This is not the hairstyle for you if you are a man who prefers a simple style.

Here are some tips for styling a pompadour hairstyle:

  • After taking a morning shower, dry your hair with light heat and combing it from the front to the back.
  • Apply a little pomade to your hair. Start at the ends and work your way up.
  • Style your hair until you achieve the style you desire.

A pompadour hairstyle is a mix of style, sophistication, and character. Although it is a more difficult hairstyle to maintain, it can portray a very timeless appearance. Head down to your hairstylist and your new pompadour hair will be the big next hit.