If the toner failed to work effectively on the orange hair, a blue toner must be applied again to neutralize the undesirable tone.

If you feel that the orange tone is too dark or intense, you can bleach your hair again and then apply the blue toner to achieve a lighter blonde.

It is important to adhere to the blue toner’s exposure times. To prevent your hair from becoming orange again, ensure there are no residues of any other products.

It is unpredictable as there are many unknown variables when neutralizing orange tones in hair.

Many factors influence the toning results, including the colour of the toner that you have applied, the time you leave the toner on your hair, and the natural base colour and tonality of your hair.

Moreover, toning on darker hair will produce different results as compared to toning on lighter hair.

Many clients have experienced that their hair was still orange tones after bleaching or toning their hair leading to their concerns.

To make the situation even worse, they tried to cover up the orange colour they didn’t like and they dyed their hair!

But this is certainly not the right solution. To cover up the orange by darkening your hair is not the way you have wished for a beautiful blonde. That is why you have bleached hair at first.

We would like to share with you an incident with our client, Kate who had complained about her strident orange hair and hope we could fix it for her. Kate explained that she had tried to tone her hair using the Youtube tutorial.

It is true that most people, including her, did not get what they wanted. She applied the toner, rinsed her hair and discovered in despair that the orange was still present.

You’ll find that there is a solution to everything in the end. So are you in a similar situation as her?

Let us enlighten you on why the toner failed to work for the orange hair.

Toning before and after

The Toner Did Not Work When Applied On Orange Hair

It is important to know that orange tones commonly appear in hair that was originally brown or dark blonde. Others, on the other hand, may have an orange-tinged hair due to genetic inheritance or their hair’s condition.

We understand that you are worried. But don’t be. There is always a way out. Remember that you are just dealing with orange hair and not those burnt or damaged, broken hair.

Let us request you to take a moment to go back to the time when you had made the decision to apply the toner to your hair. Also, did you verify and get the guidance of the colour wheel before applying the toner on your hair?

You might be asking, “Are we talking to you about art or about hair?”

The answer is yes, we are advising on hair issues. All hair colours are guided by colourimetry.

The colour wheel is one of the most fundamental tools in colourimetry.

hair colour wheel

Picture yourself standing in front of a colour wheel, trying to find the orange colour. Is it there?

Ok, now tell us what colour do you see that is opposite to orange? Yes, Blue!

Blue is the opposite of orange. It is the colour that neutralizes orange.

Hence if you wish to tone your orange tone hair, you have to use blue toner.

Unfortunately, if you used purple toner or other colour toner, the will lead to the root cause of why there are still orange tones in your hair. From the colour wheel, you will be able to know that purple only neutralizes the yellow tones in the hair and NOT orange tones. In fact, there are many people who cannot distinguish the difference between orange hair and yellow hair.

Are you able to distinguish what type of orange was your hair before you used the toner? Was it an intense dark orange? Hence if this is the case, albeit if you apply a blue toner, the orange will not disappear. You will need to further lighten the intense orange hair in order for the toner to effectively neutralize it.

You will bleach your hair again if it is in a healthy condition. The toner does not colour your hair. It only reduces some undesirable tones in your hair.

Did you use any other hair products when applying the toner to your orange hair?

To tone the orange, the toner will not be able to penetrate the hair if it has been covered with styling cream, other products or it is poorly rinsed with hair residues like the conditioner or mask.

Did you take the time to read and understand the instructions from your toner manufacturer properly?

This is very important and it is essential to strictly follow the exposure times and the ratio of toner and developer. Otherwise, your hair will still be orange despite how much blue toner you use. 

This will also happen if your hair is washed immediately after you have toned it. This will also result in a faster fade of the hair’s tone with every hair wash.

If you are used to washing your hair every other day, this will always cause the toner to fade quickly.

Let’s go back to discuss further on the solution to fix your orange hair tones. How do you achieve this?

hair toner

If The Toner Does Not Work for Your Orange Hair, Use a Blue Toner to Re-Tone The Hair

A blue toner is required for you to attain an ashy even tone on an orange hair base.

You will need to lighten your hair more if you want a light blonder look. Apply an appropriate toner to tone it down further.

Do you wish your hair to have a more even and ashy tone?

Apply the toner once more and you will need to adhere to these instructions.

Blue toner must be used.

It is the colour opposite of orange on the colour wheel.

Follow the toner manufacturer instructions properly rather than be creative. You can use your creativity in other aspects such as to decorate your home, plan a surprise birthday gift for a friend or create a new cooking recipe.

The toner manufacturers made sure that their product worked for toning orange hair.

You must adhere properly to their instructions and strictly follow the exposure times and the ratio of toner and developer. 

You could choose to not do it, and accept the consequences. What are the consequences? Your hair will remain orange.

Always begin the application at the roots and work your way to the hair ends.

It is crucial to ensure that you have achieved an even tone. You may be wondering why. This is because the hair ends are lighter than the rest all the time.

If you are unable to follow the “root to ends” toning order and this will result in your hair ends looking blue. It is very important to remain focused when applying the toner as you must be very quick during the toner application to your orange hair.

Hence do not get distracted by any WhatsApp groups or your favorite drama episodes or have a conversation with your boyfriend.

You should make sure to cover all hair areas evenly. If you are lacking toning experience, you may try applying the toner to wet hair that must not have any hair product residues.

The toner product will be evenly distributed if your hair is damp and wet. The toner pigments can effectively penetrate hair cuticles if the hair shaft is not covered with hair products or residues.

What Happens After the Blue Toner Removes Your Orange Tone?

In the long term, the orange tone will still return to your hair.

Hence in order to keep your colour looking perfect, it is wise to apply the blue toner repeatedly every four to six weeks.

However, the frequency of the toning will all depend on how often you wash your hair. You will need to apply the toner more frequently if you wash your hair more often.

hair toner


If the toner fails to work on your orange hair and causes your hair to still be orange, the solution will be to apply the toner again. It is obvious that something went wrong during the first application.

Please do not be panicked. You can fix applying a blue toner on your hair. Just make sure to respect the toner product specifications such as the application times and toner/developer ratio.

The blue toner will not let you down, we promise. It will effectively neutralize any unwanted orange tones, and make your hair shiny and healthy.

If not, ask Kate. The colour of her hair changed dramatically after we had applied the blue toner to it. It was a stunning ash blonde instead of a garish orange.

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