Wolf Cut Evolution!

The wolf cut is one of the hairstyle trends which *everybody* seems to adore and at the moment of writing, videos with the hashtag #wolfcut have gotten more than a billion views on TikTok, as well as at least 120k Google searches are done each month. Therefore, it is undeniable that TikTok is the source of the Wolf Cut hair fad and yet you can find a method to wear it that suits your particular style and feels unique. Especially considering that every hair type and length unlocks a host of various wolfy appearances. There probably will not be any similarities between the hairstyle and the animal itself if you look at images of wolves. Instead, the name “wolf cut” was inspired by the earthy, wild nature of the haircut.

The wolf hairstyle, a hybrid of the shag and the mullet, was created in South Korea and became quite popular in the UK while we were all cooped up at home and a poor DIY haircut was the least of our concerns. The trend of adding edge to their glam has long been worn by the handsome guys of K-pop. All hair types, shapes, densities and textures are suitable for this haircut technique. The wolf is an undeniably genderless style that has given daring beauty fans their fill of adrenaline. Now, if you want to sport a wolf haircut in 2022, be aware that you will be rocking a daring, grungy, cool-girl aesthetic: picture Billie Eilish, not Kim K. (Also, avoid cutting it yourself at home!)

As mentioned, the wolf cut is described as a hybrid of the popular Shag haircut for street style and the traditional American Mullet: the 70s shag and the 80s mullet combined in a highly fashionable collaboration. It has a similar pattern and structure to a mullet and is from the inspiration of a mullet’s choppy texture, but it is softer and more wearable of a shag cut. A wolf cut is a kind of haircut where the top has a lot of volumes, the front has daringly shorter layers, and the bottom has a tapered, wispier finish. Also, you should be looking out for dramatic, thick fringe or curtain bangs. It highlights the rough texture and face-framing layers. Imagine it as a shaggy hairstyle with plenty of personality. It still looks stunning while being more fashionable than a mullet and less complicated and fussier than a shag. The placement of the layers is the primary distinction between the wolf cut and the traditional mullet. Instead of being concentrated just at the top of the head, the layers are distributed throughout the hairstyle.

wolf cut Singapore


wolf haircut singaporewolf haircut singapore


classic wolf cut

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How Do Wolf Cuts Look ?  

The top hair length of wolf cut tends to vary as some individuals like to keep their top hair relatively short, while others let it grow out longer. The idea is to look just adequately wild for the wolf cut style to convey a cool-girl, carefree image without making the cut too difficult for styling. It is a very lived-in, natural and cool haircut with plenty of layers and movement.

As a result, most stylists will have a consensus that although there is a wide range of different wolf cuts, including straight, long, curly, short, wavy, etc. the essential elements are:

  1. The roots and crown have a ton of volume and lift.
  2. Several tapering end and shorts layers
  3. Blunt bangs or a curtain bangs for face framing results

In essence, it gives you an appearance that is a mix between Elvira and Farrah Fawcett. Although the two combinations may seem impossible, it still suits well on most facial shapes and looks stunning.

A skilled stylist can guarantee that your wolf cut properly fits your face shape and you stylistic preferences by adjusting the overall length of the wolf cut and the height of the layers.

classic wolf cut

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How Come The Wolf Cut Is So Popular?

It is simple to trace the claim to fame of this wolf cut. First and foremost, the hairdresser bears responsibility for the look’s success. The wolf cut should appear as shaggier as possible since the layers are uneven. Only experienced and skilled hands should try this wolf cut since novice hairstylists will often use texturizing shears to give your hair the desirable movement. Yes, the layers are rather difficult to achieve and require an experienced and skilled hairdresser since the wolf layers need to sit precisely at the proper lengths that depend on your face shape. But all the work is essentially over as you leave the salon as wearing it daily requires very little styling or maintenance; all you need to do is maintain your hair nourished and hydrated to prevent frizz and destroy the shape.

Second, the wolf is one of the few haircut trends that is embracing hair curls and texture. Yes, curly hair makes for the finest canvas for the piecey, space-out layers. Hairstylists can provide the necessary separation in the layers of curly and wavy hair, giving the layers a fragmented, unblinded, and eventually frayed appearance. Additionally, women with curly hair may have bangs with the wolf cut without constantly having to style them daily. The wolf cut is thus not to everyone’s taste. Yes, this is not for you if you like your haircut to appear neat, sleek, even and clean. Wolf cuts on straight hair need deliberate addition of messy texture while styling to avoid looking flat (yikes!).

Do You Need a Wolf Cut?

The wolf cut flatters both long and short hair, and individuals who lament their thick, unmanageable locks may discover that a wolf cut makes their mane seem lighter and more manageable for styling. Keep in mind that creating the signature volume and texture may need more time daily for styling the wolf cut especially for those with straighter and finer hair texture.

Will the wolf cut look good on you? It is a modern, bold hairstyle that is popular for a reason. You need to consider it from a few perspectives initially to choose whether you ought to get one for yourself. If you have thought about how much of a significant change it would be for you, talk it over with your hairstylist beforehand to make sure you would like the finishing outcome. If you are hesitant, your hairdresser can consider to customize something that is a bit subtle, soft and less overt. Before adopting the look, keep the following in mind:

Are you prepared for the everyday styling required by the wolf cut? This haircut might become dull and boring if your hair does not have naturally thick, volume and body since it needs regular styling to achieve the desired appearance. This cut has a lot of choppy layers, so unless you style it with heat, it will be difficult to achieve the bodacious wolf haircut appearance. Without using hot tools to add curls, waves or body, this style will rest flat with layers protruding at awkward angles. If you want to maintain your hair looking its greatest, you need to think about your willingness to put in the daily maintenance or styling effort.

Decide on your styling strategy. You may be able to get away with having air dry for this kind of wolf cut if your hair has a lot of texture from natural curls or waves. However, the majority of us will need to style it to get the desired texturizing appearance, so it is good to consider your styling options before committing to the wolf cut. Applying a quality hair mousse or serum into your locks first before using a heat protectant spray is what we advise. The hair roots may then be rolled with a flat iron to enhance volume and produce textured, soft waves all-over. You may achieve extra hair volume by lifting random sections and spritz with a volumizing spray or add the texturizing powder to the roots.

The appearance depends on the type and texture of your hair. You begin to get an idea of how it will appear on you after seeing a few pictures of wolf cuts. But have you considered the texture and type of your hair? A wolf cut will appear significantly different on thin, fine, pin-straight hair than on thick, beachy waves or very curly or coily hair. To get an idea of how your hair will appear in this wolf haircut, be sure to check out inspirations of this haircut on the various hair types and texture!

The wolf cut may be customized in order to complement your face shape and be more attractive. Any face shape will look great with wolf cuts if the proper haircut correction is made. Oval faces can rock any version of the wolf cut, while square faces should choose wispier layers to soften the strong jaw. Heart-shaped faces should add more hair layers around the chin level to fill it out visually. Round faces should concentrate on adding volume with shorter layers on the top to make the face appear more oval.

Trends change throughout time. A wolf cut may not be what you desire. Although the old cliché “it grows back” certainly holds in this case, having a wolf cut might need a bit more hair dedication than you would imagine. The hair will grow out in a different unexpected manner because of the very short layers that were cut into it, making the growing-out period especially difficult. Once you become tired of the wolf cut owing to all the choppy layers, you could realize that you are better off cutting your hair short.

Key Differences Between Wolf, Shag, Mullet Cuts?

Although the wolf cut can appear very similar to a shag, there are still some identifiable differences. As Wolf cut are not afraid to become choppier and shorter, thus they tend to step towards the “mullet style”. To give you a better idea of wolf cut, just think of more shorter layers at the crown and lesser hair hugging the face as well as an intentional hair length disconnection. This distinct of uber short layers and length is the goal to the creation of wolf cut style. Besides, most of the wolf hairstyle will have bangs that will connect them slightly more back toward the ears and uniformly blend into the crown’s shorter layers. Thus, the is the key difference between the shag and wolf cut.

How to Discuss Wolf Cuts With Your Hairstylist

There has been a sharp increase in wolf cut demand for the trend since it transcends gender stereotypes. This has led to changes and customizations in the way your wolf cut will appear. Before obtaining your own wolf cut, ask your stylist a few important questions:

Firstly, what about the bangs?

The bangs on a wolf cut may be curtain, side-swept, wispy, fringed or even baby cropped bangs. So, before getting your wolf haircut, ask your stylist which bangs would fit your face shape and hair type the best.

What is the length of layers in the wolf cut?

You may choose to go for a strong texture or keep it subtle with a few delicately stacked ones at this point. Smaller sections may be worked with by a skilled stylist to produce layers that will put conventional layered hairstyles to shame.

How about the lower half?

The top half of everyone’s head is pretty much similar, but your wolf cut may be customized based on the texture and length of the hair’s bottom half. The best lengths for the wolf cut trend are the collarbone-grazing lengths, but if you want to leave your hair longer, you can always choose more evenly blended stacked layers to prevent your layers from appearing scraggly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all hair types match the wolf cut?

The Wolf Haircut is really popular, but not everyone will love the look. A wolf haircut will appear best on someone who has requested for hair volume. If you already have thick hair, it would be best to avoid getting a wolf cut unless you truly want to add volume to your hair.

Wolf cuts do not need much styling and have a carefree, laid-back appearance. They are also suitable on all hair lengths, albeit too short hair tends to seem less unkempt than longer hair.

How can you get a wolf hairstyle?

Not much work is required to create a wolf haircut. Your hairdresser will first wash and dry your hair. The messy layers will then be introduced to provide depth and volume to the hair. The top will then be added with shaggy bangs and thinning it out at the hair end as well as style it.

Is this hairstyle difficult to pull off?

A Wolf cut is not considered a challenging haircut to achieve. Even though they are relatively new trends, an experienced and skilful hairdresser will understand precisely what your hair goals are. They are used to trimming bangs and adding layers to increase volume, so it will be simple for them. Bring in a photograph to show them the exact wolf cut appearance you are going for since it enables them to work off of an inspiring image.

How should a wolf haircut be styled?

While every person’s hair texture and type are unique, styling a wolf haircut is not too challenging. In any case, you should create volume and highlight the hair’s texture. After the hair is aired dry, a quality leave-in conditioner helps to add volume and a seaside mood.

A waver tool, a good container of hair spray, and a teasing comb can give your cut the volume you desire if you have straight or fine hair. Wolf cuts are after all intended to appear messy and somewhat tousled, however, you should try to style them slightly to avoid looking like you just got out of bed.

Will I look nice with the wolf cut?

Honestly speaking, not everyone will look nice with wolf cuts. But the core characteristic of the wolf cut is about the altitude that it portrayed. It is an edgy hairstyle that deviates from the norm. While everyone can pull off the look, it certainly will look better on teenagers and women in their early 20s who have slightly more edgy fashion sense. You will be a more suitable candidate for a wolf cut if you have previously rocked a mullet or shag.

Is a wolf affordable?

In simple layman terms, a fringe cut coupled with volumizing layers is called a wolf cut. So do not anticipate paying any more than you would for a normal haircut. However, if you want it styled, you may require a blowout service. Depending on how much your salon charges for extra styling services, this might increase the cost of your cut by $20 to $60.

Who benefits most from the wolf cut?

Women who have an edgy fashion sense with thin or fine hair and would like to have greater hair volume can consider going for a wolf cut. If your hair is thick, it might become overly heavy and may require additional salon appointments as well as making morning hair styling more time-consuming. A wolf cut may be worn by young ladies with any hair type, although it looks best on hair length that is medium to long.

What do you need to inquire about in the salon?

If you are unsure about how to get a wolf cut at the salon, you may just request for a “wolf cut”. However, as it is well said that “a photo is worth a thousand words”, thus stylists will easily understand and achieve your hair goal when you provide them with a photo of inspiration (you may pick from one of our inspirations below). Find a hairstyle you like, then present it to your hairdresser. Please let them know if you want to change the cut in any way. They will be able to model the cut as shown in the photos and tweak it to best fit your style and face.

What type of maintenance is necessary?

The nicest thing about a wolf cut is that it will continue to look good as it grows out. The key characteristic of the wolf cut is its full head of layers, which will only increase the volume as your hair grows. And that, of course, is the objective and characteristic of a wolf cut. You should get your haircut every 5-7 weeks if it becomes longer or thicker. However, some wolf cut wearers may also wait up to two to three months without appearing to require a trim. Hence, ultimately it depends on the hair type and texture of the individual and how it grows out.

Does a Wolf Cut Fit You?

So, do you love to hate the wolf cut or is it a style you cannot wait to try? It seems like a breath of fresh air to us. Do not misunderstand us; we adore the straight, sleek, and beachy waves that are always in trend.

The wolf cut, however, has a feminine, wild, and modern traits.

The wolf cut may be a stunning whole new appearance for you if you do not mind the routine daily styling. Just make sure the hairdresser is reliable and well adept at managing the texture and type of your hair. This guarantees that you get a cut that flatters your facial shape and hair type.

And one last takeaway: as we all know, DIY haircuts are very common during the past years of COVID lockdown, but please keep in mind to avoid attempting DIY this wolf cut for your next hairstyle. As you may end up having an unsightly choppy mullet or indescribable appearance instead of the signature edgy, bold wolf cut you desired. To wrap up, if you have been seeking a new haircut transformation, this wolf cut could just get your heart beating and win the hearts of everyone in your friend groups!

11 Ways to Wear the Wolf Cut Hair Trend

Depending on your hair’s length, layers’ length, hair texture and depth, hair type and the style of bangs, you may rock the wolf cut in a variety of ways. We have the following inspirations to share with you and hopefully you grabbed a few screenshots from these inspirations!

Classic Wolf Cut

The classic wolf cut has tons of textured hair top volume, shoulder-skimming hair length, beautiful curtain bangs, and lots of choppy layers. We like this tousled, dishevelled style of undone appearance.

classic woft cut

IG @sabrayna_

classic woft cut

IG @sabrayna_

Chin-Length Wolf Cut

This shorter iteration of the well-known wolf cut is a wonderful way to rock the trend and is the perfect haircut for air drying. Around the top, there are short and choppy layers that gradually become longer toward the ends. The style is finished off with a beautiful full fringe.


Shaggy Wolf Cut

In order to maintain the volume focusing at the top, the ends of this shoulder-length wolf style are thinned down. The finished result is on-point beautiful haircut that plays up the textured, tousled ends without appearing too wild.

Tamed Wolf Cut

With the shorter layers beginning at the lower down of the hair shaft, this wolf cut looks a bit more subdued and less bold. Unlike the classic wolf cut, the top has less oomph but still has a wild, carefree appearance. This iteration is ideal if you are concerned that the classic wolf cut is a bit too statement making and bold for everyday wear.

Sleek Wolf Cut

Here’s an intriguing trend take on: A straightened-out, sleek variation of the wolf cut! You may always choose this sleek, straightened style if you do not want to wear waves or curls every day. To get this appearance, just roll the flat iron on your layers (be sure to use heat protectant!) and softly flip the ends under.


Blunt Bang Wolf Cut

Although curtain bangs with a wolf cut are more popular and common, we also really like the look of blunt bangs with the wolf cut. A canvas with shaggy, long layers is ideal for textured waves wolf cut.

Curly Wolf Cut

The wolf cut looks very different with more natural curls or ringlets as compared to those wolf hairstyles with waves or straight hair. The bangs and ultra-short layers of this wolf style can be ideal for your ringlets if you subscribe to the “the larger, the better” philosophy.

Messy Wolf Cut

This iteration of this messy wolf cut is distinctive due to its tons of jagged layers, lengthier face-framing pieces and full bangs. You may try to tease the hair at the roots as well as styling it forward to enhance the volume at the crown.


Wolf Cut & Micro Bangs

The centerpiece of this shaggy look is the extremely short bangs. This textured wolf hairstyle, which looks great on ladies with curly hair because of the lengthier layers in the back, is reminiscent of a mullet.

Coily Wolf Cut

Due to its natural self-supporting texture of coily hair, it will effortlessly pull off the tapered wolf cut. To balance the look and beautifully frame your face, it is advisable to add short bangs!

Men Wolf Cut

As mentioned, wolf cut is also favored for being a gender-neutral hairstyle, which is maybe apropos for the moment. In fact the trend evolved from the gorgeous men of K-pop who have long been sporting the style adding edge to their glam.