You have just had your hair balayaged by a colourist. They most likely to lighten your hair by bleaching it. Next will be the shampooing… and back into the chair… then… it’s yellow! This happens all the time in all hair salons in the whole world. BUT, DON’T FRET …. it’s now time to get toner. The choice of a toner is a difficult one. It is amazing to see how two varying shades may look although they have the similar “level of dark” technically.

The current trend is ASH!  Many people choose to go very silvery or near greyish tones. But, is this look right for every client? The actual answer is a Nope …. An experienced colourist can custom-create a beautiful blonde tone for you… it’s not unusual for a colourist mix two to three shades to achieve the appearance that is suitable for your personality perfectly… We call Craft Blonding… Pinks, Gold, Blues and Purples all options. Our salons have great colourists who understand how to combine them to reduce undesired tones and increase the desired shade. Here’s some information that will help you choose the right toner for Balayage Blonde.

In recent months, our salons have used more toner as compared to permanent colour. We have done much more Highlights and Balayage. And we tone everything. It’s the enjoyable portion of the process. This is when you feel like a crazy scientist… creating that ideal blonde client.

Below are some helpful information to assist choose the right warm or ash-based toner to use for your Blonde Balayage.


Ashy Balayage

Ashy hair colour is a colour that is bluish and greenish based. Many associate it with silvery or whitish blonde tones. It is possible to go from a blonde-light blonde to a silvery or white blonde in just 1-2 sessions if your hair is already light.

If you don’t have the luck to have blonde hair or you want to make it lighter, you can spend several sessions in the chair as well as toning your dark blonde to achieve an ashy colour.

Also, who could wear it?

If you have completely clear skin, the hair colour is a great choice! This colour may not match the reddish tones from acne or rosacea, so it may not look as great as you thought. However, ashy tones can look great if your redness is covered up.

It is possible to do it at your own home.

No. Don’t even think about it. It doesn’t matter if you have ever coloured your hair at-home. You can do a good job of applying a warm glaze to your hair. But, to turn your hair into a beautiful shade with the ashiness and make it appear great will require special skills. You could end up harming your scalp and hair. It is best to get a professional colourist to help you to achieve the challenging ashy hair.

What makeup looks good with this hairstyle

The hair’s tone is very icy and cool. You may want to wear it with a bright red and orange lipstick as well as a blush. This will bring some colour to your face and prevent you from looking too pale.

How to maintain this hair colour.

Do not forget to get some purple shampoo. You should also consider deep conditioning your hair. In order to retain the shine of an icy colour, you need to deep conditioning your hair at minimum once a weeks. The purple shampoo will enable you keep those beautiful, elegant silver tones.


Warm Balayage Colour

When it comes down to warmer shades, the most popular in our salons are the stunning caramel colours. Warmer tones have the advantage of brightening the face and appearing lighter than darker/ashier tones. This is because warmer hair tones reflect light better than the darker tones which absorb it.

Your colourist can help get you there using toner. There might be some highlights in your hair that you are happy with and do not wanted to lose them. If you wish to keep the original pattern, but want to go deep and rich in colour, your colourist can do a warmer toner to help you get your “fall colour”.

Who could wear it?

There are no strict rules to this; any colour that is warm and beautiful looks good on anyone. Bronze is the best choice for those with pink skin tones. You will find bronze looks so much more complementary to your warm-toned hair.

How dark or light should it be?

The beauty with warm gold tones in hair is that they can work on all hair colours, from the most light to the darkest. Even totally black hair colour is possible! There are many options. You can play with many different warm-tone colours and find which one you love the best.

Maintaining a warm appearance

You can skip the purple shampoo if you want to have a warm-toned colour. Instead, use a colour-preserving shampoo. This warm hair colour does not require any additional conditioning. You can just stick with the regimen that works for you.