Like all of us, you are likely to be missing getting your hair done by your hairdresser and it has become a memorable experience that will enable us to feel great both in and outside. Let us accept the fact that this circuit breaker shutdown is not cutting it when we urgently need our regular hairdresser in Singapore to rejuvenate up our tresses. Therefore, in this new universal culture of social distancing, we desired to bring together our great hair community and explain few valuable questions to ensure that you are still feeling and looking as fabulous before we all our salons doorways.


1. Should I wash my hair every day?

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We advise to wash your hair once every three days, though we understand this can be hard for those out there who exercise and sweat regularly. Shampooing your hair less frequently will ensure the preservation of your scalp natural oils. Hence instead of shampooing, you can also consider those dry shampoo to soak up those oil and grease which will result in you with clean and fresh hair.


2. How should be wearing my hair when I go to sleep?

This is actually nailing down to individual preference and what is most comfortable from their perspective. For those individuals who prefer to sleep with their hair in a braid or bun, we suggest to loosen them comparatively as getting them tight may result in serious hair breakage. These tight hairstyles may over-stretch or cause breakage to the hair away from the roots, hence we advise to go for those spiral hair ties over the elastic band types. For some extra luxury indulgence, treat yourself to a pillow case made of silk and such silk pillow case is certainly a must get item as they’re excellent to avoid hair breakage, split ends as well as being soft to your facial skin.


3. My bang is in dire need of a trim and how do I style it during this quarantine period at home?

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For sure, overly grown bangs are a nightmare for all of us, especially during this circuit breaker period when you cannot pop in to our hair salons to get a trim. The ideal approach to style your bang during this tough time will be styling using Dutch braids with lots of hair spray, since this will prevent any hairs from having loosen. We certainly know that it might be quite tempting to reach out to your own home scissors and get yourself a trim with a mirror. However, we cannot stress enough that this is really not the solution. Embrace it and let it grow! Allow the hairspray and grips do the speaking.


4. My roots are beginning to come through, what do I do to cover them?

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If you have blonde hair colour, you will know that dry shampoo can become your very best companion, especially when your dark natural hair is coming through at your hair roots. If you’re attempting to touch up your white hair, there are various brands of root touch up in the market that comes in an array of colours and is fabulous for instant coverage as well as being super simple for usage. This instant root touch-up product is not a hair dye, and they are actually make up for hair, who’d of thought. It will stay in place till your next hair wash and it is made of reflective powdery material which gives a smooth natural appearance. Next, if you’re considering on dying your own hair at home, we will strongly advise against that. Over the counter box dyes, are all made with the general huge masses in consideration and if it comes to hair dying, it’s certainly not about a single product that will match all. These kind of box dyes do not consider your personal variables and will leave you in far worst consequences. We are aware of the wait for the hair colour in Singapore to reopen can be far from ideal, but we guarantee you will not regret it.


5. How do I stop my colour from fading?

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To prevent your colour from fading too fast, it is critical to stop shampooing your hair daily. This may not be something that you all wish to hear but the more you shampoo your hair, the faster the colour will fade. While shampooing your hair, please use cold water rather than warm water as warm water will eliminate essential moisture and grease out of your hair. For ladies who wish to take more measures, we would advise to invest in one of our hair care needs like the Kerastase Reflection. Both Kerastase Reflection shampoo and conditioner perform together to ensure your hair colour will last 40 percent longer than using a normal shampoo.


6. How can I tame the baby hair coming through during this quarantine period?

All of us surely have a love and hate affair with our baby hair. While we all feel excited noticing baby hair developing, but who needs these little strays when targeting for that ideally polished appearance. To tame these flies consistently, utilize your hairspray to spray these down and then lightly comb any loosen hairs in the right direction till the hair spray sets.


7. How do I take care of the split ends?

split ends - Hair Critics

While having on quarantine, the avoidance of using heat styling hair equipment is certainly most beneficial to your hair and it is one of the most important advise for your split ends. It is critical that you take good care of your hair when you brush your hair. Do not try to be overly rough, just softly glide your brush or comb through the ends. If you needed to step it up a notch, comb your conditioner through when shampooing. This will help smoothen the hair cuticle and protect against additional splits end appearing.


8. How do I freshen up the hair after a home exercise without even washing?

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Before commencing your exercise, employ some dry shampoo on your hair as it will work just as effective as you are exercising and it will soak up the grease when you are sweating. Once you’ve completed your workout, blast your roots using a hair dryer, since this will result in voluminous hair and it will also eliminate any residual oil or perspiration.


9. What is the quickest and effortless hairstyle that we can all try in the morning to make us feel presentable?

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A ponytail hairstyle is definitely our must try effortless hairstyle. It’s fast and easy to do and also has a super stylish outlook. You can opt for either a stylish scrunchie or a few metallic beaded grips if you wish to add a little something to your ponytail to find a snazzy finishing?


10. How to rejuvenate dull and lifeless hair with shine and volume?

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For such hair condition, there is a likelihood that there is a build up of hair products that need to be removed. Indulge yourself to an intense cleansing of the hair and scalp using the Kerastase’s Fusio Scrub. This range of Fusio Scrub is created to revitalise and detoxify the whole scalp resulting it free from serious contaminants.

We expect this Q&A will have you on the perfect path to prolonging your hair condition and hairstyle while our salons are all shutdown. If you do have any further queries, we certainly love to hear from you personally. Contact us or pop these over to one of our social media channels and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can!