From bright blonde to darker browns to hot pinks, there is a wide array of hair colours available. The women of today are not content to stay with their natural hair colour. They are now venturing out and opting for hair dyes in bold, bright vibrant shades. However, the shade you choose to dye your hair can reveal something about your character. What does your hair’s colour tell you about yourself?

Did you ever feel attracted to a particular hair colour but didn’t know the reason behind it? Let’s go on a limb to say that it was because the colour you chose symbolised what you were feeling inside. Changing the colour of your hair is often not a sign of attention-seeking, but it really is an expression of yourself. Your choice of colour will reflect your mood or the person you wish to be.

In most instances hair colours don’t have any deeper significance. It’s possible to change your hair colour to have fun or wish to appear like an entirely different person. Indeed, we have picked it at a younger age from Hannah Montana!

But, the assumptions about a person’s personality based upon their hair colour are often based on stereotypical and generalisation. What is all the revelation about us if we didn’t have anything to do with the new colour, isn’t it? The choice of a different hair colour for yourself is a completely different ball game, and that’s exactly what we’ll be examining. No, we’re not sticking with conventional hair colours, we’ll be looking at a wide array of hair colours belonging to blonde, brunette, pink, orange and green too!

The Natural Blonde

This is Marilyn Monroe waving goodbye to the “dumb blonde” stereotype! If you’re a natural blonde, it’s because you’re seeking to feel free and relaxed, just like sunshine. Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dumb. It is possible to be intelligent and enjoy laughter. You can be smart and still enjoy having fun. Hair that is naturally blonde goes perfectly with your carefree, relaxed but loud personality. You may enjoy being the centre of attention however, you also long for a relaxing night snuggled in a comfy chair watching Netflix. Your phone is always blowing up and you never get to enjoy those Netflix nights since there’s always something planned regardless of whether it’s a night out with your friends or a dinner out with your family. You’re relaxed, carefree and don’t care too about what’s going on around you, which often can get you into trouble. You don’t care as you’re having a lot of enjoyment living the moment.

The Brunette Gal

Many people are dyeing their hair bright hues or opting for highlights, you would prefer to keep your hair in a brown shade. Your passion for deep brown hair speaks volumes about your character. If you’re a brunette , you are on the lookout for a strategy of actions and are constantly on the move. Your day is dominated by your tight hectic schedule of work and responsibilities regardless of whether you’re spending the evening in the gym or at work into the late midnight hours on a project. You are naturally thriving off staying engaged and busy and frequently get bored by watching Netflix. Your dedication to your work is frequently misunderstood by other people, however your determination and passion lead you to accomplishments and success. To the brown-haired beauty, keep up the hard work!

The Subtle Dyed Tips

The hair colour you prefer is the dip-dyed highlighting techniques. You love your hair’s natural shade, but you desire to switch things up a bit. You can find a happy balance in your dyed hair tips. You want to live your life on the edge, however, you need to find a middle safe haven. Be it your food or your exercise choices, your lifestyle always consists of moderation that is a bit bold but also with little reservation.

The Fiery RedHead

Your red hair is as bright as your character. You are sassy and not scared to flaunt it. You’re not an fiery redhead for no reason. You’re always moving and won’t settle without an answer. Your fiery character can cause friction with other people but you’re not bothered since it’s just because they’re not able to deal with your sass. You’re extremely opinionated and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. Don’t let Debby downers get in the way of your red hot character!

Out-Of-This-World Rainbow Hair

rainbow hair

From blues to reds, oranges and purples, your personality is as vibrant and colourful as the hair you are wearing. Your individual sense of style is shining, not only on the hair, but also in your outfits and makeup as well. You’re not afraid of being bold and loud and your friends are exactly the same way as you. You enjoy going to concerts and are frequently up until the early dawn hours on weekends. It’s rare for you to be home, but when you do, your circle of friends is also there with you. Although your bright vibrantly coloured hair can turn people off, you do not care even the slightest. This is their issue, not yours.

The Bold Black-Haired Beauty

Your deep hair colour matches your mood well. You’re a calm and relaxed kind of lady, who often enjoys reading a good book or gaining knowledge about critical global issues. You are always updated and caught up in the news and consider reality television as a waste of time. The place you go to hang out on weekends is your cafe in your neighbourhood, but no, it is not the Starbucks. You embrace any discussion that is challenging and always welcome other’s opinions, even though you are often caught involved in a heated argument. Several people find you elusive, however, once they begin to know you better, they immediately realise that your heart is not as black as your hair.

The Natural Bombshell

You are never interested in dyeing your hair. You’re a down-to-earth and simple girl who prefers to invest effort and time into other pursuits than look. You are always interested in learning new things and believe that the quest for knowledge never ceases. You aren’t awestruck by small things, and prefer spending time contributing to people around you. It is frequent to find you holding a cup of tea and executing a schedule that you have planned for your entire day.

One Brightly Coloured Streak

Your vibrantly coloured streak showcases your sense of rebellion. The normally straight-laced persona needed some motivation in the fun side and this is precisely what your vibrant streak of colour does. Even though you might be shy sometimes, your bright coloured streak reveals your desire for something exciting and bold. You are confident when you wear this daring streak look and are proud to show off your edgy side. Be it your hairstyle or work, or even your leisure activities, you’re keen to mix things up, however, you don’t want to go too far from reality.

Multiple Brightly Coloured Streaks

multi brightly streaks highlights

Like the girl who has a bright colourful streak, you like to showcase your more flamboyant bold character without going overboard. Your streaked hair shows your playful personality as well as your attitude of not bothered about what others think of you. You can rock your hair colours with confidence. You’re a fan of taking things to the extreme limit, but you can also have a peaceful, laid-back evening of wine and art to be just as enjoyable. Between your thoughts, opinions, and fashion choices, you’re extremely expressive. Like your choice of hair colour, you don’t really care about what others think of you. Keep it up, girl!

A Head Full Of Highlights

Your sleek highlights are the only colour you’re able to get yourself to try it out. There is always a desire for adventure and wanting to try something different However, in your mind there is no way to make an adventure complete without having a plan. You are always open to trying different new things, but you don’t want to go out of the ordinary. You’re a down-to-earth girl who loves going out with her friends, so long as it doesn’t become excessively wild. Highlights are sufficient for you. You might one day experiment with a different new colour for your locks, however the likelihood is that you’ll return to the highlights you usually have.

You Rock and Embrace Your Naturally Grey Hair

Although many women go to great lengths to conceal their grey hair, you enjoy rocking your grey hair with confidence. You’re those who don’t want to fret about what your hair will look like and go with the flow type of girl . You are accepting of the way things are and do not try to alter or fix something you do not like. Your grey hair is a reflection of your warmth, heart and wisdom. You’re the one whose loved ones will look for advice as they trust you to be honest to them and share the things they need to hear whether it’s good or bad.

The Bubbly Bleach Blonde

In summer, your bleach blonde hair matches perfectly well with your golden-tanned skin. In the winter, it is as white as snow. Whatever the season, the bleach blonde hair is the hair you’re rocking with. Your personality is as radiant and vibrant as the hair. You’re always looking to have a great time and you’re the person who’s always smiling. You are a lover of dressing up and you’ll rarely be seen dressing in sweatpants and T-shirts. Your bleach blonde hair can be a difficulty to maintain, but there is no problem that is too large for you. You greet your guests with a friendly smile and your bubbly personality could be too much for some to manage and yet no one will ever be able to bring you down.

The Faded Ombre

Your character changes just like the hair. While you’re spending most of the day going from one meeting to another within a day, the evenings are spent in a comfy chair with close friends or with your S.O. You’re an extremely hardworking woman and you put all your efforts into your job. The evening is the time to unwind and relax, whether that’s watching TV shows or having a glass of wine with your ladies. Then, early and bright the next day and you’re back at it again.

Red Haired Beauty

This colour is a typical choice for teenagers as well as young people who’re about to step into the world of college. They are emerging from the shackles of their parents and embracing the world on their own. The colour reflects a newfound independence, the sense of being alive, and the self-confidence that it brings.

Queen B-rown

For a woman who has decided to dye her hair brown is because you’re proud to be a woman! The brown colour is a sign of pride in femininity, and getting at ease with your sexuality. In a society which is still trying to embrace feminists in all senses of the word, you’re certain to be a rebel who’s true to herself and stands up for the things you have strong conviction in.

Purple Fairy

If the world is going right, you have already arrived at your destination on the left. When you’re hopping on a bandwagon, you get swept into your fantasies. This is not because you are unable to keep up with the latest trends and it is you don’t wish to. You’re at ease and comfortable with yourself and you have your personal principles and values. You decide on your own path to go even if that means using Dubsmash when the world is buzzing about reels and tik-toks. It’s a great way to channel your Billie Eilish beneath you!

Green High Priestess

green highlights

You’re calm and peaceful, but you have an edge. You are a lover of peace and enjoy quiet walking alone in nature. If you decide to attend a party, it is likely that you will burn it to the ground. You’re blessed with an aura of healing too. The colour green reflects healing and comfort as well as the ability to let go.

Pink Princess

First off, how gorgeous! Pink hair is a sign of honesty and compassion. When someone asks you “how are you?”. You’re not those who will simply say “good” as an answer. You’ll let them know exactly how you really are and also honestly inquire about themselves. Your honesty will inspire others to be honest too and you’ll have an open heart in the end. You are an awesome friend who is always there for them, and we’re betting that your warm hugs will help to solve half the problems.

Orange Goddess

The colour orange in hair reflects power as well as ambition and power. You’re fully aware of your dreams and goals and you’re going to pursue them ruthlessly. You’ve found your voice and you will utilise it when you need to. You are unstoppable and honestly there are people who may be fearful of you.