Let’s start with the absolute basics: hair extensions are pieces of hair that attach to bio hair (your natural, living hair) to extend hair length. Hair extensions can be used in a variety of ways: to create a magic moment for a bride on her big day, to help cancer survivors show off their strength and resiliency with a look that feels more true to their style, or to empower everyday women by giving them the hair of their dreams. With some training and a little imagination, the creative possibilities are endless.

Hair extensions can be used to enhance natural hair length, add volume, create highlights without using chemical color, add fashion shades without commitment, and allow for frequent hairstyle changes. Hair extensions can also help regrow compromised hair post surgery or from chemotherapy, hide sudden hair loss due to scarring or from alopecia, stress or medications, and – best of all – they can be an undeniable boost of confidence to whomever needs it.