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Hera Hair Beauty salon is the best curly hair expert in Singapore! We have noticed the lack of hair professionals who understand in depth how to cut or manage curly hair. We have renowned international hairdressers who are certified educators for more than a decade and several of them having curly hair themselves and thus had a personal understanding of the unique properties of curly hair and the best care for it. In Hera, we have had countless people come to see us with flat, listless curly hair or thick, frizzy, unmanageable curls and we take huge pleasure in restoring the natural shape of their curls by controlling and organizing volume and movement when cutting the curls.

Finally we also help them to understand how to make their curls work best for them and the needs of each curl type are different. For example, wavy hair will often need encouragement for formation, while with tighter curls the focus should be elongation and organization. Whether you currently embrace your naturally curly locks or are thinking about letting your generally styled hair run wild, the revolution of Hera salon’s curly cut can make all the difference for the look of your hair.

Why Are We the Best Curly Hair Specialist?

A curly hair specialist must take into account the elasticity of the curl, the shape of the curl, texture of the hair and follow the pattern of the curl. Curls require a specialized approach to enhance the pattern in which your specific type of hair curls. The method of carving and slicing removes the bulk and weight that accompanies curls and enhances the beauty of your natural hair. If you have ever tried to grow out curly hair, you have probably struggled with “triangle hair”. This is when the top of your hair becomes weighed down by all of your heavy curls, and all of the body is at the very bottom of your hair forming a triangle shape. Don’t be a victim of triangle hair anymore. Embrace your natural curl by letting one of our curly hair specialists identify your curl pattern and customize your cut to the way that your hair naturally grows and sits.


Therefore to our clients, we always offer a consultation first, to be able to establish what sort of previous experience they have had, how they want their hair to look, and what would be best for their type of hair. There are many different types of curly hair and each type needs to be treated slightly differently. We always suggest Sulfate Free and Silicone Free products to our customers (due to the hair drying properties of these).

Our Curly Haircut with Curly Hair Hydration Treatment Before and After

Our Curly Hair Colour Before and After

Curly hair is most beautiful, and with the right cut and the right sort of care, we believe anyone with a natural wave could have glorious, stress-free hair.

What are you waiting for? Leave your hair in the hands of one of the experienced curly hair specialists at Hera Hair Beauty, and unleash your beauty! You can trust us to make sure that your hair look amazing each and every time that you come to visit us.


Look no further, visit our Hera Hair Beauty salon and have a consultation with one of our talented international hairdresser to discuss how our curly haircut, treatment and other services will work for you.

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You are in the best of hands as we are providing the Best Curly haircut, Colour and Treatment in Singapore!


We offer 100% guarantee on all services within 7 days after they were performed. We will either re-do the service to your satisfaction,
or provide full refund to you if you have paid for the service.


We are providing a few Q&A of specialist knowledge for all curly hair girls out there. Most curly girls all make the same mistakes for example which involves using towel to dry curly hair!

1. Why is Curly Hair so special ?

Curly hair is special because it makes you stand out in a crowd. It is unique, attention- grabbing and often used as an identifier. There are a lot of others but usually is ” Jenny with the curly hair” or someone describes as the lady with the curly hair ” Curly hair also adds to your personality also after curly people are described as happy, sexy, fun ….. curly hair has a natural volume and versatile. Curly hair is AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL!

2. Why Curly hair need to be treated differently that the straight hair?

Curly has a different texture it is dry by nature and needs a lot of moisture to tame the frizz. Curly hair can not take a lot of heat it will break the hair, while the straight hair will become shinier. Curly hair does not like brushing- it will create frizz and loose the curl pattern, while the straight hair will become smoother. Curly hair needs moisturizing and styling products to looks healthy, happy and to define the curls, while the straight hair might become greasy and heavy as straight hair has a different needs. Regarding washing I would suggest using sulphate, silicone and paraben free products to avoid detergents which are damaging the hair and scalp. Regarding the colour, we would suggest using non ammonia and natural colours.

3. What is the most common mistake curly haired people do ?

1) On the consultation before any service they showa pictures of hair they don’t like.

2) Common mistake is try to moisturisethe hair with oils.

3) Mistake is to believe in any adverts and have manybottles and hopes that they are going to make a miracle

4) Tie the hair up too tight

5) Brushing

6) Washing too often or not washing properly

7) Washing all of the conditioner out

8) Over styling

9) Air dry

10) Playing with hair

11) Going to bed with wet hair

12) Relaxing or Straightening because do not know how to deal with the frizz.

4. How to treat curly hair to make sure stays curly not frizzy ?

-Find the right products and learn a good maintaining routine. It is important to clean, condition and style with products suitable for your type of hair. -Use micro-fibre towel or cotton T-shirt.– Diffuser day at least 60% and let the curls set them self, don’t touch the curls when they are in driving process.– Use a satin pillowcase and tie up a loose pineapple.

5. What are your tips for curly hair maintenance?

– Cut or trim the hair regularly – Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize -Take a time( do not rush) of the process- washing, styling and drying that will make easy next few days before the following washing. -Spray water or moisturising spay conditioner every day. -Love your curls and keep a good relationship. Moisture is very important to Curly Hair it comes from water-based products tat can be taken up by the hair. Moisture prevent breakage and encourage length retention.