Cathrine Tandberg

Hailing from Norway, Cathrine is a Celebrity Stylist who was previously based both in London and Norway, and worked alongside with the world most recognized and best hair salon, Lee Stafford. She has been in the industry for over 18 years and Cathrine’s strength is in creating the perfect hair colour and hair highlight for her brunette and blonde hair clients and combining balayage and precise foiling. She also specializes in vanguard, precision cuts with classically beautiful.

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Nathan Gordon

Nathan from USA, Texas has an indigenous sense of style and infallible eye for beauty cultivated by his hairdressing family. Nathan has established a reputation as Redken’s Top Certified Master Colourist and Designer Stylist in New York. Being a professional stylist for over 17years in USA, Nathan’s ability to sculpt and manipulate is exceptional, from classic men’s cuts to perfectly tailored, wash-and-wear women’s styles that grow out beautifully. Also a true lover of blonde hair to brunette colour, he enjoys creating the effect a day of sun has on a child’s hair, opting for warm caramel tones with a mixture of light and gold.


Janien Bucknor

Hailing from the beauty capital of England, Liverpool, Janien had always a passion for beauty, even at a very young age. Janien has over 16yrs of hairdressing experience  and was a top stylist in award-winning celebrity Stylist Herbert salon in Liverpool. Being a certified master colourist, Janien has a great eye for blonde hair highlight and loves the challenge of corrective colour. Besides, Janien also has remarkable talents in hair extension and she is well adept to different applications from LA weave to tape.


Rujean Botha

Rujean is our master colourist and stylist and she has almost two decades of hairdressing experience in world best hair salon. She is a renowned award-winning hair artist who has created stunning looks in numerous venues. Hailing from Johannesburg, Rujean’s has had a very distinguished career with over twenty awards. She was a national finalist for the GOLDWELL colour trophy many times. Rujean is a connoisseur of various hair colouring techniques that achieved both bold and natural-looking from beautiful blondes, brunettes and reds to enhance each client’s personal palette. Hair colour correction is also one of her specialty.

Felix Yap

Felix already had over 15 years’ experience working in Australia, New Zealand best hair salons. Felix also brings a wealth of knowledge in dressing hair with sensuous curls, and he has a true talent for injecting incredible vitality to tired tresses. Felix is expert is creating clean, stylish cuts for men, and highly styled-yet-accessible looks for women. Also as a colourist, Felix believes that changing the colour and texture of a client’s hair can help transform their look with the right colour that makes them feel youthful and fresh.



Kezlin’s hairdressing passion starts from a very young age, giving her the eye for details in her cuts and creativity in colouring. With over 15 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, Kezlin has been creating inspired looks for women and men using a passionate combination of creativity and science.

Kezlin uses hair as her canvas, creating and always bringing a distinctive aesthetic and fresh approach to achieve individual client’s desired dream style makeover.



Lyvian has established herself as a reliable and creative manicurist in the industry during the last 4 years. Lyvian clients love her for her expertise in ensuring consistent nail shape and meticulous cuticles and well-hydrated skin. Lyvian believes in a great manicure is more than just a polish. She always reinforces that “Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look.”

If you are looking for someone to give your nails a pampering, Lyvian will assist you.



Quinnie specialises  in manicures, pedicures, nails extension and different kind of nail treatment. Being in the industry for more than 5 years and having completed her training, Quinnie ensures your nails will enjoy full pampering and looks great all the time. With her strength in meticulously ensuring your nails gets the royal treatment, she ensure that your nails will shine and get people talking. She is well sought-after for her leg and foot massage and putting your nails in Quinnie’s hands promises to be an experience that is exceptional as well as unforgettable.



 all haircut and chemical services include complimentary retouch within 7 days.

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