We’re debunking popular myths and misconception about hair extensions in this post as we take you inside their mythical realm. Continue reading to help you ease your mind if you’re new to the world of hair extensions, a first-time wearer, or are looking to get fresh hair extensions but can’t get rid of the unsettling tales you’ve heard about hair extensions.

Myth 1 about hair extensions:



This is a myth that have been in circulation for a long time and may have some basis in reality when it comes to more permanent type of hair extensions that are installed using heat, glue, or clamps. Although they are only worn for a few hours at a time as required and taken out before taking a shower or going to bed, hair extensions are the safest kind of hair extensions. Although you may wear hair extensions every day, you should only do so when you wish to increase your hair’s length and thickness. Hair extensions do not harm your hair at all, whether used, taken out, or taken care of correctly.

As was already said, there are several ways to apply hair extensions, so before choosing one, you should carefully explore your options. The quickest and safest way to gain longer, thicker hair is with clip-in hair extensions, out of all application techniques, including micro beads, tape-ins, and fusion. There is a risk of tugging and discomfort since permanent hair extensions are physically glued to very short strands of hair using glue or another adhesive.

Because clip-in hair extensions are a transient kind of hair extension, while the extensions aren’t being worn, your roots may relax and your hair can “breathe.” In order to have longer, fuller hair in a matter of minutes at home with no harm done to their own hair, many women really use clip-in hair extensions every day.

Having said that, we firmly advise speaking with a healthcare expert if you are suffering from alopecia to see if wearing clip-in hair extensions is the appropriate choice for you.

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Myth #2 about hair extensions:



Another widespread myth is that the hair extensions won’t blend in; believe us, we’ve all seen pictures of shady blends online and were just as confused as you are. The fact is, if you choose the appropriate set of hair extensions for your hair type, practice clipping them in, and perfect your style techniques, the extensions will look just like your natural hair. While there is a learning curve when it comes to cutting and styling hair extensions by yourself.

The improper weight or type of hair extensions for your hair type might lead to some hair extensions having a poor blending. Three different weights of hair extensions are offered by us in a classic design with a sewn fabric base. The 160g sets are made for those who have medium amounts of hair and want to increase length and volume while still preserving a natural appearance, while the 120g sets are made for people who have thin hair. The 220g sets, on the other hand, are made for those with thick hair, a lot of hair, harsh haircuts, or short hair. For a perfect and seamless blend, it’s crucial to match your hair type to your set of hair extensions.

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Myth #3 about hair extensions:



Another embarrassing hair extension faux pas is shown here. Let’s face it: nobody wants to flaunt their hair extensions to the public, and a rogue weft that pokes through is a guaranteed way to reveal your little secret. In fact, even when you move your head during the day, your hair extensions won’t be noticeable at all if they are clipped in and mixed correctly. Numerous brides actually keep their hair extensions in all night without any problems with wefts or tracks coming through.

If you clip your hair extensions in your “safe zone,” which is below your brow line, and have enough hair to cover the wefts, they will remain concealed.

Try our Hera’s hair extensions for a seamless blending if your hair is thin to medium in thickness and longer than your shoulders. Once styled, the fine wire will blend in with your hair and is almost undetectable. Then the hair extensions can become your new best friend if you’re concerned about tracks showing!

This myth could be the most relevant to you if you have thin hair. To prevent this, go here to find out how to mix thin hair with hair extensions. If you have thinner hair, we suggest using the hair extensions with wefts that will rest completely flat on your head.

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Myth #4 hair extension myth:



Regarding this, we won’t be lying. It will seem heavier since you are literally adding more hair to your head using clips. For instance, your head will feel precisely 220 grams heavier if you have a set of 220-gram hair extensions. You could experience some pain while initially clipping in and wearing hair extensions as you adjust to your new head of hair, but after a few wears, you won’t feel a thing. Start out with an additional weft or two and gradually work your way up to wearing a complete set of hair extensions if you do find it difficult to adjust to the extra weight.

You might also try hair extensions which will equally disperse the weight thanks to a fine wire that lies at the top of your head. The nylon wire lies levelled comfortably on your scalp and your natural hair and roots are not hurt or compromised.

If your scalp is extremely sensitive and you have headaches even from a tight ponytail, you could discover that wearing hair extensions is more painful than usual. If so, wearing each weft approximately an inch down from your roots rather than straight at the scalp can help you avoid headaches when wearing hair extensions.

You can be confident that the wefts won’t slide down any farther and will remain firmly in place in your hair thanks to the silicone grip that is included in our Hera’s hair extensions. For further stability, you might tease the hair a little bit below the desired weft clip location to provide a solid foundation for the weft.

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Myth #5 about hair extensions



Hair extensions’ do not need maintenance or professional salon care and these are one of their finest features. Just like you would with your own natural hair, you have to take careful care of your set on your own to guarantee the extensions last a long time. Hair extensions don’t need to be cleaned as often since they aren’t affixed to your scalp and don’t produce oil. Only when there has been a large accumulation of hairspray or other hair products do they need washing after 15-20 wears.

Naturally, hair extensions and regular hair are both susceptible to minor tangling. The quality of the hair extensions and how well you take care of them both affect how much the hair tangles. Natural tangling should be minimal if the extensions are made of remy human hair.

If your own hair is prone to tangling, the extensions may tangle naturally with it. However, a quick brush with a loop hair extensions brush throughout the day may prevent tangles.


Myth #6 about hair extensions



Our Hera hair extensions are designed to help you feel and look your best every day, whether it’s for a big event or a regular cup of coffee. One of the primary reasons so many women prefer to wear their hair extensions every day is because they are simple to put on, comfortable enough to wear all day, and easy to remove without damaging anything. Try our Hera’s hair extensions, which can be applied in only a few minutes, if you want your hair to always look good despite your busy schedule. Pre-styling your hair extensions will save you time the following day, so you can put them in and get on with your day.


Myth #7 about hair extensions



We use remy human hair for our hair extensions since it is considered to be the best quality available. This occurs because the hair’s cuticle, which is its outermost covering, is preserved and not removed. This, together with our extensive color and weight selections, will enable you to choose a pair of hair extensions that exactly complement your natural hair. Getting the ideal blend could take some effort, but if you discover a color that matches and a set that blends in, there is no need to worry about your hair extensions appearing false.


Myth #8 about hair extensions

There is just one way you can style your extensions.


While we like our distinctive waves, after you clip those extensions in, there are several more hairstyles you may try! There are many possibilities, whether you want to wear your hair up in an Ariana Grande-style ponytail, have those beachy waves, or braid it like a real Disney princess. With a clip-in ponytail extension, we can style your hair in one of our favorite (and quickest) ways. Simply put your hair up in a bun or ponytail, claw in the extension, slip the comb beneath the hair tie at the top of your ponytail, and secure it by wrapping the velcro base around your own ponytail. And presto! Your ponytail is full of bounce and completely in style.


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