Since 1964,  Kerastase has provided us with the ultimate in luxury hair care products. Kerastase is exclusively used in some of the worlds most prestigious salons and loved by many of worlds top stylists. Shop all Kerastase Singapore professional hair care & styling products for all hair types in Hera Hair Beauty. We offer free product consultation to identify the ideal hair care regimen for your hair type.

Select The Type of Kerastase Products Based on Your Hair Type


Coarse Hair Products

coarse hair type

If you have coarse hair, it will have plenty of natural body. It may feel rough in texture and it may feel like you have a lot of it. Coarse hair can be straight, curly or frizzy.


Fine Hair Products

If you have fine hair, the diameter of every strand will be thin. It may feel light, and lack natural body and bounce. It may either be straight or wavy, and is typical of Caucasian hair types.


Coloured Hair Products

coloured hair type

For those of us with coloured hair, using coloured haircare products can make a huge difference in the longevity of our hair's colour vibrancy and the preservation of the integrity of the hair.


Damaged Hair Products

damaged hair type 2

Damaged hair has a rough texture, lack of shininess and luster, have split ends, lack of moisture and elasticity even after treatment and easily broken. Damaged hair will also get tangled up and result in knots due to hair dryness.


Dry Hair Products

dry hair type

Dry hair does not absorb or retain enough moisture to keep its texture and brightness, so it may look lacklustre and be fragile and brittle. Hence dry hair will look unhealthy to most people.


Curly Hair Products

curly hair type

Curls just wanna have fun! Let them flow freely with our moisture-rich hair products. Coils always need extra hydration, due to their spiral shape. We have the shampoos, conditioners, lotions your curls need.


Sulfate Free Products

That's where sulfate-free products leave out harsh cleaning agents so they lock in moisture, prevent color from fading too fast & less likely to irritate a sensitive scalp. Perfect for coloured hair, dry & damaged hair or sensitive scalp.


Hair Oil Products

The perfect hair oil for your hair type can help tackle frizz and flyaways, repair damage from heat or bleach, and add shine and moisture without leaving your hair looking like a greasy mess.


Hair Loss Products

hair loss

Stress, pollution, hormonal or dietary disruptions can cause Hair Thinning and hair loss. Discover the revolutionary products to treat thinning hair and hair loss at the root and boost new hair growth that is stronger and fuller.


Scalp Care Products

Scalp care is less often addressed than hair care, but we believe treating the scalp first is the secret to beautiful hair. Browse our selection of solutions for hair loss, hair thinning, dry or itchy scalp, dandruff control, hair density and more.

Select The Type of Kerastase Hair care products


Kerastase Shampoo

kerastase shampoo

Shop our expertly formulated shampoos designed to target your every hair & lifestyle need by nourishing, strengthening and repairing hair with a variety of ingredients from natural origin to sulfate free.


Kerastase Treatment

kerastase singapore

Hair loss, oiliness, scalp sensitivity, dandruffs can be caused by external aggressions like pollution, stress, hormonal or dietary. Shop for Kérastase treatments to correct, prevent and protect the scalp and hair fiber.


Kerastase Styling Product

kerastase styling products

Styling and creams are the perfect allies to bring hydratation, reparation and protection. They will leave your hair soft and glowing with a silky touch. Ultimate Kérastase Gesture.


Kerastase Conditioner

Kérastase Conditioners brings reparation, protection and ease the disentangling after only a few minutes of pause. The onctuous textures will leave your hair healthy and soft.

Select The Type of Kerastase Collections


Kerastase Nutritive

Nutritive is nourishing care for dry hair, a powerful range designed to make hair supple and irresistibly soft to the touch. Customized hair care targets symptoms for three levels of dryness.


Kerastase Discipline


Discipline's advanced, Pro-Keratin products smooth and tame unruly hair. Curly hair enjoys incredible definition without rigidity while wavy and straight hair receive anti-frizz benefits.


Kerastase Resistance


Résistance anti-breakage hair care rebuilds the internal structure of weakened hair to strengthen and reinforce the fiber, creating strong hair from roots to tips.


Kerastase Spécifique


Spécifique supports scalp health by addressing issues such as scalp sensitivity, itchiness, dandruff, hair loss and oily roots. The products were designed to reveal a well-balanced scalp and beautiful head of hair.


Kerastase Reflection


Featuring shampoos, conditioners and hair masks for color treated hair that provides highly personalized color care & preservation - revolutionary Ink-In-Color correction for blonde, brunette, red and copper with Touches Chromatiques.


Kerastase Fusio

kerastase fusio dose

Fusio-Dose treats your hair and immediately transforms for lasting results. The boosters, five concentrated care formulas offering multiple combinations for a custom-designed treatment to instantly and lastingly transform the hair.


Kerastase Densifique

kerastase densifique

A dedicated ritual to make limp, devitalized hair thicker and fuller, the Densifique range features products with densifying technologies including hyularonic acid and Intra-Cyclane to plump, hydrate and strengthen the hair.


Kerastase Chronologiste

Kerastase Chronologiste

The ultimate in revitalizing care, Chronologiste hair products transform the hair from scalp to ends, producing shine, softness and bounce in a luxurious sensorial experience.

Slide Kerastase Blond Absolu

Kerastase Blond Absolu

Blond Absolu is the ultimate answer for all blondes. A unique combination of potent Hyaluronic Acid and Edelweiss flower deeply nourished fiber and neutralizes brassiness for an illuminated blonde.


Kerastase Elixir Ultime

kerastase elixir ultime

Elixir Ultime is the iconic routine for extremely shiny hair. With the beautifying power of precious hair oils at the heart of its formula, it leaves hair soft, healthy and incredibly radiant.


Resistance Therapiste

kerastase resistance therapiste

Thérapiste series are enriched with FIBRA-KAPTM, an innovative complex extracted from an exceptional plant that blooms again after years without contact with water, gives new energy and stability to the porous hair.