short haircut for women Every inspiration from hairstyles on Pinterest has got you charged up. You even managed to photoshop haircuts from celebrities on your head to see how it looks. You have had your hair ends pinned to create the faux bob. Then you ultimately make that decision: you want to get your hair cut short.

Even after deciding to go for it, some women finally become too nervous about cutting their hair short. This may be because they feel that this cut cannot be styled or will not make them look good. They may also be worried about the wrong communication to their stylists.

However, they may not have to worry for long as we shall explain all that there is to women getting their hair cut short. What are the things that you should keep in mind before cutting your hair short? What way should you select the style that flatters the hair texture and shape of the face? What are the different existing women hairstyles for those looking to get a short haircut? And when you opt for short haircuts, what suitable hairstyle alternatives are available? This guide comprehensively covers all of this.


Why do you want your hair short?

Particularly for people who have had long hair for most of their lives, cutting this short can look like a massive step. Therefore, what are the possible advantages which women with short hair may have?

Unique Style

Women who have their manes cut short have this feeling of uniqueness round them. This is because most women shy away from cutting their hair short; this means that they are easily noticeable. For women who are slightly unconventional and bold, the short haircut could be the one. In contrast, if you do not like the type of attention you get from cutting your hair short, you may want to go for a more conventional style such as the shoulder-length cut and the lob.

Expose your pretty face

When women cut off their hair short, it shows off their natural facial features. Women who feel that their faces have always been blocked out by their hair typically chop it all off.

It is a hair with a sort of lower maintenance.

As a woman with short hair, one good thing for you is that you usually have shorter showering periods. Furthermore, if your hair styling method is pretty simple, your hair routine is usually more straightforward and makes things faster. However, we the short haircut, you would probably need to trim this more often. Additionally, if you decide to get a short haircut that requires too many stylings, you would spend lots of time trying to make up the hair daily.

The head appears lighter with shorter hair

This is true – if you discover that the hair is getting in your face or makes your head feel heavy when you make it shorter, you will find that it feels lighter. This means that you will no longer be overwhelmed by too much hair.

Flaunt the texture of your hair

Women who have short haircuts can use this as an ideal way to show off their natural hair texture, or whatever they may seem to have. Lots of women who have long hair do enough styling procedures daily to hide off the natural texture of their hair. However, the short haircut can expose your thick or curly or voluminous hair to its advantage.

They make you look taller.

When women have short haircuts, the eye is drawn to the upper side of the face. When this is done, it gives off an impression of being taller. Alternatively, women appear shorter with a longer haircut as this draws the eye downward.


In terms of versatility, the short hair is beneficial. While you may miss out on several designs that can be achieved only if you have long hairstyles, the short haircut’s versatility more than compensates for this in so many ways. Without needing numerous styling procedures and fancy hair accessories, there are several hair routines that a woman can use on her short hair. The short hair can be polished, made in a messy, sleek, punk, fancy, and so on.

They give you a drastic change.

For women who feel like they need a dramatic hair change, the short hairstyle can help cater to their needs in this regard. Women who feel sick and tired of their long hair or hairstyling need a reason to change their looks and decide to go for the short hairstyle. If you, as a woman, feel like you need this hairstyle as a knee-jerk reaction to something that happened in your life, you may want to wait for some days to see if you still need to cut everything off. It is pretty easier to cut it off than to see it grow back. However, after you cool off your emotions, if you still need the cut, you can then decide to get it.

Applying more adventurous hair colors

With your hair cut short, you can easily apply slightly bold hair colors. This is because the intensity of these types of colors is somewhat less noticeable with a shorter hair. Whereas there is nothing terrible about pulling off a more bold hair color but depending on the woman’s job and lifestyle, a purple-colored pixie cut might be allowed in certain situations compared to a long purple hair. Furthermore, if they decide to dye the hair all by themselves, maintaining bright colors on the short hair is much cheaper and easier.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty

Six things to consider before choosing to cut your hair short.

Women who choose to cut short hair will have to consider numerous things before they finally take the plunge.

The Shape of the face

When looking to go short, your face’s shape plays a pivotal part in deciding the most excellent style for you. The following section offers tips that are useful for finding out the Shape of your face.

The hair texture

Your hair texture also a determining factor in choosing a suitable look for your new haircut. Girls who have super-curly hair will find it difficult to cut their hair very short. Cutting the hair short to get a straight hair or fine hair would need more layers to give off the impression of an added. Trying to achieve a thick hair with a shortcut, you will have to adapt the hair’s thickness without creating a slightly boxy or blunt look. We shall deal more with the texture of the hair on subsequent sections of the article.

Time needed to maintain and style the hair

The amount of time needed to maintain and style your hair is another determining factor influencing your choice of style. People with no time to style up their hair in the morning should choose a simple hair routine that agrees with their hair’s natural behavior. Women who do not mind styling can have different haircuts; however, this could mean longer times in front of the mirror, since these types of styling routines take time.

The nature of your job

Are you required to dress a certain way to work? Is there a dress code for your job? People with more stringent job conditions will be better off avoiding wilder female haircuts or particularly pinky styles. People who work in a more creative environment can rock a more extreme haircut without any fuss!

Use the hairstyles of managers and co-workers as a guide. Are there hairstyles similar to the one you want to get? Furthermore, if you are not sure, let your bass know you want to get a specific haircut. This will ensure it is appropriate for the office before you go ahead with it.

Your Own Style

You need to select a style that will not go against your chosen personal style, whether your makeup or clothes. But then again, if the haircut suits your style, this means you can select it. You should think about whether you intend to contrast the haircut against your style or if you intend to match it with your dress and style of makeup.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty (Before and After)


People may be considering age as a determinant in choosing the right hairstyle; however, this is not the case. As a woman, regardless of your age, any hairstyle you choose will always make you look fabulous. Older women with short hairstyles will always look fabulous! If you doubt it, observe how short hairstyles look on Helen Mirren, Tilda Swinton, Dame Judi Dench, and several other older celebrity actresses. They are living proof that you can certainly rock a short hairstyle as an over 50 woman! Choose something you prefer that brings out your best look, and never mind if this goes well with your age.

Judi Dench - Latest news updates, pictures, video, reaction ...

Judi Dench (Credit:


How to discover your face shape

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty

The shape of your face is very crucial in choosing which female short haircut will mostly suit you. The shape of your face can be checked using your face’s width, length, cheeks, forehead, and jawline. Regardless of the shape of your face, you are beautiful. However, your beauty will only appear when you have the right hairstyles!

Read through the facial descriptions below to see what looks best for you. If you have any doubts, you can meet up with family and friends. When you are not sure still, you can measure your face; however, most people may not have to do this.

The six primary face shapes have been listed. Sure enough, some people will find out that they do not fall into any category – if you have a face longer than an oblong face, you could have a square look with a more visible jaw. Thus, you can get what you need from the descriptions below and not become stuck in trying to fit into one particular type.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty

The Oval face

With your oval face, you have your jaw, the cheekbones, and the forehead around the same width. The length of your face is 1.5x more than its width, and you do not have a distinct jawline. People with oval faces can get nearly any haircut they desire. Celebrities who have oval faces include Beyoncé, Jessica Biel, Olivia Munn.

The Long or oblong face

The Oval face and the long face are both similar; however, people with longer faces have faces whose lengths are 1.6x more than their widths. People who have long faces appear to have raised foreheads. Women who have long faces look beautiful when they have hair bangs. They can also choose any hairstyle that is thick around their lateral parts of their faces. However, nothing appears more flattering than long and straight styles or voluminous hair or hair with height.

Celebrities who have oblong faces: Kim Kardashian, Carrie Underwood, Liv Tyler

Round Face

For people with round faces, the fullest part of the face is the cheeks. In comparison, they have a somewhat soft jawline. The round face also has a length with the same dimension as the width or slightly longer than the width. Hairstyles that create length or add volume appear excellent in round faces. The most excellent short hairstyles that suit round faces will never add enough volume to the sides around the face.

Celebrities who have round faces include Chrissy Teigen, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Lawrence.

Diamond face

Similar to the round face, people with diamond-shaped faces, have the widest width around their cheekbones. But, people with diamond-shaped faces have well-defined cheekbones. They also have a somewhat angular jaw and tapering forehead. Furthermore, the shape of their faces tend to have more length than the width. Since they have smaller foreheads, ladies with diamond-shaped faces should be careful about approaching their hair bangs since this style can easily overwhelm their faces. The best styles for ladies with diamond-shaped faces are those who flaunt the cheekbones.

Celebrities who have diamond faces: Vanessa Hudgens, Anna Kendricks, Ashley Greene.

Heart Face

People whose faces are heart-shaped have a broad, high forehead and a sharp and narrower (similar to a heart). They have pointed chins. They have more lengths than width. Short female hairstyles for those whose jawline are softer, particularly for women with voluminous hair around their jaw area, are usually ideal for women who have faces shaped like the heart.

Celebrities who have faces shaped like the heart: Kerry Washington, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon.

Square Face

People with a square-shaped face have a more visible jawline with a similar width with the forehead. Ladies whose faces are square usually look the most attractive with more delicate or softer styles. These style options provide a strong contrast against the facial angular lines. People whose faces have square shapes would not choose haircuts that cut off around the jaw.

Celebrities who have square faces include Lucy Liu, Olivia Wilde, Keira Knightley.


How to find your hair texture.

The human hair texture has three essential elements: the hair density, the hair curl, and the hair thickness. This is how to choose each element and things to look out for if you need to get a short hairstyle.

You should know that you should wash out the hair and dry off the moisture before you begin this. Since you are looking to get the natural texture of your hair, you should make use of a towel, but do not heat the hair.

Marquesa's Hair Texture Chart - MarquesaHair



Hair Thickness

The thickness of the hair is used to describe how thick each hair strand is. To determine how thickness, pick a dry hair strand, and use your fingertips to rub it. People with thin hair can hardly feel their hair strands. In contrast, people who can easily feel their hair strands, have thick hair.

Also, you could determine hair thickness by merely looking at it – people with thinner hair strands will hardly see their hair, while those with thicker hair strands will easily see theirs.

For thinner hair, there needs to be further layering. This is meant to add volume and to stop it from appearing limp. Since it has a more natural body, this hair is suitable for blunter cuts.

Hair density

The human hair density refers to the number of hair strands you have growing per square inch out of the head. If you need to check your hair density, stare in the mirror. You could use a magnified mirror. Grab multiple hair with your hands. Move this around to see the roots of the hair from different angles. If you have a hair of low density, this means that your scalp can be seen in-between hairs. People with a hair of high density are barely able to see their scalp. However, a majority of people are categorized in the middle of both types of hair density.

You could stumble onto differences in conditions with your scalp; you should check other areas to know what type of hair density that you have.

When you combine your har thickness with its density, it determines whether or not your ponytail is fat. Generally, more hair usually means more density, and this means a thicker ponytail. Furthermore, individual strand thickness is also a factor of this. For example, hair that is fine and high density could be suitable for a thinner ponytail rather than a medium-density and thick hair.

People whose hair has a low density, a pixie (which is a shorter style), gives an impression like the hair is more. Therefore, this is something they should think about.

Hair Curl

The most common system for categorizing hair curls was invented by Andre Walker, a hairstylist for Oprah Winfrey. Other people have gone on to add to it by including two more letter/number combinations, which are 3C and 4C.

First, people will have to find their numbers from the numbers 1 to 4; then, they will discover their letter choosing from A to C. This number is used to describe the level of the hair’s curliness. While the letter denotes the thickness of the hair.

People classified as 1s have naturally straight hair, and the strands are often patternless or with no bends. People classified as 2s have wavy hair strands. People under the 3s category have curls that are shaped like an “S.” People that are classified as 4s have hair curls that are either tight Z or S-shaped curls.

The letters are:

• A which denotes fine hair,

• B which indicates hair of medium thickness,

• And C, which stands for a thick hair.

Therefore, people with wavy hair and of medium thickness, this is categorized as a 2B.

13 different short haircuts for women

With this section, we shall describe the 13 different short haircuts for women. This is sorted from the shortest hairstyle – which is the pixie haircut to the highest hairstyles, which is the lob. We shall elaborate more on the types of haircuts that bring out the best of the shape of your face and your hair textures. We shall also provide useful information on how to style and maintain these hairstyles.

Pixie Hairstyles plus additional female Super-Short Haircuts

It is somewhat out of place for women to have on extremely short hairstyles. But, this type of hair design is fast becoming popular and seems to flatter lots of people. In particular, they tend to flaunt the eyes and the face.

Women who currently have their hair long could begin by having a bob. They should also ensure that they like this hairstyle before thinking of the pixie hairstyle or any other short hairstyle. Sure enough, the hair will grow again. However, it can be challenging to try to grow out a short haircut. This can take such a long period.

Important note on the shape of the face: Women who have oblong faces will look excellently overall with slightly longer, such as a lob or bob. This will enable some volume at the lateral part of the face. Every other shape of the face comes with multiple options to select from in the different shortest cuts.

The closely shaved head

This type of haircut is potentially the hairstyle with the lowest maintenance in the world. Whereas lots of women consider this style extreme and only meant for the punkiest out of all women, one look at the photo of Lupita above demonstrates that the hair looks good when polished efficiently.



Looks excellent on: This type of hair is the most useful type of short haircut fit for women of color. It is also suitable for other women who have natural hair (mainly women who own types 3C hair) since it beautifully displays the texture of the hair. Even women who have sparse and low-density hair that prefer it seem thicker, and denser could think about choosing a super-short.

Regarding the shapes of the face, in theory, every shape will look good when they get this style; however, people with oval and square faces can be flattered easily. If you are curious to know whether a shaved head will flatter you, pull back your hair in the form of a slick and super-tight ponytail. When you do this, if you love the appearance, this means that the shaved head is suitable for you.

Avoid if: If it seems that you do not like the super-tight ponytail or the hair pulled back in a slick style close to the head, this means that the closed shaved hairstyle will not look good on you. Also, you could decide to avoid this altogether if your forehead is so visible that it slightly embarrasses you. (The primary thing here is the way you feel about the style – Lupita, despite her prominent forehead looks pretty decent with her short haircut!).

The women’s undercut

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty

The women type of haircut is the style that has a bold undercut. While most women are pretty nervous about getting undercuts, this style can both be unique and flattering! The primary thing for women having undercut is to avoid looking extremely serious. Whereas women can get the undercut style regardless of their hair length, we mean a style that comes with shaved sides or/and longer hair at the top or just back hair.

This style is reasonably bold; women who have professional jobs and are career-focused will want to avoid getting the undercut. Furthermore, they should be aware that the style comes with a fair amount of maintenance and styling, as the longer hair at the top typically need some degree of styling to either make the hair voluminous (with a straight hair) or make things slightly tamed (for hair with some texture). You shall need regular haircuts, since if the short/shaved parts begin to grow too long, the hairstyle when long will appear weird.

Looks excellent on: This haircut will become appropriate with women who have a diamond, oval, heart-shaped, or round face. This style is also the most extraordinary short hairstyle for women with thick hair; the style works best with haircuts, which has slightly more body and texture. Therefore, this style will look great for the 2b-4 hair types since the curl or the wave in the long part contrasts excellently with tighter lines in the shaved section. This is why it looks great for a short and wavy hair. Just like Rihanna had demonstrated, this undercut style is a new trendy short hairstyle for women of color.

Avoid if: Women with long faces should avoid this type of haircut. The volume at the top will appear to elongate the face. Furthermore, the hairstyle can appear to be too severe on women whose faces are square-shaped.

The Fine or the straight hair type will not go well with this style unless you do lots of styling. This is something you should always remember.

True Pixie Cut

Whenever you think of the true pixie cut – try to remember Natalie Portman at the 2006 awards TV program – the hair was cut short at all angles. While it could slightly be longer at the top than the hair side, the style still comes off as a concise one.

Looks excellent on: The hairstyle appears pretty amazing on women with oval and square faces. This hairstyle is among the most magnificent hairstyles for women with a low-density hair or/and a fine hair. The style has a lightweight, and a little amount of product will add sufficient volume.

Avoid if: The true pixie cut is possibly not the best hairstyle for the curly hairstyle (anything 3+). Going for the looser curl will not be the best option; if you choose a tighter curl, you may look slightly like Keri Russell around the 1999/poodle event.

The short pixie hairstyle also is not the most excellent choice for people who have either heart-shaped or round faces. The next hairstyle (the long-on-top pixie hairstyle) will appear more flattering on ladies. Diamond and long faces can be used to achieve a short and true pixie cut; however, this is a risky choice.

Furthermore, you could want to choose something with additional volume for women who are very tall or with a small head.

Long-on-Top Pixie

The long pixie hairstyle with a majority of the hair length at the top is the most useful and beautiful hairstyle anybody can choose. The longer hair at the top can be swept to the sides (looks great on almost every woman!) or the spiked-up hairstyle. The style can appear sleek and smooth or wild and big. The hair also comes off as a popular style for celebrities -most celebrities prefer these styles of pixie hairstyles instead of getting the tighter and true pixie styles. This type of style is the typical Ginnifer Goodwin long pixie hairstyle, and it looks gorgeous.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty (Before and After)

Looks excellent on: This type of hairstyle looks great on women who have the square, oval, diamond, and heart faces. This is among the most excellent haircuts that can be used on people with round faces. This is because it looks versatile!

When looking at the texture of the hair, adding a slight wave to it will be ideal.

Avoid if: This style is another hairstyle you should not choose if you have an oblong or long face. Going for the volume at the top will not be best for you.

For looser curls with more texture, the long-on-top pixie hairstyle will be suitable (remember Audrey Tatou), however choosing a curl that appears tighter will also lead to the Keri Russell/poodle problem.

Furthermore, fine hair could require lots of styling to enable the longer hairs to have sufficient volume and mass.

Bob Hairstyles

This is the time to discuss about the versatile bob haircut. For every hair texture and face shape out there, we have a hair bob style to go with each one; the cut is among the most versatile hairstyles for women. The bob hairstyle can be created like the 1930s hair craze or into something more straight and sleek. The long bob cut can either be worn down or up. The bob hairstyles is amazingly excellent.

Super-Short Bob Hair

The hairstyle worn more appropriately by Carey Mulligan and Rinko Kikuchi is a hybrid between a pixie cut and a bob cut. The hair has some sculptural quality. The hair is a reasonably structured type of cut with lots of layering to prevent flatness, while a majority of the hair volume is at the cheekbone area or above it. But this style does not have to be as sleek the way Kikuchi wears hers. Carey Mulligan has a much softer type of style, but hers is stacked while having a lesser volume at the top compared to that of Kikuchi. Kristen Stewart also has something similar; however, her style was much messier. This hair type is an unusual style that is best cut for a woman that is reasonably bold with her hairstyle.

super short bob haircut

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty

Looks excellent on: This particular style works appropriately with the oval, diamond, and heart-shaped faces because it draws attention to the cheekbones. The medium to fine hair, which is wavy or straight, will work ideally with this type of hairstyle.

Avoid if: You should avoid this hairstyle if you have an oblong face – the hair volume does not fall in the proper place. The square and round faces look extremely circular with this type of hair. Furthermore, any hair with excess curls or has excessively thick hair strands will appear like a puffy pouf.

The Messy, Layered Bob Hair (With or Without Bangs)

The messy and layered bob hair is the cutest among short and curly hairstyles. The messy bob style with several choppy layers at every area will look lovely, whether without or with hair bangs. It is a pretty straightforward, wash-and-go haircut which has lots of pizzazz.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty

Looks excellent on: This hairstyle works well with every face shape, which has some little tweaks to layering, length, and bangs! People with oblong and heart-shaped faces should select the bangs. People who have round and square faces will choose something that goes slightly lower than the jaw.

People who have round faces should also think about the side part. Also, if you have an oval or diamond-shaped face, you can easily get this haircut. As regards texture, this style will suit people with wavy and short hair. This natural hair texture gets highlighted and is flattered with the choppy layered hairstyle.

Avoid if: Whereas anybody with any shape of face can get this cut, the texture of the hair is also an essential part of this hairstyle. The excessively straight hair, especially when it doesn’t properly hold a curl or a wave, will appear limp, uneven, and choppy.

Classic Bob Haircut

This type of hairstyle hangs just around the level of the chin or slightly lower. It has the sale length across its tips as well as having several layering around the tip to ensure that the style has some lift and shape.

Looks excellent on: This style looks great on the round, heart, oval, and diamond faces. Haven a side part, people with round faces, can choose this as the ideal short hairstyle. For mostly straight hair, this look tends to be exemplary, and it has the lowest maintenance.

Avoid if: People should not go for the style if it falls on the wrong place among people with square faces. Furthermore, people should not choose the style when there isn’t sufficient volume at the sides of faces that are oblong-shaped. The curly hair will technically require more shaping and layering than what this style provides; otherwise, they will have to deal with a boxy and heavy hair.

Angled Bob Haircut

This type of hairstyle has longer front hair and a shorter back hair. The style is a different classic haircut. People can change the layered look of the back and the sides, the front length, the amount of change of length from the front side to the back, the hair texture, and whether you prefer hair bangs.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty

Looks excellent on: The angled bob haircut appears excellent on pretty much anybody that has some hair adjustments. People who have either square or round faces should opt for a cut that ends just one inch or two inches below the jaw (while avoiding excess side volume) to make a face longer. People who have faces shaped like the heart should try getting this hairstyle along with hair bangs. People whose faces are oblong will want to prefer to have front shorter hair (above or around the jaw) while having a lot of volume at the sides of the head and quite a short back.

Oblong-faced ladies who have curly hair will appear the most excellent with this style. Oval and diamond-shaped faces seem decent in most variations of this hairstyle; however, some diamond-shaped women could think of going for bangs to avoid becoming overwhelmed by their hair as well as to create a face-framing effect.

The hairstyle also looks good with a majority of the hair textures. The curly hairstyle will have lots of volume around the sides; however, the shorter hair length and layering at the back of the hair will prevent it from becoming too boxy or heavy. The side volume makes this hair the type of hairstyle the most beautiful short curly choice for people who have oblong faces. The straighter hair appears to look cool and sleek with this hairstyle.

Avoid if: Anyone can use this style; however, they will have to customize it accordingly.

Blunt Bob Cut and bangs

The hairstyle is executed with a moderately blunt cut done along the chin. Alternatively, the blunt cut can go below the chin with some bangs, which skims some eyebrows. When done on a thicker hair, the style creates texture and volume, if done a finer hair, it results in an ethereal and wispy look.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty

Looks excellent on: The style is much ideal on people with oblong faces – the bangs, as well as blunt volume around the sides, really works properly with the features of the face. People with oval-shaped faces will look good with this hairstyle.

Avoid if: This hair width will not be suitable for people with square and round faces. Furthermore, people with curly hair (3b+) could discover that the blunt style looks increasingly boxy.

The Lob Haircuts

This hairstyle involves the long bob cut. The lob is used to generally refer to any hairstyle that is several inches below the jawline and goes down further towards the shoulder-skimming style of cuts. You could use the lob to try out shorter female hairstyles before you go for a shorter haircut.

The Blunt Lob Haircut

Among the most common long bob hairstyles is the straight-across blunt haircut, which is cut slightly above the shoulder level, either with bangs or without it.

Looks excellent on: The lob hairstyle looks ideal on the heart and oblong-shaped faces with bangs. People with oval-shaped faces can also rock this style without needing bangs. The style is appropriate with straight hair or hair that has a slight wave.

Avoid if: Like the blunt bob hairstyle, this type of haircut will not appear good on the round or square face. Drew Barrymore, pictured up, is a rounded-faced woman; however, due to the dark dip-dyed tips of her hair, her eyes are drawn downward to give an elongating effect. Furthermore, girls with curly hair should choose a style that has more shape.

The messy and shaggy lob haircut

The multipurpose long bob hairstyle shows off the natural texture of the hair by messy and piecey layers. When a side part is added, the hairstyle is especially striking.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty

Looks excellent on: The style looks best with the short and wavy hair. The style works appropriately on an increasingly loose curl. When a little adjustment is done, most face shapes could use this style. People with long faces may think of using hair bangs and get more hair layers at the top. People with heart-shaped faces should go for hair bangs and use some layers to soften up the jaw’s lines. People with the square, diamond, and round faces should also choose the side part. However, people that have oval shaped-hair can pretty much wear this one.

Avoid if: Do not get this style if you have a very straight hair, otherwise the layers will appear choppy.

The Sleek Lob

The Sleek hairstyle is a much simpler cut – it is a smooth, straight cut with a slight layering and little removal of weight around the hair’s ends to make it tight.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty

Looks excellent on: People with oval, round, and square faces will look more amazing with the sleek and long lines of the style. Typically, the straight hair is most suitable here; this style is among the most straightforward short styles for people with fine hair.

Avoid if: People who have long faces should avoid this look because of the elongating effect which the style creates. People with diamond faces could look quite serious with the straight-cut hair. The hair has to either hold straight hairstyles well or has to be a natural straight hair.

The Layered Lob Haircut

This type of hairstyle has an elongated design as well as more body and shape. It offers smooth hair layers that frame up the face gives the style more movement and volume.

Looks excellent on: The hairstyle is among the group of hair, which are versatile haircuts with short layers. This is because the hair can be adjusted for nearly any hairstyle and shape of face. People who have oblong faces should naturally choose shorter layers, which creates volume within the face, whereas the square and round faces will appear more ideal with long layers. People who have heart and diamond-shaped faces should think about using the side-parted hairstyle. Like previously mentioned hairstyles, people with oval faces will pretty much look good in pretty much any style.

Avoid if: People should avoid this style if they have a noticeable and heat-styling resistant curl or wave.

Essential tips on how to make your hair shorter while in the salon

Since women with short hair are difficult to spot, there are several essential tips to ensure that your appointment to get a short haircut goes well.

Find out all you can about the hairstylist.

Ensure that your chosen hairstylist knows all about your preferred style and the texture of your hair. If you decide to choose a pixie cut, you should avoid going to a hairstylist specializing in layered and long cuts. Particularly for people with curly hair, the hairstylist must be fully aware of the appropriate techniques to cut the texture of your hair. If not, the short and curly hairstyle will end up like a poodle.

If you need a hairstylist, you can check online. It is also recommended to ask those you admire their hair and would love a similar style!

Prepare to go for a styling consultation.

A lot of salons will offer you a free consultation to prepare you for the cut. Take this to see if you like the stylist and know if they know what particular style is right for you. You should be plain about the amount of styling and maintenance you can afford to do and suggest options to you! While it is your hair and you can do anything you like, hairstylists are trained to choose the best styles based on your features. Therefore, if there are suggested adjustments to your style, think of doing them.

Always go with a picture.

Each time that you want to undergo a visible hair change, always go along with photos to let them know what you have in mind. Therefore, when going for a consultation or your hairstyling appointment, go with a photo. The picture will adequately inform the stylist what you have in mind.

Creating cute and easy designs for the short hair.

The moment that you have your pretty and short haircut, what will you do with this? The length of your hair quite limits the options you have. For instance, the lob haircut can still be adapted into different braided hairstyles and updos, whereas the pixie style cannot do this. Any girl with short hair can do the following things to her hair to help spice up her hairstyle. This section contains a discussion of cute hairstyle options for women with short hair.

Apply some hair product!

You should apply some product to create a little different texture and more volume, and so on. This will give you quite a different appearance. Pomade gives women short hairstyles a piecey look; the application of some mousse and a slight hairspray or gel will add more height at the hair crown. Women with haircuts that are quite longer, a salt spray will result in a beachy texture, whereas a serum will result in a smooth texture. You should try out different smoothing and texturizing products to see what works best for you!

Change your hair texture by using heat.

Women who have the shortest female cut could find this quite challenging; however, the lobs and bobs can make you more different by using a curling iron, a flat iron, or a blow dryer. People with curls should try to iron them straight. If your hair is much straighter, you should try doing the Hollywood curls with big-barrels. This style is excellent for special events, to create a wow and an oomph effect.

Make use of cute hair hats and accessories.

Some hair accessories like clips, bobby pins, bows, barrettes, and headbands can make hairstyles cute. Since there is less hair, accessories are easily noticed. Furthermore, people with short hair can also wear hats.

Changing up your hair part

At times, what you need to get a new look means changing up your hair part! Creating the deeper side hair parting, transferring the middle hair to the sides, or changing sides are all able to give someone some fresh look without much difficulty. Try to see which style you prefer!

Short women hairstyles: The conclusion

Choosing a short hairstyle can be a stylish, empowering, and bold move for most women. The short hairstyle looks good on any woman regardless of their style and age.

The key thing for women when choosing a short hair is to select the proper style for them. They should think about what is right for their hair texture and shape of face, the amount of time that they need for maintenance and styling, and your dress mode for work. Any woman can choose the super short using the pixie-like design, keep the length around the chin by using a bob, or go lower than the chin b suing the long bob.

If you are selecting a hairstylist, you should ensure that they are familiar with your type of hair, and they have previously done your preferred hairstyle on somebody before. You should also be ready to pay attention to their skill!

Generally, whereas it can be a bold decision for women to opt for the short haircut, this should not be a risky choice! If you carefully choose your hairstyle and stylist, you should expect a fun and flattering result.