The start of a new year 2020 definitely carry the irresistible impulse to have everything anew, entailing the perfect time to embrace a fresh new hairstyle!

This decade major hair fashion include appearances at all length which may be tailored for the texture of your hair and personal fashion. For anybody wearing a blunt bob — that the hottest haircut for the last couple of years. Hence you probably expect that this blunt bob hairstyle will still be leading into the next ten years. Unfortunately, there’ll be a couple of twists.

As observed on Kerry Washington, the bob of the 2020s has softer, subtle, textured edges and looks fantastic both at parting down the middle style or off towards the side.

But should you vow that 2020 will be the year that you will eventually keep your hair from the scissors and grow them out, you may get inspired by the super long hair of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.

In this article, we have summarized the five hottest haircut fashion of 2020 so you will be inspired and confident of what you desire when you step into the salon in January 2020!


Textured Blunt Bob


Within the previous 365 days, you’ve probably seen a great deal of variations of this bob haircut. In case each one these styles have impacted one to cut off your hair, it’s fantastic to recognize the hair span continues to be trending for 2020. For this year, draw on the blunt bob got the exact same sharpness like the classic bob cut, but comes with some texture at the hair ends for a subtle and sleek look. This sleek hairstyle is great for women with oval, square, or heart-shaped faces. It’s a super customizable and versatile cut that can fit any type and texture of hair. The bluntness of the ends gorgeously emphasizes the jaw area and brings a strong and flattering look to its wearer because of its edginess and sophistication!

Super Long-hair

Long hair has never been out of fashion before, however it has taken a back seat by bobs and lobs during the tail-end of the past ten years. But if you would like to carry your own hair to new spans in if coming year 2020, you can get inspiration from Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Both have their blunt bobs replaced to get a waist-length, shiny layers of Rapunzel hair. If presently your hair is short and you wish to be part of this particular super long hair haircut fashion, a pair of professionally installed extensions will be obviously a great alternative you can consider.

The Shag

The shag haircut is very rock ‘n’ roll which is casual, mussy, and visually effortless. Besides the bob, no haircut can be as versatile as the “shag” haircut. It is well-known by its thick layers and it is suitable for all textures, all length of hair, either with or without bangs. The modern shag is choppy and has lots of texture, but doesn’t make you look like you’re in an 80s hair metal band. Taylor Swift’s signature haircut as well as Sandra Oh’s curls are two great examples of this shag haircut.

The Invisible Layer

This haircut is the entire reverse of the “Shag” haircut which comprised of subtle, soft layers. normally commencing under the chin to entail greater hair movement and volume without trading off the hair length. Consider such haircut to be like your lips but a better lip with lipsticks. This layering technique on average works perfectly on mid-length to longer hair, removing weight from the ends will make the layers appear very soft and blended. The trick is to keep the layers long and seamless to take out weight, and add texture and volume without looking too obvious.

Layered Pixie

layered pixie haircut

Bobs are not the only short hairstyle that is going to make it big again in the year 2020. Pixie cuts will be getting lots of attention too. As frequently observed on Charlize Theron and Ruth Negga, this year’s will take on the features soft layers as the classic style.