how to get healthy hairThe scalp contains approximately 100,000 hair follicles, which shield the skull against UV light, heat loss in addition to abrasions.

Getting healthy, shiny hair is the goal for many men and women. Standard hair care begins with good nutrition, regular shampooing and regular trims. Following these simple steps will produce a healthier head of hair.

What Causes Damaged or Dull Hair?

It is quite easy to spot damaged hair because it loses its shine as a result of hair cuticles breaking. Broken hair cuticles cause the hair follicles to sit and this results in hair appearing dull. There are several causes from simple daily living that lead to damaged hair.

  1. Strenuous brushing
  2. Unclean hair
  3. Regular waxing or blow-drying
  4. UV rays breaking down keratin in the hair
  5. Shade treatments
  6. Poor diet
  7. Air-conditioning/heating


Hair Care Tips to Get Healthy, Shiny Hair

Because hair is made up of the hair follicle, hair root, hair sheath and sebaceous glad, which are under the skin, it is necessary to care for the skin of the scalp as well as the hair itself.

  • A healthy diet will assist in maintaining a healthy head of hair. Eating foods that are good for hair such as fruits and vegetables, sunflower seeds, nuts and nuts (meat etc), and drinking lots of water will nourish the hair. Dr. Katta in the Department of Dermatology in Houston Methodist Hospital, states nutritional deficiencies can impact hair construction and hair growth.


  • Washing hair regularly using excellent quality shampoos and conditioners will prevent a build up of dirt which can cause hair to become excessively oily or too dry. If you have oily hair, livening a polluted region or workout on the daily a daily shampoo is ok says Jeffrey J. Miller, M.D., assistant professor of dermatology at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. In case you have normal hair, washing every other day is fine. If you’re in a dry environment or your hair is dry, washing every few days is ok.


  • Avoiding air-conditioners or heating units isn’t always possible but by lessening the time spent styling, blow drying or straightening hair and allowing the hair to dry naturally as often as possible will reduce hair stress. Conditioning hair products should be used when styling to minimize damage caused during styling.


  • Hats should be worn when out in sunlight as this will help stop some of the damage causes by UV rays.


  • Regular haircuts are also recommended, as this will prevent split ends from splitting further up the hair shaft.


  • Making homemade shampoo using vinegar will nourish the hair, as vinegar is great for both hair and scalp. 1 teaspoon of essential oil can be stirred in to give the shampoo a pleasant scent.