Finally! Validation is here. A study that started almost four decades ago has proved that women with naturally blonde hair are more – yes, more – intelligent than women who are not so fair.

After analysing the IQ scores of more than 10,000 people, researchers at Ohio State University found that blondes had higher overall scores than women with red, brown or black hair. The precise breakdown, for the higher minded among us, was an average IQ score of 103.2 for blondes; 102.7 for brunettes; 101.2 for red heads, and 100.5 for those with black hair.

As someone who has lived under a thatch of blonde since I escaped from the womb, this is something I’ve long suspected. Yet we get tarred with the stupid brush quicker than you can say ‘peroxide’.

Dumb blonde: For centuries blonde hair has denoted someone who is less serious and more superficial 

Dumb blonde: For centuries blonde hair has denoted someone who is less serious and more superficial  CREDIT: REX FEATURES

Mainly, European culture is to blame. For centuries it has encouraged the assumption that golden hair is covetable, and therefore  attractive, but it makes you less serious. The assumption being, that a person with looks has no need to rely on neurons to get by.

So, to build on momentum of this magnificent survey, here are six more assumptions that need tackling for those with blonde up top.

1.) We are bombshells

An artillery shell and a woman have little in common. Really, a bombshell is a payload-carrying projectile made from aluminium, plastic or any other combustible material you care to weld together.

Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde 2

2.) We can’t fill out forms

We can. We have two eyes and read English left to right like all other homo sapiens. And when our blonde hair falls over our eyes we have a better chance of being able to see through it and carry on.

3.) We have more fun

Rod Stewart released an album under this title in 1978, so it must be true. Scientists have discovered that bleaching hair leads women to feel more attractive, outgoing and generally gregarious. It supposedly helps us ask for pay rises, makes us more likely to complain at unfair treatment, or put our foot down. Which doesn’t sound a lot like fun.

4.) We are terrible at sports

Tell that to Paula Radcliffe, Maria Sharapova (drug test aside), Rebecca Adlington, Steffi Graf, Sharon Davies or Martina Navratilova.

5.) We don’t get jokes

Why did the blonde woman cross the road? To get to the punch line.

What do you call a blond with half a brain? Gifted.

What does a blonde say if you blow in her ear? “Thanks for the refill.”

See, we do – and we’ve heard them all before.

Marilyn Monroe in 1955 in the bath proving blondes are more fun

Marilyn Monroe in 1955 in the bath proving blondes are more fun CREDIT: REX FEATURES

6.) We are sex-crazed harlots

According to the internet, blondes have had sex in more unique places than other other hair colours. Apparently, 80 per cent of blondes have done it in the shower or bath, 67 per cent in a car, 51 per cent have gone outdoors and 27 per cent at the beach.

A survey of thousands from also found that they have more orgasms per week. To top it off, the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, and anecdotal evidence the world over, found men are more likely to hit on blondes.

But the same research claimed that blondes are most likely to be perceived as needy, high-maintenance, neurotic and – more surprisingly – introverted.

See, it ain’t all fun.