Many hairstylists at the best hair salon will know the difference between Balayage and Ombre. Understanding the difference between these terms can actually be very helpful for asking about the future of your style or getting the ideal look for your hair. In this article we will set the record straight on the difference between these two styles so that you can be properly prepared:

Ombre: Ombre is the style. It comes from the name shadow in French and it’s the idea of the transition from a darker shade to a later shared. Ombre styles work best with brunette hair colour because it is a less subtle technique. This style is close to colour blocking and it removes some of the dark pieces that are left on the bottom of hair to create a much more harsh transition between the colours. It’s a more noticeable style difference.

Balayage: This is considered to be more of a technique. The word itself comes from the French word for sweet and it means applying colour in small triangular sections using foil. This can produce a subtle and natural transition between the natural hair and lighter colours. Dark pieces are left on the bottom but there is more dimension and a natural coloured look. Balayage actually ends up producing a much more natural scientist highlight compared to some of the other looks that are available. It often takes on far less maintenance than other types of dyes or highlighting as well.

Now that you know the difference between these two types of techniques, you can be ready when you speak to the best hairstylist about your hair colour options. Understanding more about blonde hair highlights and the best colour options for you can really help you get a better look with your next styling appointment.